Wonderfold W4 Wagon Review

4 Seater W4 Wonderfold Wagon Review

If you are looking for information on the Wonderfold W4 Wagon and are wondering if they are worth purchasing you have come to the right place. The W4 Wonderfold wagon is an awesome stroller wagon that sits 4 children comfortably.

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As a Mom of 3 young children who watches up to 5 young children at a time we recently purchased the Wonderfold Wagon W4. Read on as I share all the things I’ve learned about the quad stroller wagons, tips, and hacks for using them, and my honest W4 Wonderfold wagon review.

The majority of the information in this review is written about the 4 seat W4 classic wagon as this is the one we purchased and own but you may also see information about both the Luxe and the Elite versions of the W4 wagon as well.

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Is a Wonderfold Wagon W4 Worth the Price?

The Wonderfold wagon is 100% worth the price. We purchased the classic version and absolutely love it. As a Mom of 3 little ones (who occasionally watches two additional), I would purchase this again in a heartbeat.

There are so many ways this wagon makes my life easier. On a simple walk in the neighborhood, I can put all three of my little ones in it, throw a scooter or balance bike off the back, and still have room in the bin for snacks, drinks, and more.

It is easy for my children to get in and out and they love facing each other. The canopy is great to protect from the shade and it makes trips to the zoo and festivals easier because I can keep my kids all in one place without having to worry as much about them wandering off.

When my youngest was an infant I could babywear him on our walks and once we were at the park I could hang the seats from the sides and have him in the “playpen” like area of the wagon. With a few toys, he could see what was going on or lay comfortably while I played nearby with the big kids.

The price tag is steep and the wagon is heavy but I’ve tried two different double strollers, a cargo wagon with no seats, a triple stroller, and a single stroller with a glider board and this wagon just combines them all, and makes things so much easier!

Wonderfold Wagon W4 Features

The Wonderfold W4 Wagon is a stroller wagon that can sit up to four children comfortably. It can be pulled or pushed and includes sit-up seats, a front basket for storage, and an overhead canopy for shade protection. It has lots of additional add-ons that you can purchase through Wonderfold (see the section below for more information).

Wagon Seats

The Wonderfold Wagon comes with two removable seat benches that can fit two children a piece for a total of four children. Each of the seat benches has two separate sections where you can use four-point harnesses. Children as small as 6 months can fit comfortably in the seats.

When the seats are in the Wonderfold wagon, children sit up higher and their feet go down to the base of the wagon.  This makes it more comfortable for children to be in the wagon without kicking each other or their feet running into each other in the seat.

You can also choose to remove one of the seat benches and only have two buckling spots. This leaves half of the wagon for storage, children to sit freely without seats, and more.

Depending on which model W4 you purchase your seats may also recline. The W4 original does not have reclining seats while the Elite and Luxe versions do.

Both the wagon seats can be removed and children can also sit in the bottom of the wagon. It works great this way for beach trips and trips where you may need more cargo space. This would also turn it into more of a pack-n-play on wheels for baby (we love to use the seats on our walks and then remove the seats and hang them from the sides of our wagon while baby relaxes in the wagon and the bigs play at the park).

You can also purchase additional seats online that are considered luxury seats. They have additional padding and footrests to go with them.

Disclaimer: Any “hacks” mentioned may not be recommended by Wonderfold as they may not have been designed to be used in that particular way. Please use caution when trying out different hacks.

We will also occasionally use our seats in different positions in the wagon. Wonderfold traditionally recommends facing both seats inside the wagon so children are looking at each other. We also will turn both seats forward or backward occasionally so children are stacked two in front of the other two much like bus or car seating.

5 Point Safety Harness Seats


The handlebar on the classic W4 wagon comes with two screws on the end of each side. You will need to unscrew the top one and store it in a pocket in order for the wagon to fit in a trunk better. The handlebar comes with a zipper cover that you can take off and wash and slide back on if necessary.

The Luxe and Elite handlebars are both built to be adjustable. They can be adjusted easier to fit in a car.

*As a 5′ tall woman I’ve had no issues with the height of the classic handlebar. However, I’ve heard from taller people that they prefer the adjustable handlebar as it makes for a better height to push the wagon more comfortably.


The canopy on the classic Wonderfold wagon includes two u shaped poles connecting on the wagon’s ends. You stick the poles into the wagon’s corresponding holes. The poles on the classic are one height whereas the poles on the luxe and elite versions of the wagon can also be pushed up and down to adjust the height of the canopy.

The canopy that goes overhead is a black piece of stretchy fabric. It can be easily moved from one side to the top of the wagon or to the other side depending on which way the sun is coming from. It is not waterproof and is very lightweight but does a great job of blocking the sun.

If you are not using the cover you can remove the poles, store them together, and hang them over the front handlebar next to the wagon. There are pieces of fabric to stabilize them that are connected to the storage basket below.

*A hack I’ve seen to make shade from one side of the wagon to the other or block it out if a baby were to use it as a pack-n-play, uses a nursing scarf. Simply take the poles out, use the Wonderfold cover on one side, and stretch the nursing scarf over the poles on the other side. This should cover the whole length.

You can also find tons of Wonderfold wagon covers that cover the whole top or that are fun patterns and colors on Etsy.com.

Wonderfold Shade Cover


The classic Wonderfold W4 has plenty of storage with a large attached basket, a front pocket, and two small side pockets perfect for water bottles. The large basket has a zipper on it and it can be added to the back of the wagon or removed using two small poles on the side.

You can also store things underneath the seats if you don’t plan on getting them out often or if your little ones are small enough that they don’t need as much leg space.

Storage for all of the wagons is very similar no matter what the model but you can also purchase cargo nets and wonder totes to be added onto the wagon for extra storage. If you purchase a wonder tote you will be giving up seat space.

*A hack for storage includes purchasing a large Bogg bag or using a thirty-one tote and adding it to the inside of the handlebar. This allows for extra storage in the bags. The Bogg bag just sits on top of the original storage tote. Both of these hacks make it slightly harder to hold onto the handlebar but not too bad if you need the extra storage.

Wonderfold Wagon Storage and Hack

Wonderfold Wagon Accessories

We absolutely love our Wonderfold wagon but one of the things that it is missing includes certain accessories like cup holders for both children and adults, snack trays, all-weather mats, covers, and more.

You can purchase the majority of these accessories and more through the Wonderfold site at an additional cost. Many times the accessories you are looking to purchase may be sold out and you will have to wait for a restock.

You can also find ones that will work for you and your wagon at a cheaper price tag and are currently in stock on Amazon. These are not ones through Wonderfold but hacks that may save you some money.

We purchased our adult and children’s cup holders here. We also found a boot tray that fits perfectly in our wagon as an all-weather mat for less than $5 from Menards. A stroller caddy also works great for this as well.

Weight, Size, and Maneuverability

The Wonderfold W4 wagon is wonderful but it is also very large and very heavy. The size ensures that you are able to fit 4 children in comfortably or store lots of cargo in it. It takes up the full trunk when in the back of a minivan or SUV and leaves little room for anything else.

The wagon is very heavy. As a 5-foot-tall woman, I am able to get it into the back of my Toyota Sienna van or the back of our Toyota Highlander independently but it is tough as it weighs 50 lbs on its own with the seats installed.

The weight of the wagon does make it a little more difficult to push depending on how many children you have in it. If you have one or two lighter children it is still fairly easy to push but when you get 4 larger children in it, the wagon tends to get heavier and much harder to push. It is still manageable but gives you a great workout on the hills.

The classic version of the wagon with the original wheels does tend to get slightly bumpy when going over large sidewalk cracks. It can be pushed on the grass but is very heavy when doing this. The all-terrain wheels found on the Luxe wagon do make it a smoother ride and easier to push.

When going downhill if the weight in the wagon is evenly distributed it will go fairly straight, but if the weight is uneven (Ie 3 children) it tends to veer to the side a bit and you need to push harder with one hand to keep it on track.

The biggest perk to the wagon’s maneuverability is that you can push it like a stroller. This makes it so much easier than the traditional cargo wagons to use when going for a walk or around a place like a zoo or amusement park. You can also purchase a pull handle that attaches to the front of the wagon if desired.

Wonderfold Wagon Folded Up Toyota Sienns

Misc. Tips, Hacks, and Information

*The cover to the Wonderfold wagon can be taken off and thrown in the wash. However, it is time-consuming and can take a while to get back on. It can also be wiped down for any major spills, etc…

*You can get a boot tray to slide into the bottom of your wagon to keep the foot area clean if needed. You can purchase one that fits great from their site or from Menards.

*The Wonderfold wagon makes a great grocery store helper. You can bring the wagon with all four children and use a large thirty-one tote as shown for your groceries. Or if you are able to get away with two children using the wagon you can also take one seat out, still hold two children, and put groceries in the back end. Wonderfold also sells a grocery tote that fits on one side.

*The seats in the Wonderfold wagon are for children 6+ months and up. If you remove one of the seats a car seat can rest on the sides of it snugly. However, take great caution with this hack as the wagons and seats are not meant for each other, and the seat isn’t properly attached. Wonderfold has recently come out with an infant car seat adaptor which is the safest way of doing this.

*While the Wonderfold wagons are awesome and can make taking children to busy places much easier there are a few places that Wonderfold wagons are not allowed. Disney is one of these places.  Be sure to check out the rules of any major theme parks or places where there are large crowds before taking your Wonderfold wagon along.

*Wonderfold wagons fall under the stroller category which usually means they are permitted to be checked at airport gates (with the biggest exception to this rule being American Airlines). Just to be safe it may be a good idea to call and check your airlines policies ahead of time.

Wonderfold Wagon W4 Pros

  • Fits 4 children
  • Safety harness seats can be removed or used in the wagon
  • Lift the flap door makes it easy for kids to get in and out
  • Removable canopy for shade
  • Can be pushed like a stroller
  • Lots of storage
  • High quality and durable
  • Can be used as a moveable play pen for babies

Wonderfold Wagon W4 Cons

  • Heavy (50 lbs)
  • Large size makes it hard to fit in some trunks
  • High cost
  • Accessories are extra
  • Can get heavy to push the more children you have in it
  • Have to get an attachment for infants to ride in comfortably and safely (seats work for 6 months and up)

Wonderfold Wagon W4 No Canopy

Does the Wonderfold W4 Fit Through Doors?

The Wonderfold Wagon has no problems fitting through standard size doors. It is no larger than a double stroller in width and fits great through doors.

We’ve taken our Wonderfold quad stroller wagon to zoos, parks, the mall, fairs, grocery stores, and more and it has fit through all of the doors we’ve gone through.

Our only issue in fitting it through doors comes when we try to put the Britax cup holders on both sodes of the wagon or fill the cargo nets with bulky items. If you refrain from doing these things it will fit great through most doors.

Buy the Wonderfold

If you found this review helpful and are interested in purchasing a Wonderfold wagon head on over to Wonderfold.com and check them out for more information.

You can also find them on Amazon for quick shipping if needed.

W4 Wonderfold Wagon Review

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