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12 Awesome Baby Registry Must-Haves

As a new Mom to be you are probably searching the internet high and low to find the best tried and true baby products. Here is my guide of baby registry item must-haves to help make the transition into motherhood a bit easier. 

Being a new mom is the most difficult, rewarding, and wonderful job you can possibly have. You go through so many emotions the first few months and have so many questions. I may have googled every single medical question you can imagine regarding babies.

With my second things seemed much easier but there were still questions I had and products that I found I needed. These are my favorite products that I found helped with my transition to motherhood and came well recommended by many other moms as well. 

As you are reading click on any of the photos for more information. This post may contain affiliate links and as an Amazon Associate as well as a member of other affiliate programs, I may earn a small compensation from qualifying purchases. All opinions and recommendations are my own. 

1. Nose Frieda 

The Nose Frieda is a long tube with a folder that you suck through to help relieve your baby’s congestion. This is number one on my list because it saved my sanity so many times. The Nose Frieda paired with saline drops for babies worked wonders on congestions from colds, acid reflux, and allergies for my girls.

It was our saving grace so many times and helped relieve our babies so we could get some sleep. After saying it was gross and he would never use it my husband quickly changed his mind once he saw how much it helped our little ones. The Nose Frieda is absolutely amazing and I would recommend everyone add it to your registries asap!

2. Velcro Swaddles

Velcro swaddles are the perfect safe sleep solution for babies until they can roll over independently. Both our minis slept so much better when they were swaddled up. Velcro swaddles are great because they lead to tighter swaddles that babies break out of less, and are very easy to figure out.

Our favorite velcro swaddles included the Halo Swaddles (we were given one by the hospital after taking our first-born home) and the Swaddleme swaddles. The ease and comfort of velcro swaddles make them a registry must-have!

*The Nested Bean sleep sack is the perfect swaddle for when babies get a bit older and start to roll over. The gentle weight in the chest helps babies to feel snug and secure. 

3. A good baby carrier

This is one registry product that is worth spending a little extra money on. We have three carriers and I notice a big difference between the carrier we spent a little more money on and the other two. The other two work great as well and we use each one for different things but our favorite carrier has been our Ergo Baby 360 carrier.

Baby carriers are great for so many different things. I will put my mini in her carrier and do the dishes, cook dinner, or even just go for a walk. They are great for on-the-go naps or even just to have when chasing around a toddler at the park or at home.

A great baby carrier can be used for years and is a lifesaver so I would definitely make sure to add one to your registry!

4. Sit-me-up floor seat

This was a lifesaver and our favorite baby seat. This was the first seat my baby was able to use where they could sit up and see what was going on. It is great because it is easy to move from room to room. I would bring it with me in the kitchen and keep it next to me while cooking, in the bathroom when I was in the shower, and just in the same room as us when my toddler needed attention.

It also comes with toys and a portable tray to attach to it so it can act as a portable high chair if needed. It is a super great first sit-up seat for baby and one of our favorite products so far!

5. Zipper PJs

These are a must-have while baby is small. They are the best for those middle of the night changes. They are so much more convenient than trying to align a thousand buttons in the middle of the night! You don’t have to worry about baby kicking out of them (my girls always break out of PJs with buttons).

Bonus points go to the zipper PJs with zippers that zip both up and down. I would for sure add a few pairs of the zipper PJs to your registry!

6. Baby Bum Brush

This is one my husband insisted I add to the list. He makes me buy one of these for every single new mom I know or for every baby shower that I attend. He loves ours and feels like these are a must for applying diaper cream without getting your hands messy!

7. Boppy Pillow

This is a must-have for any new mom planning on breastfeeding. It makes feeding a newborn so much easier and really helps reduce back and neck pain when you nurse using it. It is also a great place for baby to lounge, lay on top of and practice head control, and sit up inside. It has lots of uses and is a great item to add to your registry!

8. Baby Bath Insert

We loved this choice for a baby bath. It grew with our little ones and at 8 months old my youngest still uses it in the tub. You run a normal bath and then this just sits right inside of the tub and baby lays in it. It has three different back height settings so baby can lay back or sit up more depending on their age.

It also folds up small and can be hung using command hooks on a shower wall or hidden out of sight when not in use. The fact that it folds up also makes it convenient to bring along for travel if desired as well. Another thing we love about it is that it doesn’t take up the whole bath when using it so we can give our toddler and newborn their bath at the same time. A must-have item for all registries!


9. Backpack Diaper Bag

Backpack diaper bags are the best diaper bags invented. They are typically very spacious and the most convenient for carrying things around. They go right on your back which frees you up to easily carry your little one.

You don’t have to worry about straps falling down your arms while walking and are made very stylish these days. We love ours and the fact that it comes with so many pockets, storage areas, and cooler pockets. I would highly recommend a backpack diaper bag!

10. A good high-quality baby monitor

A good high-quality baby monitor is a great idea for any list. A great video monitor helps you to be able to see and hear your little one at all times, even if they’re not in the same room.

When looking at baby monitors we loved the infant optics baby monitor that we settled on. It came with the option to add extra cameras (which we are currently using with our second baby), gets great reviews, and has good battery life.

11. Baby Bibs with a Catching Pocket

These are a game changer. They help eliminate so many messes. The silicone material is great for easy wipe-downs and the catching pocket is essential. We were gifted bibs without the pocket for catching and when our littles wear them they are SO much messier.

The added pockets catch the majority of spills or mouth misses. When your little ones are learning to eat they miss their mouths a lot and the pockets help to catch this mess. I would highly recommend adding a pack or two of these to your registries.

12. A good sound machine

This is one of those registry items that helped save our sanity. White noise sound machines mimic the sounds of the womb for baby. They help to comfort baby and help them to sleep so much sounder.

We notice a huge difference in our little one’s sleep when we don’t have her sound machine on. Our toddler still uses one at two years old. They also help to block out other noises or sounds that may be going on while baby is trying to sleep.

One of my number one mom hacks would be to use a noise machine whenever baby is sleeping. They even have travel noise machines to bring along for car-rides, to Grandma’s house, trips, etc. 

While these are my 12 favorite baby products that we’ve used thus far, there are a lot of other important products to add to a registry as well. Some of the other must-haves for a registry include:

  • Baby Crib/Bassinet
  • Pack N’Play
  • Car Seat
  • Stroller
  • Bottles
  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Onesies/Baby Outfit
  • First Aid Kit
  • Thermometer
  • High Chair
  • Pacifiers
  • Bottle Drying Rack
  • Washclothes

Below is also a list of items that we found we didn’t end up using at all with our girls and wish we didn’t spend money on. You may find that your baby’s love them and that is great too but we thought we’d try and help eliminate unnecessary spending by sharing a few things we did not need.

*Changing Table/Pad – We just used the travel changing pad in the diaper bag and put it on the floor. We found it so much more convenient to change baby wherever needed than walking to the other room to change.

*Standing Swing – This is one that lots of babies love but ours just didn’t. We registered and got a nice expensive one but neither of our girls liked it and we only used it a handful of times. 

*Wipe Warmer – Wipes just out of the bag worked fine and eliminated the amount of time for diaper changes. 

*Bottle Packs – I would stay away from registering for any packs of bottles in the beginning. Some babies only will take certain bottles. We got tons of sample bottles from baby registry boxes (Great free ones with Amazon, Target, and Buy Buy Baby registries) and chose the best bottles that worked for our babies from those once they were born. Click here to read about our baby’s reflux to see which bottles worked best for our little one!

Overall all babies are different and like different things. You may find that some of these things don’t work for your little while others do. It is crazy how different my two girls have been so far but these are all items that we found they both loved.

Hopefully, this list helps you put together a great registry and you can find products that work for your little ones. Congratulations and good luck! Being a mom is the best job in the world!

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  1. Velcro swaddles were life-changing for me! It made it so easy to keep her snug and sleeping well. As well as white noise. I still use a white noise with my toddler.

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