Kids Thank You Note Template

Jun 16, 2023

These free kids thank you notes include four different options for themed thank you notes to give after your child’s birthday party. They are great thank you note templates for children ages 2 and up.

For these thank you notes younger children can dictate what you fill in for them, preschool and kindergarten children can write what you spell or sound out the words, and older children can independently fill in the blanks.

There are two different versions of thank you notes; one for each theme. One thank you note thanks guests for coming as well as for a gift and another just thanks guests for a gift in case they were unable to make a party or no party was thrown.

Children will love picking out a themed thank you that matches their interests and many of these thank you notes go great with a fun birthday party theme. Included are unicorn thank yous, sports themed thank you notes, dinosaur thank you cards,  and ice cream themed thank you notes.  For other fun unicorn birthday party ideas be sure to check out this unicorn party ideas on a budget.

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What should I write on a kid’s thank you note?

When children are writing their thank you notes it is best to keep things simple and easy to write and understand. The templates included are very simple and include a line to thank people and a blank to fill in what they are thanking them for. It also includes a spot to sign their name.

On the bottom of these thank you notes there is a big blank space. When making the thank you notes children can finish them by drawing a picture for the person who will be receiving them.

Some ideas to add on the bottom include a picture of the gifted item,  a picture of your child with the person receiving the note, or a photo of anything they desire to share.

Dinosaur Thank You Card

Kid’s Thank You Notes Free PDF Template



  • Free thank you card template of choice
  • Pencil
  • Crayons
  • Markers

    Kid’s Thank You Card Directions

    1. Print out a copy or copies of your choice of free kid’s thank you card templates. 
    2. Have children dictate or write in the answers to the fill-in-the-blanks. Younger children can try to sound out the words and older ones can write themselves.
    3. If printing in black and white have children color in the clip art.
    4. Have children draw a picture on the bottom of the paper of the people the card is for & themselves. Have them label the people.
    5. Fold the finished thank you note into thirds and slide into an envelope to be mailed or given.


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