Free Wedding Advice Printable PDF from Kids

Marriage Advice from Kids Free Printable PDF

Are you in search of the perfect wedding gift for an aunt, uncle, friend, or anyone else getting married soon? This marriage advice from kids free printable makes an awesome keepsake gift that the bride and groom will love.

Scroll down to find a fun free marriage advice printable PDF. It includes different fill in the blank options or questions for kids to answer about love and marriage as well as an image spot for kids to draw a picture of the happy couple.

Free Printable Marriage Advice from Kids PDF

When my brother and sister in law were getting married we searched for the perfect present for our children to give to them. They are super family oriented and our children are some of their favorite people to spend time with so we knew we needed to give them a special gift.

We printed out copies of the marriage advice sheet and I sat down with my oldest two (ages 6 and 3 at the time). I asked them the questions and filled in their exact answers. Then they drew a photo of what they thought the bride and groom would look like at the wedding. We mounted the finished questionnaires on colored construction paper and ran them through the laminator for extra durability.

They turned out so cute and my brother and sister in law loved opening them up at their wedding shower and reading them for all the guests to hear. Kids have the sweetest and funniest answers to questions about love and they were both so unique.

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Marriage Advice Printable Tips for Success

This fun wedding advice printable is perfect for children as young as three all the way up through grade school age. It makes an awesome wedding gift printed out, added to a pretty paper backing, and laminated. It would also make a great class book idea for a teacher who is getting married.

*When completing this marriage advice for kids printable begin by printing it out and sitting down with your child. You can choose to prep by reading books about love and what love is and means or simply seeing what your child will answer on their own.

*For younger children you can have them dictate their answers and write them in. Older children can come up with their answers and write them on the lines on their own. You may want to have them start in pencil and then go over the top of it with a pen or fine tipped black marker to make it stand out.

*You can have them draw a photo of what they think the wedding will look like, their favorite memory with the bride and groom, or draw a picture of one of their answers.

Marriage advice from kids

Marriage Advice from kids Printable PDF


  • Free Printable Marriage Advice PDF (see below)
  • Construction Paper (for mounting)
  • Glue stick
  • Pencil/Pen
  • Crayons


  1. Print out a copy (or copies) of the free marriage advice printable from below on white paper
  2. Give children a pencil or pen and read each prompt to them.
  3. Fill in the prompt questions.
  4. Have children draw a photo of the happy couple at their wedding or of the answer to one of their prompt questions.
  5. Glue the finished marriage advice piece of paper on to a piece of colored construction paper.
  6. Laminate the finished project for durability (optional).
  7. Gift to the happy couple for their wedding shower or on their wedding day.

Free Marriage Advice Printable Wedding Gift from Kids

Additional Love Themed Crafts

*This makes the perfect love themed craft. For more fun love themed crafts that could double as fun wedding gift crafts from kids you can also try:

  • Cactus craft – Make a construction paper love cactus craft with a cute pun. Includes a free cactus template.
  • Heart hot air balloon craft – Use the free hot air balloon template to make a fun heart shaped hot hair balloon craft with a fun corresponding pun.
  • Love bug craft – Make a cute love bug craft (or two for the happy couple) that would make the perfect wedding card or decoration for a wedding gift for a happy couple.

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