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4 Super Ocean Animal Crafts for Kids

These ocean animal crafts for kids are simple and easy crafts for a week of ocean themed learning, before a trip to an aquarium, or for a child who loves sea animals. Includes directions to make shark, sea turtle, octopus, and crab crafts.

To make these sea animal crafts you will need paper in different colors, a crayon or marker, scissors, and a glue stick. The best part of this craft is that you probably have all the materials on hand already!

All of these crafts use the same circular base. This can be traced with a bowl or top of a cup. The circular base for these is the same base you will also find in this zoo animal craft tutorial as well as my farm animal craft tutorials.

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Ocean Animal Crafts Tips for Success

*For this project you will need to prep the pieces ahead of time if working with younger children. They are simple pieces to prep and can be drawn freehand. Most are just basic shapes drawn and cut out of the construction paper.

To make the circle base you can use a bowl or cup and trace the top. We find a child’s size bowl makes the best size animal.

If making the sea animal crafts in bulk you can layer pieces of paper on top of each other before cutting so you have to make fewer cuts.

If making these projects with older children you can simply lead them through verbal directions and they can do the drawing of the shapes, cutting out, and gluing together to create the whole project.

Sea Animal Craft for Kids

Ocean Animal Crafts for Kids


  • Red, purple, white, green, and blue construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Black crayon or marker
  • Optional bowl for tracing large circles

Sea Animals Crafts

Octopus Craft Directions

 1. Use a bowl and trace a large circle out of purple construction paper for the octopus’s head/body. 

2. Cut out 8 thin strips of purple paper roughly 1/4 of an inch wide by 3 inches long.

3. Glue the top of each strip onto the back of the octopus hanging off the bottom. Do this with all 8 pieces.

4. Glue two small white circles onto the top of the octopus body. Draw a smaller black circle inside of each of the white circles for the inside of the eyes. 

Octopus Craft for Kids

Crab Craft Directions

 1. Use a bowl to trace a large circle shape on red construction paper for the crab’s body and cut it out.

2. Cut out 8 rectangular line shapes roughly 2 inches by 1/4 of an inch from red construction paper.

3. Glue three of these to the back of the bottom left of the crab and three to the back of the bottom right of the crab. Glue one to the top of the left side of the crab and the top of the right side of the crab to make his legs.

4. Cut out two one-inch circles from red construction paper. Cut a small rectangle into each of the. Glue them to the top rectangular line pieces to make the crab’s claws.

5. Cut out two small red rectangles and accordion fold them. Glue the bottom of the accordion folds to the middle of the crab where his eyes will be.

6. Cut out two small white circles and tape them to the top of the accordion folds.

7. Use a crayon to draw small black circles on top of the whites of the eyes.

8. Use the crayon to draw a smile on the body.

Crab Craft for Kids

Sea Turtle Craft Directions

 1. Using a bowl trace a large circle out of green construction paper for the turtle’s body.

2. Using a black crayon draw hexagon shapes on the back of the turtle to create the shell pattern.

3. Cut out 4 small ovals and one larger oval from green paper.

4. Glue the four small ovals to the back of the large green circle to create the turtle’s legs.

5. Glue the large oval on the top of the green circle for the head.

6. Cut out and glue two smaller white circles to the larger green oval.

7. Using a black crayon draw smaller black circles inside of the whites for the eyes and draw a smile underneath.

Sea Turtle Craft for Kids

Shark Craft Directions

 1. Trace and cut out a large blue circle for the shark’s body.

2. Trace and cut out a white construction paper circle the same size as the blue one. Cut it in half. Glue the white circle on the bottom of the top of the blue circle.

3. Cut out two white circles for the eyes and glue them onto the middle of the remaining blue part of the body.

4. Using a crayon draw two black spots into the white of the eyes.

5. Cut out three blue triangles for the finds. Glue one to the top of the shark and the other two to the bottom sides of the shark.

6. Cut a mouth shape out of red construction paper and glue it to the middle of the white on the shark. 

7. Cut out small teeth to fit inside the red part of the shark. Glue these into the mouth.

Shark Craft for Kids

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