Tape Resist Mother's Day Painting Craft for Kids

Easy Tape Resist Mother’s Day Painting Project

This easy tape-resist Mother’s Day painting project is there perfect Mother’s Day keepsake craft for kids of all ages. It is easy enough for toddlers to make on their own and they turn out beautiful and unique.

These Mother’s Day tape resist crafts use any size of white canvas, acrylic paints, a paintbrush, and masking or painter’s tape. Once completed they look great hung up on a wall at home or on display in Grandma or Mom’s office.

For more Mother’s Day fun be sure to also check out these handprint flower jar crafts as well as this fun Mother’s Day spa day tutorial.

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Tape Resist Mother's Day Painting Project

Mother’s Day Painting Craft Tips for Success

*This project is great for toddlers on up. For younger children, you should prep the craft by creating the tape letters. Older children can create the tape letters on their own before painting.

*To create the tape letters you should use a masking or painting tape. Any tape that is easily pulled on and off would work great. Scotch tape may not work the best because the edges may not stick down enough and duck tape isn’t advised because it is too strong and will leave a sticky residue when pulling it off.

*You can use any saying or word desired when making tape letters. Mom, love, Grandma, and Nana are versions we have made. The longer the word you use the smaller or skinnier the tape letters you will have to make. You can also choose to use a bigger canvas for a longer word.

*The canvas we used for this craft was 9×12″. They also have square shaped canvases, thin and thick canvases, larger and smaller canvases, and more. Check out some of our favorites below:

Mother's Day Tape Resist Painting

Tape Resist Mother’s Day Painting Project


  • Blank white canvas
  • Masking or painter’s tape
  • Acrylic paint in different colors
  • Paintbrush


  1. Using masking or painter’s tape, create letters on your canvas. Push the tape down well, making sure that all edges are stuck to the canvas. If there are any letter Os you can skip creating that letter from paint for now.
  2. Give children a paintbrush (or let them use their fingers if desired and using washable paint) and instruct them to cover their canvas with the different colors, while trying not to overlap the paint colors as best as possible.
  3. Let the painting dry.
  4. Slowly pull the painter’s tape off of the canvas. You should be left with white letters.
  5. Paint child’s hand white and push down on the canvas where the letter O in Mom or love would be for a fun handprint addition.

Painted Tape Resist Mother's Day Keepsake Craft

Additional Mother’s Day Crafts and Activity Ideas

For some additional Mother’s Day crafts and activities check out some of our favorites below. They all make awesome gift ideas and can be made by kids of all ages:

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  • Mother’s Day Handprint Keepsake: This fun mason jar handprint craft uses a child’s handprint to make a beautiful handprint flower jar keepsake craft. Moms will love the beautiful handprint craft and the flowers will help decorate the home this Spring.
  • Mother’s Day Spa: Create a fun at-home spa day just for you and Mom. This at-home spa day gives directions and ideas for a fun day to spend with Mom or Grandma. Kids and Moms will both love creating this amazing memory year after year.

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