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Free Customizable Visual Schedules for Toddlers

These free customizable visual schedules for toddlers and preschoolers are the perfect solution to help parents with crazy mornings and exhausting evenings. The printable routine charts include different picture options and spots to fill in to help children understand what is coming next in their morning or night.

Children thrive with routine and knowing what to expect and when to expect it. That is why we created this routine chart to use in our house to help our mornings and nights run smoothly.

Since implementing this customizable routine chart into our daily schedule we’ve seen the number of tantrums, breakdowns, and even avoidance behavior go down. We’ve had our little ones become more cooperative and things have been going much quicker. I cannot stress a consistent and clear routine enough.

This children’s routine chart includes many different options for you to use in a morning routine as well as an evening routine. It includes a blank template with picture option cards that you can fill in to fit your child’s daily routine as you see best fit.

You can also head over to and check out the option for a daily school routine chart (including pictures) here as well as a printable potty chart or printable chore charts here.

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Daily Visual Schedule for Kids

Why Use Visual Schedules for Toddlers?

Visual schedules for toddlers and preschoolers allow children to see what is next in their day. They eliminate the anxiety that comes with the unknown and help children feel prepared and focused on their tasks.

The photos of a visual schedule allow children to see and understand their jobs easily. They help keep things consistent and routine.

Tips for Creating a Visual Schedule

I would recommend printing the template and laminating it or putting it in one of these clear plastic dry erase sheets. Then you can use double-sided velcro or tape and attach the picture cards on top (If you can laminate them or cover them in clear packaging tape for durability this helps them to last longer).

This makes it easier to change up the routine as kids get older or if you are finding something that is no longer working in your schedule. It is also a great way to help determine a routine to start with. Sometimes what we think will work may need a little changing or tweaking to be best for the children.

Daily Routine Chart for Kids Printable

How to Use Visual Schedules

Your child likes to play an important part in their day. It will really help to sit down with your child before implementing this routine chart and have them help pick out which pictures go where. You can definitely help them make the decisions that you want but it really gets them excited to give them some ownership in things like this.

Another way to give children ownership is by having them cross out each item once they are finished with it. If you’ve used a clear plastic sleeve or laminated it you can have them cross out each section and then simply erase and complete the next day.

*Choose a schedule that works best for your family and make sure to stick to what is on the routine chart. If you stay strong and consistent with your routine soon your children will know what to expect and when. Consistency is key.

*If you find you are still having difficulties with your bedtime routine and your child falling asleep be sure to check out this post about knowing when to drop a nap.

Free Customizable Visual Schedules for Toddlers and Preschoolers


  • Morning or Evening Visual Schedule Chart Templates
  • White Cardstock/Paper
  • Scissors
  • Optional lamination, clear plastic packaging tape, or dry-erase sleeves
  • Velcro, tape, or glue stick


1. Print out the PDF template found below onto white cardstock. 

2. Cut out the daily routine chart picture cards of choice (morning or evening).

3. Laminate or insert routine chart PDF into a clear plastic sleeve.

4. Attach velcro to the empty spots on the routine chart (on top of the lamination or clear plastic) and corresponding velcro pieces to the backs of the picture cards.

5. Sit down with your child and talk about their morning or bedtime routine and place routine picture cards in a spot of choice.

6. Implement routine.

**If your routine chart isn’t laminated or inserted into clear plastic sleeves simply glue routine cards into the desired spots for your child’s daily routine chart. If you need to switch up the order when doing it this way you will just need to print another copy of the routine chart and cards. 

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    1. Yes, I used to teach Kindergarten and that is where I started using visual schedules as well. They are awesome to use with children of all ages! Thank you so much!

  1. Routines are so important for kids development. I love it that you included the routines printable as well!

  2. I love the idea of having a visual for morning and bedtime routines. I also like that your routine printable is completely customizable for every family. That’s such a great option!

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