Best Diapers to prevent Blowouts

Best Diapers to Prevent Blowouts

Do you have a little one that is constantly blowing out their diapers and making a big mess? As a Mom of three little ones who have had a large amount of blowouts, we’ve tested and tried tons of major diaper brands to find the best diapers to prevent blowouts and create the least amount of mess.

Scroll down for our honest review of the five diaper brands we prefer for blowouts and what makes them great.

The following post reviews the brands Huggies, Millie Moon, Hello Bello, Pampers, and Kirkland Brands to find the best diaper for blowouts. Each diaper has its overall strengths and weaknesses but we found there is one superior diaper brand that holds up to the mess best.

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5 Best Diapers for Preventing Blowouts

What is the Best Diaper for Preventing Blowouts?

Overall, our choice for the best diaper for preventing blowouts is the Huggies brand diapers.  This is our favorite pick and as a Mom of three little ones, I will always buy Huggies first.

While they are not as cost effective as some of the other brands, the snug fit, extra blowout barrier for little ones, and soft and absorbent material makes them our big winner. Plus, they’re great on our baby’s eczema prone sensitive skin and have cute Disney themed designs and patterns.

While Huggies are our all time favorite for preventing blowouts there are a lot of other options that are great in their own ways as well. Read to find out more about the different types of Huggies diapers, and which other diapers we prefer for certain situations and why.

Best diaper to prevent blowouts

The Best Overall Diaper Brand: Huggies

We are die-hard Huggies fans in our house. We have primarily used them with all three of our children. We’ve tried many of the other brands and always go back to Huggies every time as they prevent blowouts and mess the best.

There are different types of Huggies diapers depending on your baby’s age, size, and mobility. We love that they are soft, great for sensitive skin (many other types caused eczema around the waist for 2/3 of our babies),  come in cute characters, are affordable, don’t leak easily, and fit great.

While they are not super expensive, they are also not the cheapest of brands. But we’ve found some ways to save money on them by looking for coupons, buying when Target or Amazon has sales or gift cards with purchase, and using the FETCH app to rack up loyalty points (Use the code JAQ28 if signing up to receive extra points).


  • Leak-free/absorbent
  • Fewer blowouts
  • Cute character designs
  • Different options to accommodate mobility (see below for more information)
  • Sensitive skin options
  • Affordable
  • Come in sizes Preemie to size 7
  • Include wetness indicator
  • Unique diaper liner prevents diaper rash


  • Price point may be a little bit more than other diaper brands
  • Double grip strips stick to clothing and other diapers more than other brands when changing
  • Not as many patterns or designs available as other brands

Huggies Little Snugglers vs Little Movers vs Snug and Dry

The biggest difference between Little Snugglers and Little Movers is their sizes and fit. Little Snugglers come in sizes P-6 and Little Movers come in sizes 3-7.

Little Movers are made for babies that are on the move and wiggling their bodies around more. They have a special curved design, stretchy waistband, and double grip strips to fit snugly on your baby and prevent leaking while your baby crawls, moves, walks, runs, and more.

*Little Snugglers are our #1 choice for diapers to prevent blowouts for younger babies and little movers are our #1 choice for diapers to prevent blowouts for older babies and toddlers.

Huggies Snug and Dry are Huggies’ less expensive version of diapers. They’re still great diapers and tend to be more budget-friendly. However, they are missing the stretchy waist band, double grip strips, and great fit that the snugglers and movers have which means they are not as great for babies that have lots of blowouts or leaks.

*For more information on Huggies other diaper kinds such as Huggies Special Delivery (a softer plant-based diaper), Overnights (a more absorbent diaper), and Huggies Plus diapers as well as a more in depth comparison of Little Movers vs Little Snugglers head over to the diaper comparison chart on their website.

Softest diaper for preventing blowouts Millie Moon

Millie Moon: Softest Diaper for Blowouts

If you’re looking for a great diaper brand that is super soft then Millie Moon diapers are the best choice for you.

Millie Moon brand diapers are super soft to the touch, fit well (if you get the right size),  very absorbent, and come in one cute pattern. Occasionally the diaper boxes also come with a bonus free book.

We usually stock up on this brand of choice when Target has their spend a certain amount and get gift cards sale as they can get a little pricey. However, the softness is hard to beat.

We also found that they ran a little bit larger than other brands for our babies so we sized down if they were leaking in the leg area (which is different than the usual advice). We had no issues with blowouts at the top.


  • Super Soft
  • Very absorbent
  • Prevent blowouts
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Snug waistband
  • Double Leak Guiard
  • Fragrance Free
  • Wetness Indicator


  • Not as many patterns to choose from
  • Run slightly big – could lead to leaks near the legs if incorrect size
  • Tend to be a bit pricier (but still can get a good deal if you wait for sales)
  • Not available in as many stores

Most Stylish diaper for preventing blowouts

Hello Bello: Most Stylish Diapers to Prevent Blowouts

Hello Bello brand diapers come in tons of different patterns and designs. There are designs for every holiday, animals, geometric designs, food designs, and more. They are always adding and taking away new designs. That makes Hello Bello the most stylish brand of diapers to help prevent blowouts.

While we still love Huggies best, Hello Bello did a great job of preventing blowouts for our little ones when they wore them. They are a subscription based company but you can also purchase them at Walmart without a subscription.

They do run a little pricier but you can get good sales on them and their subscription boxes come with freebies and discounts on their other items as well.

We will occasionally buy these diapers around the holidays or in the summer when baby is running around more in their diapers. They are missing a wetness indicator but are moveable, soft, and snug on your baby. Hello Bello also comes in pull-ups that have cute designs as well.


  • Tons of cute designs
  • Comes in sizes N-6 and has pull-ups available to purchase as well
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Subscription service allows for them to be delivered when you need
  • Double cuffs prevent leaks
  • Soft
  • Quick absorption


  • No wetness indicator
  • Limited on where you can purchase them in stores
  • A little more expensive
  • Not as soft as some of the other brands

Best diaper for preventing newborn blowouts

Pampers: Best Diapers for newborn babies

When we had our babies in the hospital we were given Pampers diapers. We stuck with these because at the time it was all we knew. We found them to work well to prevent blowouts, be easy to access/find in just about every store we went to, and were soft on our baby’s skin.

The newborn size has a small notch in the top of the diaper so it doesn’t rub and irritate the umbilical cord spot.  This paired with the soft and hypoallergenic feel makes Pampers the best choice for Newborn babies.

Once our babies got a little bigger we found Huggies to be slightly more effective against blowouts and leaks but these were also a good option. We did find that our babies tended to leak at the top some nights but not too often.

Similar to Huggies they have swaddlers, cruisers, baby dry, and overnight brands as well for each different purpose.


  • Blow out barrier
  • Wetness indicator
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Umbilical cord notch for newborns
  • Easy to find in stores
  • Comes in sizes 0-8
  • Pull-Up options as well
  • Soft


  • Tend to run smaller than other brands
  • Slightly pricey
  • Leaked more than some other brands at the top
  • Not as many possible patterns and designs

Costco Photo Grant Beirute Unsplash
Photo Credit: Grant Beirute

Kirkland Brand: Best Budget Friendly Diaper for Blowouts

The same maker of Huggies diapers (Kimberely-Clark) is the maker of Kirkland brand diapers from Costco. That means that they have a similar quality and style to Huggies diapers (although not quite the same).

As big Huggies fans we decided to try Kirkland brand diapers to save money. We did like them and found them to be a great diaper for preventing blowouts. However, our little ones with sensitive skin that were prone to eczema couldn’t handle these diapers so we ultimately switched back to Huggies.

The Kirkland brand has a lot of the same features as Huggies since they’re made by the same company. They come in sizes 1-6, are absorbent and soft, have double tabs, and more.

The price point on Kirkland brand is great for those on a budget and the designs are super cute. If our little ones didn’t have such sensitive skin we probably would have stuck with these.

If your little one doesn’t have sensitive skin and you would like to save a little money on diapers then I would highly recommend these diapers if your babies are prone to blowouts.


  • Budget friendly
  • Comes in sizes 1-6
  • Absorbent
  • Made with plant-based materials
  • Stretchy waistband
  • Wetness indicator
  • Cute woodland animal patterns
  • Come in bulk boxes


  • No newborn sizes
  • Could cause rashes for super sensitive skin
  • Only can buy in bulk – no smaller boxes available if needed
  • Not as many designs/patterns
  • Only can be found at Costco and Amazon

Best diapers for blowouts

Tips for Preventing Diaper Blowouts

While Huggies diapers are the best diapers for preventing blowouts they do still happen on occasion. A few things that we’ve found also help to prevent blowouts include:

  • Size up if you find your baby is having more blowouts than usual. They may be close to the next size and a new size will help.
  • Change diapers more often. A baby is more likely to have a blowout in a wet diaper than a clean new diaper
  • Change baby’s clothing type or size. If the clothing is too tight it can actually cause the diaper to rub on spots more and cause blowouts. Type of clothing matters too – pants and shirt combinations can cause pants to get caught on the top of the diaper and cause more blowouts vs. onesies and pants.
  • Pull the leg ruffles out when you change your baby.

Comparison of best diapers for blowouts

As a Mom of 3 kids (both genders all two years apart) I’ve had a child in diapers for the past 5 years straight. I’ve tried lots of brands of diapers over time including Huggies, Pampers, Kirkland, Millie Moon, Hello Bello, Luvs, Up&Up, Honest Company, and Babyganics (and probably countless others that I can’t remember).

Huggies came out the clear winner for our family as far as the best diapers for preventing blowouts and for our family in general but there are a lot of other great diaper options as well. Try them out and see which one you prefer.

Best Overall Diaper for Blowouts: Huggies

Best diaper for Preventing Blowouts in Newborns: Pampers

Best Budget-friendly Diaper for Preventing Blowouts – Kirkland Signature Brand

Softest diaper for Preventing Blowouts: Millie Moon Luxury Diapers

Most Stylish Diapers for Preventing Blowouts – Hello Bello

Best Diapers for Preventing Blowouts Pin

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