Free Printable Potty Training Chart

12 Fun and Free Printable Potty Training Charts

A printable potty training chart is the perfect tool to help little ones that need an extra visual when learning how to use the potty. There are different designs and multiple potty training printable options for toddlers, preschoolers, and more included below.

To make these simple potty charts you will need to print off the pdf of choice and have stickers handy. You can choose to use these charts after initial potty training or as a tool to use right off the bat when beginning potty training.

Scroll down for ideas on how to use these charts as well as for the free potty training chart printable pdf. For another free printable pdf for busy Moms check out these daily routine chart pdf printables.

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Free Printable Potty Training Charts for Toddlers

How to use a Printable Potty Training Chart

*We completed potty training with the three-day method and then used this chart when our little one regressed after a new sibling was born. It worked great to keep her on track during the regression.

*This potty training chart works great as a resource after potty training or can be used on its own. To use this potty chart when beginning potty training explain and prep your little ones ahead of time. You can read potty training books and watch episodes of shows that help with potty training. Then place a potty nearby (or add a child’s potty seat to a large toilet) and explain how they can earn a sticker after every time they use the potty.

*Once little ones fill the potty training chart printables to the bottom with stickers, you can decide what you would like to reward them with. For some little ones, stickers are a large enough incentive. Some other ideas include alone time with parents, a trip to get ice cream, a sucker, picking out a small toy or trinket, a trip somewhere fun like a park, or anything else your little one may desire.

Free Potty Training Chart for Toddlers

What are Some Ways to Prep for Potty Training?

Before beginning potty training purchase a child’s size potty and add it to the bathroom. Allow little ones to sit on it, look at it, and see it whenever possible. Exposure is great even if they are not using it.

*Read potty training books in which little ones use the potty. If your little ones have favorite characters be sure to check for books with these characters in to get them excited. Some potty training books with big characters include Daniel Tiger, Elmo, etc…

*Watch episodes of favorite shows that talk about potty training and going on the potty.

*Allow little ones to “pretend” their favorite stuffed animals or toys are using the potty. With a clean potty seat (the one they will be using when they start) have little ones sit their stuffed animals on the potty and pretend they are going.

There are multiple options for these potty training printable charts. Some of the options include a game, some a reward, and some include two different ways to use the potty. Print out which potty training chart you desire and give it a go. Before beginning, print out the potty chart and hang it on the wall near where your child will be using the potty. Hang a page of stickers nearby so they are ready once they go.

To see explanations of how each chart can be used scroll down for more information.

Free PDF Potty Chart Printable

Princess, Zoo, and Dinosaur Potty Chart Printables

These three potty chart options include two different sections to fill in with stickers. One section is where they used the potty independently without having to be asked and one is where they said they had to go potty. They come in a princess potty chart, zoo themed potty chart, and dinosaur themed potty chats.

This one works great for little ones who have been potty training for a while. We used this one when our toddler had a regression and would hide when she had to go but we knew she could go independently.

For some little ones, the offer of earning a sticker each time they go potty is reward enough and you don’t need to consider adding a large reward at the end. For others, you may want to add an extra incentive at the end of filling up the chart.

After filling up a side we opted for a movie night, game night, went out for ice cream, or completed a family activity together. Other great ideas for rewards would be a small toy or prize from a prize box, your little one picking dinner, a special treat like a cupcake, candy pieces, etc…

Farm and Space Potty Training Chart

Farm and Space Potty Chart Printable Games

These potty charts turn potty training into a game. Little ones can earn a sticker each time they go potty and make their way down to the finish. Once they get to the finish they can earn an agreed-upon reward. Print another potty chart and play again once finished.

This potty training game printable is great for first-time learners. You can explain the process of potty training, prep little ones by reading potty books and watching episodes of potty training shows, and talk about the sticker process. Little ones will be excited to add stickers and get to the finish.

Included is a farm-themed potty training sticker chart as well as a space-themed potty training game chart.

Spiderman, Truck, and Mermaid Sticker Reward Potty Charts

Spiderman, Mermaid, and Truck Potty Training Charts

These fun mermaid potty chart templates, truck potty charts, and Spiderman potty charts are great for learners who need a little more immediate reinforcement. These work great with small prizes or treats instead of one large one.

After just six times of using the potty  (or sitting on the potty, trying to go, etc…) little ones can earn a small prize or trinket. This could be anything from a single m&m to a sucker, small eraser, new marker, small toy, etc…

There is a section to write down what reward they are working towards after talking about it ahead of time. At the end of the chart you could then give a bigger reward if desired.

Donut Rainbow Sports and Stars Potty Charts

Rainbow, Sports, Stars, and Donut Potty Training Printables

These rainbow potty chart, sports-themed potty chart, star potty chart, and donut-themed potty charts are the perfect simple potty charts. They don’t have extra words or a spot for a reward in case this isn’t something you desire when potty training. You can choose to just have the stickers put on as the reward each time they go potty.

You can also just use these simple potty training charts to record when they use the bathroom. They are gender-neutral themed charts and very basic. These potty charts allow you to customize how you use them based on what your child wants and needs and what works best for your family.

Printable Potty Training Charts

For additional tips to helping your child learn new skills check out this book list for toddlers as well as this daily routine chart printable. Both are great ways to teach your child new skills and help them with their learning.

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