17 Fun and Festive Handprint Christmas Cards

17 Fun and Festive Handprint Christmas Cards

This list of 17 festive handprint Christmas cards is the perfect way to show you love someone this holiday season.

These handprint Christmas cards make great Holiday keepsakes and are perfect for even the youngest of babies all the way up to big kids.

Many of the listed handprint crafts go great with not only cards but other fun Christmas crafts that can be made and shared. Simply follow the links to make adorable handprint Christmas cards for anyone.

For other fun Christmas crafts be sure to also check out these Christmas character crafts for kids as well as this Christmas tree craft for kids.

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17 Festive Handprint Christmas Card Ideas for Preschoolers

Handprint Christmas Cards Materials

For most of these holiday handprint Christmas cards you will need a paintbrush, acrylic paint, and some sort of construction paper or cardstock. You may also want to seal them with something like mod podge or laminate them if you plan on keeping them for a long time.

*To lessen the mess you can also choose to trace your child’s hand on a piece of paper for the base handprint. This works best for handprint projects that are one color with details added on top.

What is the best paint for baby hand and footprints?

The best paint for baby’s handprints is non-toxic washable tempera paint. It comes off easiest if babies and toddlers make messes.

You can also use acrylic paint but have to be very careful that your baby doesn’t touch anything else or get the paint in their mouth. They even sell stamp pad sets that are made for baby footprints and handprints. These are pricey but make forming the hand and footprints much easier.

17 Handprint Christmas Card Ideas for Babies and Children

1. Handprint Christmas Card Gift Tags

To make these fun Christmas card gift tags simply paint your child’s handprints in the color desired. Let it dry and draw on the details with a Sharpie marker. Then cut it out and add a hole punch and ribbon or fold your card in half and add on a message or names.

Handprint Christmas Card Gift Tags

2. Elf Handprint Christmas Card Craft

This adorable Elf Handprint Christmas craft from simplyfullofdelight would make the cutest elf card for kids. Just make the adorable elf handprint painting on the left side of a piece of paper folded in half. Write a message on the inside and send it off.

Elf Handprint Craft

3. Handprint Reindeer and Free Template

This adorable Handprint reindeer craft from littleladoo will make the cutest card for kids. You can follow the template and glue the completed craft onto a large piece of paper folded in half. You can also use the images as a guide to paint your child’s handprints for the antlers and draw on the bottom part of the reindeer.

Handprint Reindeer Card

4. Snowflake Handprint Cards

In the Playroom’s snowflake handprints make the perfect Holiday themed card. Push your child’s handprints down in four different directions to create these fun handprint images that look just like snowflakes.  Add a cute message like “I’m Falling For You!” and you have the perfect snowflake card.

handprint snowflake card

5. Handprint Christmas Wreath Card

This adorable Christmas wreath craft would make the perfect Christmas wreath card craft. Just follow the directions from ourkidthings and make your wreath on paper instead of on a cardboard circle cutout.

christmas handprint wreath

6. Handprint Christmas Tree Card 3 Handprints

This handprint Christmas tree craft from ourkidthings would make the perfect card front. Just follow the directions and create this fun Christmas tree craft. Glue it on the front of a piece of paper folded in half and write a message on the inside.  Makes the perfect little keepsake card craft for kids of all ages.

Handprint Christmas Trees

7. Handprint Snowglobe Card

This adorable handprint snowglobe by homeschool of 1 uses a handprint to make a Christmas themed castle in a snowglobe.  Add a cute saying or sign your name on the bottom and you have the perfect fairy tale Christmas themed snowglobe card.

fairytale christmas snowglobe handprint card

8. Simple Handprint Reindeer Card

The thing I love about this handprint reindeer craft by Mombrite is that it is so simple that it makes the perfect reindeer card for preschoolers and younger children. Just make the two antlers from handprints, an oval base for the head, and add on the face.  Glue your finished project to a piece of paper and you have the easiest reindeer card.

Christmas Handprint Reindeer Card

9. Handprint Christmas Tree

This easy construction paper handprint Christmas tree would make the cutest holiday card. Cut out two handprints (or stamp it with paint) on a piece of paper. Draw or add on the details and sign a special note. Super simple and easy enough for preschoolers, toddlers, and more.

Handprint Christmas Tree Craft

10. Christmas Kindness Handprint Cards

Head over to Coffeeandcarpool for the free templates to make these adorable Christmas kindness Handprint Cards. There are templates for different holiday-themed characters and items like penguin, Santa, snowman, gnome, and more. Just print out the free templates, paint or stamp your hands where they need to go, color, and add a personalized note.

Christmas Kindness Handprint Cards

11. Personalized Christmas Handprint Reindeer Card

These adorable Rudolph the red nose reindeer crafts would make the perfect Christmas card for Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts, uncles, and close family members. Print out your child’s face and have them stamp their handprints on as the antlers. Add a red nose and you have the cutest Rudolph card keepsake.

Handprint Reindeer Personalized Card

12. Christmas Angel Handprint Card

This adorable religious Christmas card for kids from the soccermomblog uses your child’s handprints as an angel’s wings. Add a body, a halo, and a sweet personalized note and you have the most adorable angel Christmas card for kids of all ages.

Handprint Angel Christmas Card

13. Santa Salt Dough Ornaments and Card Tag

These adorable salt dough ornaments make the cutest Santa themed craft for young children. Make one to keep for yourself and make extras to use as gift tags for Christmas. You could also make the same fun Santa handprint shape on a piece of paper for a Santa themed Christmas card. Head over to Messylittlemonster for the directions.

santa salt dough ornaments

14. Adorable Elf Christmas Card

This adorable Elf themed Christmas card uses a hand base. Add construction paper details like a hat, hair, shirt, and face. You can also paint or draw them.  Makes a great Holiday keepsake craft for family members and more.

Elf Handprint Paper Craft

15. Reindeer and Christmas Tree Painted Handprint Cards

These fun handprint Christmas canvases can be turned into Christmas tree and Reindeer cards for kids. These are great ones to do with a baby’s hands and feet as a keepsake card for close relatives. Just stamp or paint your baby’s foot, add the details, and a cute personalized note and you have a great keepsake Christmas card.

Reindeer Christmas Tree Handprint Cards

16. Stacked Handprint Christmas Tree Card

To create a handprint Christmas tree card you can start with two side by side handprints at the top of a piece of construction paper and go down with 3 handprints and 4 handprints until you’ve made a beautiful tree.

Draw or add on a construction paper star and trunk and you have a beautiful Christmas tree. To turn your handprint Christmas tree into a fun t-shirt head over to Growingupgabel for a tutorial.

Handprint Christmas Tree T-shirt Idea

17. Popsicle Stick Angel Craft

This adorable popsicle stick angel craft would make the perfect Holiday card. Use popsicle sticks as instructed at redtedart or turn it into a card by adding details with construction paper on a piece of paper. Add your name and a message to the Angel’s body and it makes he sweetest religious Christmas card craft.

Keepsake Angel Craft

All of these Holiday handprint cards turn out adorable and make great additions to gifts for people as well as awesome keepsakes for family members. For some other fun Christmas handprint keepsakes check out these fun ones that you can purchase.

For other fun Christmas craft ideas be sure to also check out this fun Grinch Wreath craft for kids or these 4 fun holiday character crafts. If you have additional fun and easy ideas for Christmas handprint cards be sure to share them in the comments below.

Handprint Christmas Card Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers

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