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44 Awesome Show and Tell Letter Z Item Ideas

If You’re looking for a list of ideas for show and tell letter z you are looking in the right place. Listed below is a large and comprehensive list of 44 different things that start with z to bring in to show and tell at school.

Scroll down for a list of household items, toys, games, books, animals, characters, and more all starting with the letter z.

*If you’re looking for other letter show and tell item ideas be sure to check out this large list of show and tell items a through z. 

Items that Start with Z for Show and Tell

Show and Tell Advice From a Teacher

1. When choosing an item to bring in it is not necessary to purchase one. Bring in something that you own at home or borrow from a friend.

2. Never bring or send in an item that is of great value or is irreplaceable. Children break or lose things easily and anything you may send to school could get lost.

3. Make sure items that you send in can be carried by your child independently. You may be there to help them carry their item in but chances are that they will have to carry it out on their own at the end of the day. They will also have to be able to carry it to their classroom at share time. If your item can fit in a backpack that is even better.

4. If your child’s item doesn’t fit in their backpack with all of their things send a plastic reusable bag to carry your item to and from school so it doesn’t get wrecked.

5. Let your child help pick their item out. Read the list to them and see if they can think of any of the things on the list that they have and want to bring in. This will help them to have ownership and excitement over the item they are picking out.

6. Have your child practice sharing about their item at home. This will help them to know what to say and what they want to share about their item ahead of time.

7. Make sure items are appropriate for school and the classroom grade level. What is appropriate in preschool may be much different than what is appropriate in third grade.

Show and Tell Letter Z Item Ideas

44 Awesome Show and Tell Letter Z Item Ideas

  • Zebra toy or stuffed animal
  • Ziplock Baggies
  • Zoo animal toy or stuffed animal
  • Zoo (photo)
  • Zipper
  • Zig-Zag scissors
  • Zero (number block, puzzle piece)
  • Zingo game
  • Zootopia movie
  • Zig Zag (Hand drawn picture of many or made with pipe cleaners)
  • Zookeeper Toy
  • Zucchini
  • Zucchini Bread
  • Zombie Toy
  • Zurg (Toy Story Character)
  • Zinnia
  • Zebra print clothing item
  • Zoom Call (excerpt from one)
  • Zazu (Lion King)
  • Z Magnet or resin letter
  • Zuma (Paw Patrol) or Zuma Tonie
  • Ziti noodle necklace
  • Zelda (Video Game character)
  • Zebra Shark toy
  • Zero the Hero book
  • Zebrafish
  • Zipline (photo from vacation)
  • Zarina (Tinkerbell books)
  • Zed (Planes movie)
  • Zeus toy (Hercules)
  • Zak water bottle
  • Zapdos Pokemon (card, Lego sculpture, toy)
  • Zen garden
  • Zombies doll (Disney movie)
  • Zipline (vacation photo)
  • Zion (vacation souvenir, photo)
  • Zuru toy (mini brands, robofish, egg smashers, etc…)
  • Z bars
  • Zolli pops
  • Zarina the Pirate fairy (toy, game, book from Tinkerbell)
  • Zodiac
  • Zip tie
  • Zebra Finch (photo, book, stuffed animal)
  • Zoom (on a camera OR a car zooming fast)

Items that start with z for show and tell

If there is an item listed like zucchini bread and your child wants to bring it as a snack or if there are any other items you can think of but are unsure if they will work be sure to contact your child’s teacher ahead of time. They are there to help and can share ideas or brainstorm show-and-tell logistics with you.

A photo is always a great route to go if you can’t find a specific item or if carrying the item is difficult for your child.

A photo of a family member or friend who’s name starts with letter Z is always a great idea as well. Some names that start with Z are Zed, Zoe, Zion, Zane, Zachary, Zander, and more.

If you can think of any other letter z show and tell items that were missed be sure to share and add them to the comments below!

30 Great show and tell letter z ideas

For a comprehensive show and tell list of all of the letters of the alphabet head on over here and check it out.

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