7 Totally Free Tooth Brushing Charts

Sep 23, 2023

A tooth brushing chart is a perfect tool for kids to use as a reminder to brush their teeth twice daily. These 7 totally free printable tooth brushing charts are perfect for that.

To use these free toothbrushing charts you will need to print off your free PDF of choice and keep it in the bathroom near where your child brushes their teeth. Add stickers or a pen nearby to mark off each time they brush their teeth.

Scroll down for ideas and directions on how to use these printable teeth brushing charts as well as tips on how to get toddlers and children to brush their teeth.

For other charts to help children learn skills be sure to also check out these printable potty charts or daily routine charts for kids.

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How to use a Printable Tooth Brushing Chart

There are multiple versions of these tooth brushing charts attached. Look them all over and choose which one you find will work best for your family. Some have different goals and options.

Explain to your child what will happen each time they brush their teeth and what will happen if they fill it up. You can choose to give a reward after filling it up or you can choose to just mark down each time they brush their teeth with a pen or a sticker and have that be the incentive.

Teach children the importance of brushing their teeth with stories and TV show episodes dedicated to brushing their teeth and the dentist. For younger children, Daniel Tiger and Berenstein bears have some great ones.

Some fun incentive ideas once their tooth brushing reward chart is completed include a trip to a park, favorite place, or restaurant. It may also include extra time spent with a parent playing a favorite game, reading a book, building a tower, or doing a favorite activity.

Children might love to pick out a special small toy or trinket or even get a new toothbrush and toothpaste (electric toothbrushes made for kids are often times exciting and another great incentive as well).

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How Do You Get a Toddler to Brush Their Teeth?

To get a toddler to brush their teeth you could use a tooth brushing incentive chart, sing a song while brushing, and/or turn it into a game. Toddlers will love picking out their own toothbrushes and toothpaste. Let them look in a mirror to see what you are doing.

You can also read books and watch shows together about brushing your teeth. Have them practice brushing their teeth by practicing on a stuffed animal or favorite doll.

If all else fails you could also put on a song/video about brushing their teeth that they can watch while they do it. This one from Sesame Street was a favorite of our toddlers.

Morning and Night Printable Tooth Brushing Charts

These three tooth brushing charts include spots for brushing teeth both in the mornings and at night. One of them has two weeks worth of days brushing teeth. The other includes four weeks’ worth of brushing their teeth.

For each blank on all three of them, add a sticker or mark off with a pen each morning and night when your child brushes their teeth. There is one option with a colored background and two options with white backgrounds for easier printing.  You can also choose to laminate the tooth brushing chart to make it reusable once it is filled up.

Morning and Night Teeth Brushing Charts

Tooth Brushing Games

These fun printable gameboard tooth brushing charts turn toothbrushing into a game. Add a sticker or cross out one circle each time your child brushes their teeth. You could even print out two separate copies and have siblings go head to head to fill their chart up first. This would be great for little ones who may skip mornings or brush extra during the day.

Printable Tooth Brushing Games

Blank Tooth Brushing Reward Charts

These tooth brushing charts are much more customizable than the other ones. One has the days of the week and blank teeth to fill in. The other doesn’t even list the days of the week.

This would be great if starting the chart on a day aside from Sunday or if it is hard to stay accountable and mark your child’s chart off every day. This way they aren’t leaving blank teeth or spaces if they forget to mark it off. These tooth brushing charts work great with an incentive once the chart is filled up completely.

They would also make great toothbrushing charts for the classroom. Send the toothbrushing chart home with students during Dental health week. Have them log each day they brush their teeth and bring it back to school for a toothbrush surprise (contact local dentist’s office to see if they will donate brushes or contact Colgate as they have great school programs.

Tooth Brushing Chart PDF Templates
Free Teeth Brushing Charts for Toddlers

For additional tips to helping your child with daily routines and personal self-care check out these potty reward charts and these daily routine charts for toddlers, preschoolers, and up.



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