What to buy for your second baby

What to Buy for Second Baby

As a second time Mom you probably have a better idea of what you will be going through when having a baby. However, if you’re like me you probably second guess yourself and feel like you are forgetting to buy something or still feel worried. Hopefully, this list of item must haves for a second baby will help you feel just a little more prepared for your newest adventure!

Be sure to read all the way to the bottom and you will find a free PDF checklist for a second baby. It will help you keep track of the things you may already have and the things you may need to purchase for your second baby.

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Second Baby Must-Haves

What Should You Buy for Your Second Baby?

Having a second baby is a whole new adventure in itself but with the right items, the right mindset, and a little bit of a positive attitude you can better prepare yourself! As a mom of three, I’ve been through it all and know what items you need multiples of and what you can go without.

I’ve experienced three little ones ages 4 and under and know the craziness that can come from having a toddler and a new baby. At the same time, I also know how rewarding and amazing it can be if you are prepared and ready.  These are my favorite products for second time moms that helped with my transition from one to two babies and came well recommended by many other moms of more than one. 

While reading keep in mind that this is a list of things you will need in addition to those you have from your first baby. To check out what I would recommend for baby number one make sure to check out these baby registry suggestions!

If you are a Grandparent, family friend, co-worker, and are just looking for a list of gifts for a second baby you are also in the right place. This list helps you know just what to buy for a second baby.

Should You Create a Registry for Your Second Baby?

It is totally up to you if you want to create a registry for your second baby but as a Mom of 3 I would highly recommend it. There are many benefits to creating a registry each time you have another baby.

You can create a registry for your second baby and choose to keep it to yourself or share it with friends and family. If you create a second baby registry you will still get another Amazon baby box or Target baby gift bag for your second baby after a purchase from it. Some of the products included may be the same as the last time and some of them may be different.

You also still get the registry discount when it is close to the time your baby will come. This discount will help you save a lot of money on anything remaining to purchase.

Head over to Amazon to create a baby registry for your second baby.

Must Haves for Second Baby

1. Baby Monitor/Extra Camera

To keep an eye on both your toddler and infant at the same time I would highly recommend a baby monitor that has multiple cameras. If you planned ahead and knew you were having additional kids you may already have a monitor with a camera and simply need to buy an extra camera.

The monitors that can handle multiple cameras and rotate through them are amazing. I would highly suggest one of these. We love our Infant Optics.

It has lasted through two babies (we just needed to buy an additional camera) and for three+ years and still going strong. It rotates back and forth between the two cameras we have. 

2. Car Seat

For us, we didn’t need to purchase this right away. We used an infant car seat for the first year of our firstborn’s life. Then we moved her to the Graco Forever carset which will last her a long time. So we were able to use our infant car seat again for the new baby.

Be sure to check the expiration date on your infant car set before using it again. If not a lot of time has passed between babies and you bought it new you are probably good. This gave us time to watch black friday and Amazon Prime Day sales for a car seat to use once baby number two grows out of the infant seat.

3. A good baby carrier

If you have this from your first baby still that is great. I kept this on the list because it was and still is (at ages 3 and 1) a lifesaver for me with two kids. My 1 year old from week 2 on used the carrier all the time.

It made it so much easier to chase after my toddler at the park, on walks, around the house, or really anywhere when I could baby-wear. Even now that she has turned one, my girl still sometimes takes naps in this when we are out and about. It was one of the places where both my girls napped best. This is probably my top must-have item for moms of two or more.

4. White Noise Machine

We couldn’t have gone without our white noise machine for our first baby. It is equally important if not more, to have one for the new baby as well. If you had one from a previous baby I would recommend continuing to use it as they get older. It will help to cover up any baby cries while the oldest is trying to sleep.

On the other hand, you will need one for the new baby as well. White noise reminds them of the womb and helps them to sleep and feel safe and comfortable. Plus, they help to drown out the outside noises (and toddler’s cries/playing).

We loved and still love this one. We’ve had it for 3 years and it still works great. We bought one for new baby as well! 

5. Double Stroller

I would highly suggest spending the money on a good double stroller. I went on the cheaper side and I greatly regret not spending more. Our stroller is tough to turn and heavy to push.

A friend has the BOB double stroller and it is a dream to push compared to ours. However, our double stroller has still been a lifesaver. You can keep both babies contained and in one place and get in a workout as well.

They can get outside and enjoy the weather and fresh air.  We take walks everyday! If you don’t want to spend the money (as they are super pricey) on a new one, used is an awesome option too. I love facebook marketplace for this (watch often because double strollers go fast!).

6. New Pacifiers, Bottle Brushes, and Bottle Nipples

I would highly recommend purchasing new of all of the above listed items. This will ensure that items are sterilized and clean and baby isn’t being introduced to any bacteria left on the old ones.

Being that all babies are different you may want to wait to buy new packs of bottles or bottle nipples until you know what your baby will take.

Start by creating an Amazon or Target registry and getting the new baby box (yes you can and should do this again even if you did it for your first baby). This way you have lots of different single bottles to try with your baby first. 

My first baby loved Dr. Brown’s bottles and would only drink from them. Our second baby was an Avent bottle girl so we had to buy all new bottles with her too. Both our girls only took MAM brand nuks. Click on the below pictures for some of our favorite suggestions!

7. Nursery Furniture/Pack N’ Play(Possibly)

This one really depends on the age difference between your two little ones. The age difference in our girls is just over two years. We worked hard to switch my first born out of her crib to a Montessori floor bed before the baby was born so we didn’t need to buy new nursery furniture.

We were able to reuse our old furniture once the new baby outgrew the bassinet. However, if your little one just isn’t ready for this you may need to buy another crib or use a pack-n-play for the new baby.

We also did find it beneficial to buy another pack-n-play as our three year old still sleeps in one when we go out of town. We purchased another one so that we had one for our newborn and one for our toddler when we slept anywhere aside from home.

8. Hands Free Breast Pump

I would highly recommend moms of more than one or moms going back to work spend the extra money to purchase these. Insurance will sometimes cover some (or all if you have amazing insurance) of the cost of these.

Being hands-free instead of strapped down to a machine when you are chasing around a toddler is a game changer. So easy to just pop the pump on and run after them. I’ve heard great things about the Elvie and Willow but used this awesome off brand one to save on costs.

While these are my 8 favorite baby products that I found most helpful for baby number 2 thus far, there are a lot of other important products to add to your registry as well. Many of the items you will already have.

The following is a list of items you can add to a second registry or purchase as presents for a second baby. They are items that you may have forgotten or that may not last for two babies.

            Nose Frieda                        Wipes                  Baby Laundry Detergent

           Onesies/Baby Outfits       Diapers               Baby Wash/Shampoo     

                   First Aid Kit            Breastmilk Storage Bags

                   Diapers             Diaper Creams           Gas Drops/Probiotic

Overall all babies are different and like different things. You may find that some of the items that you used for your first baby your second baby does not like at all. You may find similarities and differences in your two babies and what works best for them. 

It is crazy how different my two girls were and are to date. Hopefully, this list helps you to know which items may be best with two babies and helps to make your transition a bit easier. 

Second Baby Registry Clothes

Free Checklist for Second Baby

Below is a checklist that includes all of our 8 top items for a second baby. It also includes many different items that were most likely used up by previous children or items that will need replacing.

Download the free checklist of items below for a second baby below and keep it nearby when shopping to add to your second baby registry.

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