16 Fun and Free Printable Chore Charts for Kids

Mar 2, 2024

A printable chore chart is the perfect tool to help children become motivated when it comes to completing their household chores and jobs. There are many different free printable chore chart options included below for children of all ages.

To make these fun chore charts you will need to print off the free PDF printable chore chart of choice and have stickers or a pen handy to mark off the boxes. You can choose to use a reward once the chore chart is complete or if they’ve reached a certain goal. You can also just use the stickers as motivation to help children complete thier chores at home.

Scroll down for ideas on how to use these free printable chore charts as well as for the free chore chart PDFs. For additional fun printable PDFs to help children learn skills and responsibilities be sure to also check out these helpful behavior charts or printable potty charts as well.

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Free Chore Chart Printable PDFs for Kids

How to use Printable Chore Charts

*These chore charts work great as resources for helping children learn responsiblity. You can pair them with lessons, books, and activities that will help teach the chores.

Show and model the chores and have children complete the chores with you. Purchase items that will help make the chores easier if necessary like smaller brooms, helper stools, etc…

Sit down and talk together about chores and why they are important. Talk about responsibility and each person taking a part in helping around the home. Read books about helping such as Berenstein Bears and the Trouble with Chores.

Once you’ve talked about the importance of helping and why we have chores choose a chore chart and print it off. Then sit together and brainstorm the possible chores to add to their chart. You can always start small and add more once children are showing that they are able to complete the listed chores.

As children complete their chores you can mark them off or add a sticker to the box. You can choose to mark them off real time once the chore is completed or sit down together at the end of the night and mark down the ones they have completed.

Once the chart has been completed or if they’ve met a goal of a certain number of chores marked off each week/month they can choose a reward or get an allowance that has been determined ahead of time.

Children’s Chore Ideas

      • Unload/load the dishwasher
      • Clean their room
      • Brush their teeth
      • Get themselves dressed
      • Make the bed
      • Vacuum the floors
      • Pick up their toys
      • Put dishes in the sink
      • Fold/put away the laundry
      • Wipe up spills
      • Do their homework
      • Sweep/mop the floors
      • Do the dishes
      • Feed the family pet
      • Make their lunch
      • Put their clothes in the hamper
      • Water flowers
      • Rake leaves
      • Mow the lawn
      • Pull weeds
      • Put away groceries
      • Take out the trash
      • Wash the car
      • Grab the mail
      • Change sheets

*If you don’t want to print out a chore chart they also have lots of great magnetic chore charts and routine charts for kids available for purchase. This one by the learn and climb store is a great choice.

Kids Behavior Charts

Why do Chore Charts Work?

Chore charts help children stay motivated to complete their chores. Children will get excited to earn stickers and mark items off as completed.

The extra push for a reward, allowance, or even just the satisfaction of marking an item off the list will help children feel accomplished. Sitting down with them ahead of time to discuss the chores will give them time together and help them understand why their chores are necessary. 

The visual of having printable chore charts and the check ins at night or after each chore will help them remember that they need to do their chores and help them build responsibility.


Free Printable Weekly Chore Charts

What are some appropriate rewards for kid’s completing their chores?

There are a lot of different rewards that you can use when completing a chore chart. You should sit down with your child ahead of time to work together and pick out what they will be working towards.

One way to use these chore charts is to set a goal. You can do a goal each day (IE complete 5/7 chores every day), each week, or each month. Then when/if they meet their goal they get to pick their reward.

Another way to use these chore charts is to set an amount of allowance that the children will earn with each chore completed or each day they complete a set number of chores. Make it realistic and attainable (We do $0.10 for each chore completed). Then when they reach a certain number they can spend their allowance or choose to save it.

Things that go along with your child’s interests and needs work best for rewards. Let your child choose their favorite toy, a special activity together, or a favorite treat. Some ideas include:

    Daily Reward Ideas:

    • TV Time
    • Ipad time
    • Treat (popsicle/candy/extra snack)
    • Game with parents
    • Books with parents
    • Super small prize/trinket (bouncy balls, notepads, pencils, crayons, etc)
    • Money/coins

    Weekly/Monthly Reward Ideas:

    • Stuffed animal
    • Outing to place of choice (trip to zoo, trampoline park, playground, arcade, etc…)
    • Visit with Grandma/Grandmpa
    • Movie night
    • Trip to movie theater
    • New book, toy of choice
    • Play date with a friend
    • Shopping trip with parent to pick out item of choice


    Princess, Space, Farm, & Fairy Chore Chart Games

    These four chore charts are set up like game boards. Each board has 25 total circles until they make it to the end. This turns chores into a game. Talk with children ahead of time to set a goal for which chore (or chores) they are going to be focusing on. Then add a sticker to each circle when they complete a chore. Once they fill up all 25 circles they get the decided upon reward. 

    Fairy, Space, Farm and Princess Chore Game Charts

    Unicorn, Dinosaur, and Zoo Animal Printable Chore Charts

    These printable weekly chore charts have six spaces to fill in different chores of choice. There are three fun patterns for these chore chart printables. Each includes a name space and 42 spots to earn sticker or mark chores off. 

    Sit down together ahead of time and decide which chore or chores to focus on. Write them in the larger spot where the chores go on the left side. Decide on a reward or amount of allowance.

    At the end of each day (or as children complete each chore) sit down together and add on stickers to each chore space completed. Once they reach the goal they earn the reward. 

    Zoo, Dinosaur, and Unicorn Chore Charts

    Construction, Mermaid, and Truck Chore Charts

    These fun mermaid, construction and Spiderman behavior charts also have a weekly theme. They are similar to the above chore charts but with different patterns and designs.

    Choose six different chores that young children are capable of completing on their own. Ideas are included above to give you some help getting started. You can also choose to focus on 3 or four and just not fill up all the chore lines.

    Once children complete their chore the for day they can add a sticker or mark off the box next to it. Once they reach a certain goal children can earn a prize (the stickers work great enough for motivation for some kids) or an allowance.

    Mermaid, Trucks and Spiderman Chore Chart Printables

    Sports, Rainbow, Stars, and Donut Chore Chart Printables

    These sports, rainbow, stars, and donut themed chore charts are the perfect simple chore charts that have a lot of open spaces and are very customizable.

    There are 30 blank spaces where children can earn a sticker for the chore completed. You could have a list of chores and they choose one to complete. They can then earn a sticker for the chore and choose another chore to complete until their chart is filled up.

    You could also pick a chore to focus on for the whole chart. Once their chart is filled up they can earn the reward or allowance.

    You can even do a different chore for each row of the chore chart. Just write the chore on the left side next to the row. Then they can earn a sticker for each of their chores completed. Choose a desired amount of stickers earned for the week and then they earn a prize if they meet their goal. 

    There are lots of different ways to use these customizable chore charts. Choose which way works best for your family and child, print it out, and get started. 

    Rainbow, Stars, Donuts and Sports Chore Charts

    Smiley Face Chore Chart Printables

    These weekly chore charts are great for if you are targeting certain chores that you need or want your child to complete. They have a spot to write in the chore and a smile and frown for each day of the week the chore is completed. Choose an agreed upon goal for the week.

    If your child completes the chore at the end of the day color in the smiley face. If they forget to do the chore or choose not to complete it, color in the frowny face. Then if they’ve earned a set number of smiley faces at the end of the day or week they can earn their reward.

    Smiley Face Chore Charts

    All of these great daily and weekly chore chart printables are completely customizable. Chose which chore chart desired, fill in as much or as little of the chore charts, set goals with your children, talk about the importance of chores, and choose rewards or allowance for them.

    If you take these steps you will hopefully start to see more motivation and responsibility when it comes to getting children to do their chores and help out around the house.

    Free Printable Chore Charts for Kids

    Additional Charts to Help Children Learn Skills:

    The chore charts listed above will help children learn responsibility and complete tasks around the home. For a few additional charts to help children with daily tasks and skills check out some of the below. A lot of the styles and designs match so they would be perfect for crossover and connection when teaching the skills.

    • Printable potty charts: 12 fun options for potty training charts to help toddlers learn how to use the bathroom.
    • Behavior chart printables: 16 super cute charts to help work on behaviors at home. Includes daily and weekly behavior charts that work perfectly for the classroom as well as home. Help to target the posivie behaviors you want to see more of.
    • Tooth brushing charts: 7 different charts that remind children to brush their teeth every morning and night. Great visuals for children who need an extra reminder and motivation to brush their teeth two times a day.


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