Easy Corn Craft for Preschoolers

Oct 19, 2023

This easy corn craft for preschoolers makes a fun harvest themed craft for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners, and more. It is a great craft for fine motor practice and turns out so cute.

To make this preschool corn craft you will need white and green construction paper, yellow and white tissue paper, a glue bottle, and scissors.

When making this craft for preschoolers you can choose to prep the pieces by cutting them out ahead of time or you can have your preschoolers help. Tissue paper pieces don’t have to be a correct shape or size so it can be a great cutting activity for preschoolers as well.

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Easy Fall Corn Craft for Kids

Tips to make A Tissue Paper Corn Craft for Preschoolers

*For this craft, you will need to cut the tissue paper into squares ahead of time.  Squares used in the images were roughly an inch in size but can be larger to take less time when covering your corn.

*You will need to finish the corn base first and then add the leaves on top of everything once it is completed.

*To add the tissue paper you can use a glue stick, however, a glue bottle will work best.

*Have kids crumple up the tissue paper as best as possible before sticking it on. You can have them crumble each one and then stick it on or crumble them all first and then stick them all on.

Tissue Paper Corn Cob

Easy Corn Cob Craft for Kids


  • White Construction Paper
  • Green Construction Paper
  • Yellow Tissue Paper
  • Glue bottle
  • Scissors


1. Cut out a corn cob shaped piece of paper from white construction paper.

2. Fold and cut a piece of yellow and a piece of white tissue paper into strips and cut the strips into smaller squares roughly 1-2″ wide.

Cut out tissue paper squares

3. Make small dots or squiggles of glue very close together all over your corn cob shaped piece of paper.

4. Crumple up the yellow tissue paper squares and stick them to the glue dots. Cover the whole corn cob except for a few small spaces here and there for the white kernel pieces.

Glue on Corn Cob

5.  Crumple up your white tissue paper squares and add them into the small spaces left.

6. Cut out two large leaf shapes from green construction paper.

7. Add glue to the bottom of the leaf shapes and glue each one coming off the bottom of the middle of the corn cob. You will overlap a small amount of the yellow tissue paper to make it look like a corn cob with it’s husk.

Tissue Paper Corn Craft for Preschoolers


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