Princess Wand Craft for Kids

Princess Wand Craft for Kids

Jul 24, 2022

This princess wand craft is the perfect simple princess or fairy-themed craft for kids of all ages. They are quick and easy and can be customized for each child’s interests. 

For this craft, you will need a large popsicle stick, foam stickers, markers/crayons, ribbon, and cardstock (we prefer sparkle or metallic cardstock). You can also use a stencil or die-cut machine like a Cricut to make the paper part of the wand if desired.

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Tips for success

*For the top cardstock piece of the wand, you can cut any image of your choice. You could cut out a standard star image, a heart, a triangle or arrow, a mickey image (for a Disney themed magical wand), castle, crown, or more.

*You can cut your image out with a die-cut machine like a Cricut, print out a template found online, or draw and cut out the image. I like to draw and cut out the image if I am making a simple one or print out the more complex ones from online.

*You can choose whichever fun materials you have on hand to decorate your wand with. Some examples of materials we like include foam stickers, glitter, crayons and markers, letter stickers, pieces of fabric, and more.

*Cardstock or other thicker paper materials work best for the top part of your wand. This will make it sturdier and last longer. We like this fun metallic paper. It is more difficult to draw your decorations on but looks great as a wand.

Magical Wand Craft for Kids

Princess Wand Craft for Kids

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1. Draw or print out a star (or other image of choice) image on a metallic or regular cardstock. Cut out the image.

2. Using foam stickers, crayons/markers, glitter glue, and more decorate your wand as desired.

3. If desired, paint a large popsicle stick color of choice (or use a colored one). Glue the popsicle stick to the back of your wand. Decorate and let dry.

4. Tie a ribbon to the top of the popsicle stick right underneath your decorated star image.

5. Play and pretend with your princess magic wand craft.

Magical Wand Craft for Kids Pin

This craft works great when doing a unit on bugs or learning about princes and princesses or a fairytale unit as well. For another fun magical craft be sure to check out this unicorn craft for kids.



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  1. Melissa

    This is such a great craft idea, and I think we have everything on hand already!!


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