Show and Tell Ideas by the Letter

Aug 7, 2022

Show and tell ideas list by the letter

This large list of show and tell ideas is a great resource to have saved for those crazy mornings when you need to find an item and find it quick.

As a previous Kindergarten teacher, we often had show and tell time in the classroom. Depending on the school year we would have a letter of the week students needed to share about, each student would be assigned a letter, or we might have had a free share.

There were many different show and tell topics for kids and this alphabetical show and tell list will help you find something for all of them.

Either way, students loved bringing in items from home and sharing them with the class. Some letters were definitely harder to think of ideas for. If you’re searching for some perfect ideas to bring in and have your little ones share look no further. Simply scroll down to the desired letter and check it out!

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A-Z Show and tell Ideas by the letter

Show and Tell Tips from a Kindergarten Teacher

1. Make sure items can fit in a backpack or small bag and are a good size where your child can carry them on their own.

2. Make sure items are school appropriate.

3. Do not send in anything too expensive or irreplaceable. Children are rough on things and they could get broken or lost in the process.

4. Let your child help pick out their item. They will be more excited about it and will have more to talk about if they have ownership of the item they are bringing in.

Show and Tell List by the Letter

Show and Tell Ideas By the Letter

Letter A

  • Alligator toy
  • Apple
  • Acorn
  • Award
  • Art supplies
  • Alphabet toy/blocks/books
  • Ambulance toy
  • Animal toy (or stuffed animal)
  • Alien
  • Army man or costume
  • Angel
  • Airplane
  • Adidas clothes

Letter B

  • Blocks
  • Balls
  • Balloon
  • Bubbles
  • Blue Item
  • Blanket
  • Baseball outfit/uniform
  • Bubble gum
  • Bag
  • Beads
  • Bandaid
  • Barbie
  • Beanie baby
  • Baby doll
  • Board game
  • Baby shark
  • Boat
  • Bulldozer
  • Bracelet
  • Bluey themed toy

    Letter C

    • Candy
    • Camping item
    • Car
    • Chalk
    • Crayon
    • Coin
    • Cup
    • Clothes
    • Cat (stuffed animal)
    • Chocolate
    • Cookie
    • Chips
    • Castle
    • Cereal necklace
    • Coat
    • Crown
    • Cow toy
    • Curious George toy or stuffed animal

      Letter D

      • Dump truck
      • Dalmation toy
      • Dog toy or stuffed animal
      • Duplos
      • Dance outfit
      • Dollar
      • Dime
      • Dad (photo)
      • Deck of Cards
      • Doll
      • Disney toy
      • Dinosaur toy or stuffed animal
      • Doctor set
      • Dress
      • Daniel Tiger toy

      Letter E

      • Elephant toy or stuffed animal
      • Earrings
      • Earmuffs
      • Elf on the shelf (or elf toy)
      • Engine
      • Eraser
      • Earphones
      • Elmo toy or stuffed animal
      • Elsa toy or doll
      • Encanto toy or stuffed animal

      Letter F

      • Frog toy or stuffed animal
      • Fish toy or stuffed animal
      • Friend (photo)
      • Family (photo)
      • Flower
      • Football
      • Fruit
      • Father (photo)
      • Frisbee
      • Farm toy
      • First place ribbon
      • Fairy toy
      • Fire truck toy
      • Flamingo toy
      • Fruit roll up/fruit snacks
      • Flashlight
      • Frozen movie (toy or game)
      • Finding Nemo toy or movie
      • Favorite movie
      • Favorite snack
      • Family member

      Letter G

      • Giraffe toy or stuffed animal
      • Green item
      • Game
      • Grandma/grandpa (photo)
      • Gum
      • Golf ball
      • Gloves
      • Glitter item
      • Glasses
      • Goat toy or stuffed animal
      • Goggles
      • Gorilla toy or stuffed animal
      • Garbage truck toy
      • the Grinch toy or movie

        Letter H

        • Horse toy or stuffed animal
        • Hat
        • Hairbrush
        • Helmet
        • Headphones
        • Hair clip
        • Hamburger toy
        • Headband
        • Heart clothing
        • Hershey Kiss
        • Hippo toy or stuffed animal
        • Hoodie

          Letter I

          • Ice cream toy
          • Insect
          • Icing (on a cookie)
          • Instrument
          • Island (vacation photo)
          • Ipad
          • Infant (photo)
          • Ice pack
          • Incredibles costume (disney movie)

            Letter J

            • Jump rope
            • Jar
            • Jacket
            • Jewelry
            • Journal
            • Jammies
            • Jigsaw puzzle
            • Jelly beans
            • Juice Box
            • Jenga
            • Jet plane
            • Jersey
            • Jurassic Park toy

            Letter K

            • Kite
            • Keys
            • Kitchen toy
            • Kitten toy or stuffed animal (or photo)
            • Kangaroo toy or stuffed animal
            • Keychain
            • Karaoke toy
            • Karate belt
            • Kit (drawing, beads, etc)
            • Kid (doll)
            • Kickball

            Letter L

            • Lion toy or stuffed animal
            • Letter toy, game, or book
            • Leaf
            • Legos
            • Lipstick
            • Lunchbox
            • Lock
            • Lamb toy or stuffed animal
            • Lollipop
            • Ladybug

              Letter M

              • Mouse toy or stuffed animal
              • Mirror
              • Mom (photo)
              • Markers
              • Monkey toy or stuffed animal
              • Mail
              • Makeup
              • Mints
              • Minnie or Mickey toy
              • Money
              • Mask
              • Microphone
              • Monster toy (or Monster’s Inc.)
              • Minions toy
              • Mermaid toy

                Letter N

                • Nature item
                • Nail Polish
                • Newspaper
                • Notebook
                • Necklace
                • Nest
                • Nike clothing
                • Name item (name puzzle, jewelry, etc…)
                • Narwhal Toy or stuffed animal
                • Number toy

                  Letter O

                  • Octopus toy or stuffed animal
                  • Orange item
                  • Owl toy or stuffed animal
                  • Ocean (photo)
                  • Ocean animal toy
                  • Oatmeal
                  • Old Maid game
                  • Oreos
                  • Olaf toy
                  • Ornament
                  • Otter toy or stuffed animal

                  Letter P

                  • Purse
                  • Panda toy or stuffed animal
                  • Pen
                  • Plate
                  • Pillow
                  • Picture
                  • Pet (photo)
                  • Penny
                  • Pajamas
                  • Potato head (toy)
                  • Pig toy or stuffed animal
                  • Pineapple
                  • Puppy toy or stuffed animal
                  • Painting
                  • Pumpkin
                  • Penguin toy or stuffed animal
                  • Present
                  • Police car toy
                  • Peppa Pig toy
                  • Princess toy or crown

                  Letter Q

                  • Queen toy
                  • Quilt
                  • Quarter
                  • Quacking duck toy or stuffed animal
                  • Queen Elsa toy
                  • Quarterback jersey

                    Letter R

                    • Robot
                    • Ring
                    • Remote
                    • Rainbow item
                    • Rocketship toy
                    • Rabbit toy or stuffed animal
                    • Raincoat
                    • Rainboots
                    • Rose
                    • Rocks
                    • Race car
                    • Rectangle-shaped item
                    • Ribbon
                    • Rubber ball

                      Letter S

                      • Sour Patch Kids
                      • Snake toy or stuffed animal
                      • Stuffed animal
                      • Swimming suit
                      • Sandwich
                      • Snack
                      • Shoes
                      • Star item
                      • Sunglasses
                      • Slippers
                      • Shirt
                      • Stamp
                      • Straw
                      • Socks
                      • Smores
                      • Spoon
                      • Soccer ball
                      • Star Wars figure/toy

                      Letter T

                      • Turtle toy or stuffed animal
                      • Tiger toy or stuffed animal
                      • Train toy
                      • Trip (photo)
                      • T-shirt
                      • Teddy bear
                      • Ticket
                      • Tie
                      • Toothbrush
                      • Turkey stuffed animal or decoration
                      • Tower
                      • Tiara
                      • T-rex
                      • Toy car

                      Letter U

                      • Umbrella
                      • Unicorn toy or stuffed animal
                      • Uniform
                      • University (college clothing, item)
                      • Underwater animal toy or stuffed animal
                      • Utensils
                      • Utility vehicle toy
                      • Uncle (photo)
                      • Uno game
                      • United States flag (clothing item, decoration)

                        Letter V

                        • Vehicle
                        • Vase of flowers
                        • Velcro shoes
                        • Vegetable toy
                        • Video game
                        • Volleyball
                        • Vet toy
                        • Vanilla scented item
                        • Velvet (clothing item)
                        • Valentine
                        • Vest
                        • Violin
                        • Vacation (photo)
                        • Velociraptor

                        Letter W

                        • Whale toy or stuffed animal
                        • Wagon
                        • Water bottle
                        • Wallet
                        • Wheels
                        • Waffles
                        • Watch
                        • Walrus toy or stuffed animal
                        • Wizard toy
                        • Water toy
                        • Watermelon
                        • Wig
                        • Wand
                        • Wedding (photo)
                        • Wolf toy or stuffed animal
                        • Wood

                        Letter X

                        • X-ray toy
                        • Xylophone
                        • X-mas decoration
                        • X alphabet block or puzzle piece
                        • Xbox game
                        • X-men action figure
                        • Xbox controller
                        • Xerox paper

                            Letter Y

                            • Yellow toy or item
                            • Yeti bottle
                            • Yahtzee game
                            • Yarn
                            • Yoga mat
                            • Yearbook
                            • Yard toy
                            • Yo-yo
                            • Yogurt
                            • Yoda toy or stuffed animal

                            Letter Z

                            • Zebra toy or stuffed animal
                            • Zoo animal toy or stuffed animal
                            • Zoo (photo)
                            • Zipper
                            • Zebra print clothing item
                            • Zig-Zag scissors
                            • Ziplock baggies
                            • Zero (number block, puzzle piece)
                            • Zingo game
                            • Zootopia movie

                            As a previous Kindergarten teacher I’ve also had parents contact me with items that their child really wanted to bring in but needed help with (IE a snack for the class, a pet to show, etc…). If it is an item you are questioning you can always send the teacher an email and double-check! Remember, a photo always works too if this is an easier route to go!

                            This is just a small list of possible items for show and tell. If your child can fit it in their backpack, carry it easily, and it is appropriate for school then it is a great idea. If you can think of any other items be sure to add them to the comments below.

                            A-Z Show and tell ideas by the letter blocks

                            If you’re looking for a great way to organize all the toys that you have laying around the house that are brought in for show and tell, be sure to also check out this post on how to organize a playroom.



                            Hi, I'm Rachael. I am a kindergarten teacher turned stay-at-home mom of two sweet girls.
                            1. Melissa

                              These are great ideas! My son had to do a show and tell last year and I had no idea how to help him. Saving this list for the new school year!

                              • Rachael

                                Thank you so much! Glad I could help! I loved show and tell time when I taught Kindergarten!

                            2. Lindsey

                              This is fantastic! My youngest just graduated from pre-K last year, but man we would of used this:)! I will be sharing this:).

                              • Rachael

                                Thanks so much for sharing! Yes, such a great list to keep on hand.

                            3. Tina

                              Your tips on how to prepare for show and tell, including involving parents and incorporating interactive elements, are fantastic. They ensure that the experience is engaging for both the child presenting and the audience.

                              Thank you for sharing these wonderful ideas and insights. I’ll definitely be bookmarking your blog for future reference!

                              • Rachael

                                Thanks so much! I really appreciate it!


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