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16 Helpful and Free Printable Behavior Charts

A printable behavior chart is the perfect tool to help little ones who may need a little extra help following the rules, listening, and being kind. There are many different printable behavior chart options for preschoolers, kindergartners, grade school age, and more included below.

To make these simple behavior charts you will just need to print off the PDF of your choice and have stickers handy. You can choose to use a reward once the charts are filled or once you get to a certain point in the chart. Or you can just use the stickers as a reward.

Scroll down for ideas on how to use these free printable behavior charts as well as for the free behavior chart PDFS. For another fun printable PDF to help children learn and enforce skills be sure to also check out these fun printable potty charts for kids.

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Free Printable Behavior Charts for Kids

How to use Printable Behavior Charts

*This behavior chart works great as a resource for helping children with their behavior. It goes great when paired with lessons on feelings and coping skills and strategies.

You can read books together that focus on a specific feeling and how to cope with it or you can play a social skills board game. You can talk together about feelings and what to do when you are feeling this way or you can watch a show together that focuses on the topic.

*Once you’ve talked about feelings, coping strategies, and more then choose a behavior that you want to focus on working on. One behavior at a time is the best strategy for these charts. Some common behaviors to target include:

    • Being kind to others
    • Using appropriate language
    • Cleaning up and putting things away once finished
    • Using nice hands instead of hitting when mad
    • Listening for the first time
    • Keeping hands to self
    • Staying quiet during the appropriate times
    • Using words when upset
    • Getting desired work completed

*Once you’ve chosen a topic to focus on add it to the behavior chart somewhere. Then kids can earn stickers for each time they have completed the desired behavior. Once the chart is full you can choose a fun reward, prize, or quality time activity as a bonus for completing the chart.

*If you don’t desire to print one out they also have lots of great magnetic behavior charts and routine charts for kids available for purchase. We have this Melissa and Doug one at our home and love it.

Kids Behavior Charts

Why do Behavior Charts Work?

Behavior charts help children stay motivated to behave. They give children a visual representation and help them to see the good they are doing.

Each time you add a sticker or color in a smiley face the children will get positive reinforcement and feel accomplished. They will understand the things that they need to do and how they need to act in order to continue receiving stickers and behaving.

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What are some appropriate rewards for kid’s behavior?

There are a lot of different rewards that you can use when completing a behavior chart. You should work with your child ahead of time and pick out something that will motivate them to stay on track and earn stickers.

Things that go off of your child’s interests and needs work best for rewards. Let your child choose their favorite toy, a special activity together, or a favorite treat. Some ideas include:

  • Going out for Ice cream
  • Extra Ipad or screen time
  • A small toy or trinket
  • A new stuffed animal
  • A picnic lunch together (or lunch together in the classroom if it is at school)
  • A trip to the park (or extra recess if in school)
  • A piece of candy
  • A movie night
  • A new book
  • Play a game together (or a puzzle)
  • Play date with a friend
  • Money
  • A new outfit
  • Lunch at a favorite restaurant

Farm, Space, Princess & Fairy Behavior Chart Games

These four behavior charts are set up like game boards.  Each board has 25 circles until they make it to the end. Add a sticker to each one as they listen or follow their set goal. Once they fill up all 25 and get to the end let them pick out their reward.

Princess, Fairy, Space, and Farm Behavior

Unicorn, Dinosaur, and Zoo Animal Behavior Chart Printables

These printable behavior charts have 45 spaces for stickers. You can choose to have little ones get a small reward once they fill up one row and a large reward once they fill the whole chart or just go for a goal of the whole chart right away.

There is a spot on the top where you can sit down together and choose a goal to work on before starting the chart. Write down the goal and pick out a desired reward. Make sure to set the expectations before beginning the chart so your little ones know exactly what they need to do to earn a sticker.

Each time you see your little one complete their goal they can have a sticker. Once filled they get the decided upon prize.

Dinosaur, Zoo Animal, and Unicorn Behavior Charts

Spiderman, Mermaid, and Construction Behavior Charts

These fun mermaid, construction and Spiderman behavior charts have a weekly theme.

There are purple boxes to fill in the daily schedule and focus on one part of the day at a time. This helps students and children remain accountable for smaller parts of time at once.

Some ideas for the purple boxes include breakfast, morning routine, morning learning time, lunch, outside activity, afternoon learning time, nap, dinner time, bedtime and more.

Just choose 6 spots of time during the day where your little ones need extra help and add them to the chart. Then they can earn one sticker for following the desired behavior during each amount of time.

Set a desired goal (IE 5/6 smiley faces for the day) and then at the end of the day or week if they’ve earned so many smiley faces they can get a reward.

Mermaid, Spiderman, and Construction Behavior Charts

Rainbow, Sports, Stars, and Donut Potty Training Printables

These sports, rainbow donut, and star themed behavior charts are great simple behavior charts with a lot of open spaces. There are 30 spaces to add stickers to once your child has met their behavior goal.

You can break it up by column or row or aim for the whole thing. There isn’t a lot of text on the page so you can customize the behavior chart so it works best for your child.

Star, Donut, Sports and Rainbow Behavior Charts

Smiles Behavior Chart Printables

These behavior charts work very similarly to the construction ones above. They include spots for a daily schedule and to help break the day up into more manageable parts for your child.

There are options for M-F or Su-Sa. The weekday option works great for a behavior chart to use in a classroom and the one that includes weekends works better for an at-home behavior chart.

For this behavior chart, you do not need to use stickers. If you desire you can, however, the smiley faces make it easy to color in one of the smiley face options depending on how the child has done. Set a goal for the day or the week and earn a reward if the goal is met.

Smiley Face Behavior Charts

For additional tips to helping your child learn new skills check out these printable potty charts and this daily routine chart printable. Both are great ways to teach your child new skills and help them with their learning.

Free Printable Behavior Chart PDFs for Kids

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