Easy Sidewalk Chalk Art Activity

Easy Sidewalk Chalk Art Activity

Aug 1, 2022

This easy sidewalk chalk art activity for kids is a fun and engaging outdoor summer art activity that is perfect for all ages. It requires minimal setup and is a great way to cool off on a hot day while creating beautiful sidewalk chart art images.

For this activity, you will need sidewalk chalk, and a spray bottle filled with water. If completing with younger children you may need to spend just a few minutes helping to set it up but the end product is beautiful.

Easy Sidewalk Chalk Activity for Kids

Tips for Success

*To set up this activity for younger kids you should start by drawing easy sidewalk chalk drawings. You can draw outline images of hearts, stars, or another image of choice. Draw them in all different sizes and colors and leave small amounts of space in between them.

*You can draw as many or as few images as you want for your easy chalk drawings but the more you have the cooler your end product will look.

*When filling the heart in use multiple colors for one heart. This will look the best as once you get them wet the colors will swirl together and combine to look almost tie-dyed.

*Spray bottles work best for getting the chalk image wet. If you saturate the chalk image too much it will wash it away. Use a spray bottle on the spray setting (do not use the stream setting as this will saturate it as well).

*I highly recommend a spray bottle for summer fun. They are the perfect way to occupy kids of all ages (as little as 1 year old even!). Simply have kids spray plants to water them, spray down the sidewalk, deck, each other, and more. Great for their motor skills as well as for keeping them cool and occupied!

Sidewalk Chalk Activity

Easy Sidewalk Chalk Art Activity

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1. Draw heart and/or star outline chalk images in all different sizes and colors in an area of choice. Draw multiple images spaced a few inches apart.

2. Have your little one fill the images in with all sorts of different colors. Fill the images until they are all full of chalk. 

3. Give your little ones a spray bottle filled with water and have them spray the images with the spray setting (not the stream setting) to swirl the colors together and make them look tie-dyed. 

Sidewalk Chalk Art Activity for Kids

This activity is a great way to cool off on a summer day. For another fun summer activity to help beat the heat be sure to also check out this bubble foam activity for kids. 



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  1. Lina

    Good idea with a spray bottle. I will try with my little ones!

    • Rachael

      Thank you so much! Yes, it adds so much to the activity!


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