35 Fun Show And Tell Letter U Ideas

Oct 27, 2023

If show and tell is coming up and you are looking for a great list of letter u show and tell ideas you are in the right place. This list of 35 fun and exciting show and tell letter u ideas has ideas for toys, food, games, books, movies, household items, and more that start with the letter u.

*If you’re looking for a list of show and tell items that includes all of the letters of the alphabet be sure to head over to this great a-z show and tell list for more ideas.

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School Show and Tell Sharing Tips

*Make sure any item that your child brings in to share at school is school and age level appropriate. If you are questioning it be sure to check with your child’s teacher ahead of time.

*Send in an item that your child can lift and carry independently. They will need to bring it in to school with them in the morning and out of school with them at the end of the day. If they can carry it on their own this makes things a lot easier.

*Have your child prep what they are going to say ahead of time about their item. Common sharing points may be why they like it, what makes it special, where they got it, how long they’ve had it, and more.

*Try not to send anything too valuable to school for show and tell. Children lose and break things easily and it would be a great idea if the show and tell item was easily replaceable if necessary.

Letter U Items

Show and Tell Letter U Item List

  • Umbrella

  • Up (movie)

  • Unicorn (toy, stuffed animal, clothing item)

  • Uniform (sports, school, etc…)

  • Unitard (gymnastics outfit)

  • Uno game

  • United States (flag clothing, decoration, map)

  • Uncle (photo, guest visitor)

  • Utility vehicle toy

  • Utensils (for eating)

  • Utensils (for writing)

  • Utz brand chips, pretzels, cheese balls, etc…
  • Underwater animal item (stuffed animal, figurine, book)

  • University (clothing, gear, item)

  • Umbrella bird (stuffed animal, photo)

  • Ursula (Little Mermaid movie)

  • Utah (postcard)

  • Unicycle

  • Ultrasound photograph

  • UFO (space toy)

  • Underwear themed book (Monsters love underpants, Captain underpants)

  • Unit blocks (math toys)

  • Ugg Boots

  • Ukelele

  • Urchin (souveneir)

  • Unbuckler tool

  • United Kingdom (map, clothing item, flag, etc)

  • Ulta makeup

  • Wii U (game, controller, etc) 

  • Utility Belt

  • Utility Light

  • Ugly Christmas Sweater

  • Unicycle

  • Monster’s University Movie

  • Universe (photo, book)

  • USB Flash Drive

If there is an item you aren’t sure about bringing in or that your child needs assistance with be sure to contact your child’s teachers before their show and tell day. Teachers are super helpful and can help with any accommodations needed.

Food items are always fun to bring in and share as snacks but be sure to check if there are any allergies in the classroom before doing this.

If your child wants to bring in an item that you are nervous will get broken or lost a photo of the item works great too. You can also do a photo of a family member whose name starts with the letter U .

If you have any other letter u show and tell ideas to share be sure to share them below.



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