Flower Painting and Paper Flower Pot Craft For Kids

Mar 14, 2023

This flower painting craft gives directions to make beautifully painted flowers with toilet paper rolls and a paper flower pot to go with it. Makes the perfect spring or summer flower craft for preschool, kindergarten, toddlers, and more.

This easy flower craft uses a few simple materials found around the house. For this craft, you will need acrylic paints, brown paper, white paper, a green marker, and toilet paper roll tubes or pipe cleaners. You can also use paper towel tubes as well.

If you are wanting to make flowers of different colors you may need to save these up as you will need one toilet roll tube for every color flower you want to make.

If you are interested in other toilet paper roll-stamped crafts be sure to also check out this digger craft for kids.

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How to Make Toilet Paper Tube and Pipe Cleaner Flower Stamps 

* For this project you can make your flowers in multiple ways. You will need one toilet paper roll tube for each flower. You can also make your stamps out of pipe cleaners. Both have different looks but end up great.

* You will need to form your stamps from the toilet paper towel rolls before starting. To do this push both sides of the toilet paper roll into the middle until touching. You will need to do this multiple times to make the shape stick but do it slowly so that the whole roll doesn’t collapse on itself. Only the middle of the roll should touch or get close to touching.

*To make a pipe cleaner flower you will need to start at one side. Make a small loop and twist it to help it stay together. Continue making loops until you have five and loop the leftover end all the around the middle multiple times.

You will have less than an inch of pipe cleaner left if you do 5 petals. Add another half of a pipe cleaner to the end by twisting it to the leftover inch. This will help you have a better “handle” for stamping.

Pipe Cleaner Flowers and Toilet Paper Roll Tube Flowers

Flower Painting and Paper Flower Pot Craft for Kids



  • Large Construction paper (12″x18″)
  • Brown Paper
  • Acrylic Paint in Multiple Colors
  • Toilet Paper Tube Rolls
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Scissors
  • Green Marker
  • Glue stick

    Flower Painting and Paper Flower Pot Craft Directions

    1. Start by cutting out a paper flower pot from a brown piece of paper. 
    2. Glue the paper flower pot to the bottom of the 12×18 inch piece of paper the long way.
    3. Follow the tips above to make your toilet paper roll tube flowers.
    4. Dip the end of the toilet paper roll into the paint and stamp it onto the paper. You will need to do this multiple times, turning each stamp slightly for each flower. You can stamp each flower 3-4 times depending on how many petals you want them to have.
    5. Follow the above tips to make your pipe cleaner flower stamps.
    6. Dip your pipe cleaner stamp in the paint. Stamp it onto the paper.
    7. Use your stamps to make flowers all around the top of the paper.
    8. Once stamps have dried, draw on stems and leaves.
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