Paper Bag Lion Puppet Craft for Kids

Jul 12, 2023

These paper bag lion puppets make the perfect zoo animal craft for preschoolers, kindergartners, and more. They make a great craft for all ages and are fun to pretend with and enjoy after making them.

To make this craft, you will need scissors, a paper lunch bag, a glue stick, and a maker or crayon. You will need yellow, brown, orange, pink, white, and optional black construction paper.

These adorable lion crafts are simple to make and work on basic skills such as cutting and gluing.  For other fun and simple zoo-themed paper crafts be sure to also check out these zoo animal crafts for kids.

Paper Bag Lion Puppet Craft Pin

Tips for Success

*If completing this craft with younger children you can cut out and prepare the pieces beforehand. You can have little ones glue them where they need to go. For scissors practice you can also draw the shapes to cut out and have your little ones cut them out once drawn.

*This makes a great craft to practice scissors skills as you need a lot of smaller paper strips for the mane. Straight lines are the easiest shape for little ones to cut out. Even if the paper strips aren’t perfect they will look great on the lion’s mane.

*You can choose to cut out an extra rectangular piece for the bridge of the lion’s nose or go without it. Both will look great.

*For the black nose, whiskers, and mouth, you can draw them on with a black marker or cut some out of black paper to make them pop more. We drew on the mouth and cut out the whiskers and nose for the face.

Lion Puppet Craft

Paper Bag Lion Puppet Craft for Kids


  • Brown Paper Lunch Bags
  • Construction Paper – Yellow, brown, orange, black, white, & pink
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Black Marker


1. Cut out a large yellow rectangle the size of the base of the bag and glue it on. 

2. Cut out a large yellow rectangle with rounded corners slightly larger than the bottom of the lunch bag and glue it onto to make the head.

3. Cut a smaller yellow triangle with one of the points more squared at the end for the bridge of the lion’s nose. Glue it to the top of the head.

4. Cut out brown and orange paper strips about two inches long. Glue them all around the lion’s head to create the mane. You will need about 50 of them depending on the width you make them. Glue some a little overlapping and try to mostly alternate the colors.

5. Cut out two rounded ear shapes and glue them onto the top corners of the head just under the mane.

6. Cut out two smaller rounded pink shapes for the insides of the ears and glue them on.

7. Cut out two white circles for the eyes and glue them to each side of the bridge of the nose.

8. Cut out two smaller black circles for the eyes and glue them to the inside of the white.

9. Cut out a rounded black triangle for the nose and glue it to the middle.

10. Cut out 6 very skinny paper strips about 2″ long from black paper and glue three of them to each side of the nose for the whiskers.

11. Draw a mouth with a marker underneath the nose.

12. Let lion dry and pretend and play with your lion puppet.

Lion Paper Bag Puppet Craft Pin


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