Name Recognition Craft for Preschool and Kindergarten

Name Recognition Pencil Craft for Preschool and Kindergarten

This name recognition pencil craft is the perfect back to school craft to help preschool and kindergarten children practice spelling and writing their names.

You will need construction paper, scissors, a glue stick, and a marker or crayon for this simple craft. It is an easy craft that can be done by children of all ages and takes around 10 minutes to complete (if doing 1 on 1).

This craft makes the perfect back-to-school craft. Make it as a first day of school craft with a classroom or make it before going back to school to prep your child for their first days of preschool or kindergarten.

It can be hung up on a bulletin board once finished or hung on a wall and displayed. It doubles as a name puzzle for kids and can be made in any color desired for some individuality.

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Name Recognition Pencil Craft

Tips for Success

*With younger children you can write the letters of their name on yellow rectangles ahead of time. Then the children can rearrange the letters to spell their names in the correct order.

*With children that are a bit older they can write the letters of their name themselves and then organize them into their name. You can have them practice writing in uppercase or lowercase.

*When you cut out rectangles for the pencil base you can cut them out in different lengths. Children with shorter names (like 3 or 4 letters) can use rectangles that are a little bit longer. Children with longer names should use rectangles that are shorter in length. Then they can still fit their whole name on the background piece of paper.

Pieces for Pencil Craft

Name Recognition Pencil Craft for Preschool and Kindergarten


  • Construction paper
  • Marker/crayon
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick


1. Fold a yellow piece of construction paper in half the hot dog way and cut down the middle. Then cut each strip into smaller rectangles. You will need the same number of rectangles that your child has in their name.

2. Write the different letters of your name (or your child’s name) on different yellow rectangles.

3. On a construction paper piece of choice, glue down the yellow rectangles in name order from top to bottom with no space in between. Make sure to leave space at the top above the letters for the top of the pencil as well as space below the letters for the eraser.

4. Cut out a pink rectangle with rounded edges and glue it down under the last letter in your name for the eraser.

5. Cut out a small strip of brown paper the same width as the yellow pencil pieces and glue it in between the last letter and the eraser. It will be glued slightly on top of both.

6. Cut out a brown triangle to be glued above the first letter rectangle on the pencil base. This will be the pencil tip. Glue it on.

7. Cut out a smaller black triangle and glue it to the very top of the larger triangle for the pencil lead.

8. Add any additional details if desired. This could be back to school stickers around the outsides, your name on the eraser, or any other wanted details.

Pencil Craft for Kindergarten and Preschool Pin

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