Playdough easter egg sensory play tray

DIY Easter Egg Play Dough Tray

This DIY Easter egg play dough tray is super easy to make and creates hours of endless fun Easter play for children of all ages. It makes the perfect craft for an Easter party, or Easter activity for preschool, kindergarten, grade schoolers, and more.

Children can make beautifully decorated play dough Easter eggs, rabbits, butterflies, and any other fun spring play dough shapes. They will get to decorate them with various spring items, take them apart, and play again.

For this Easter play dough tray you will need play dough (we love to use homemade play dough following the recipe found at funlearningforkids), miscellaneous Easter parts like spring colored dyed noodles, Easter erasers, Easter eggs, styrofoam bunnies and chicks, and more.

Children can use this Easter invitation to play to create whatever they desire and use their creativity and imagination. For more Easter activity ideas be sure to also check out these Easter Egg Crafts for kids or this fun duck shaped craft for kids.

Play Dough Easter Eggs Sensory Play

This Play Dough tray is a great alternative to one of the playdough kits that you can purchase. However, they have some awesome ones through some great home sellers on Etsy that I would recommend checking out if you don’t have the time and money to make one yourself.

You could also use all of the different pieces in this play dough tray and make your own DIY play dough kits. You can put it in plastic divided cases, add in Easter cookie cutters, miscellaneous Easter pieces, dyed pasta, and more. Then package it all up, tie it with a cute ribbon, and add it to your little one’s Easter basket. I guarantee it will be a hit!

If you’re looking for other Easter basket filler ideas for toddlers and preschoolers be sure to check out this fun list right here. Playdough kits also make great gifts for little ones. 

Play Doh Easter Egg Play Tray

DIY Easter Egg Playdough Tray


  • Play dough (homemade or store-bought both work great)
  • Miscellaneous loose Easter or Spring colored parts such as:
    • Mini Spring Erasers
    • Colored Pasta
    • Colored chickpeas
    • Gemstones
    • Styrofoam bunnies or chicks
    • Sequins
  • Spring Cookie Cutters
  • Playdough tools


  1. Make homemade play dough in Spring/pastel colors (or purchase if preferred.) Find a great play dough recipe here.
  2. Prepare miscellaneous loose parts in a bin or tray for open play.
  3. Arrange playdough, cookie cutters, and dough tools on a tray or in a plastic container. We love using an art tray for this.
  4. Roll out some colored egg shapes, and add large pieces of playdough for children to create Easter eggs and anything else. Let children explore and play however they’d like. They can create bunnies, flowers, eggs, ducks, or anything they desire.

DIY Easter Egg Playdough Tray

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