Spring Letter Recognition Activity and Sensory Bin

Mar 20, 2023

This Spring letter recognition activity and sensory bin is the perfect way to learn and practice letters while having fun and enjoying a cute Easter or spring-themed activity.

Print out the uppercase and lowercase carrots and the free spring recording sheet template. Then allow the children to match the carrots to the template. You can hide them around the room for a fun spring search or put them into a spring-colored rice bin for a spring-themed sensory tray for a search and find.

This simple sensory bin teaches fine motor skills, letter recognition, uppercase/lowercase letters, alphabetical order, and more. Children can scoop, pour, hide and find letters, sort colors, and more.

To make this spring letter recognition template into a spring sensory bin you will need the free spring PDF, scissors to cut out the letter shapes, a sensory bin, colored rice or dyed pasta, and optional Easter or spring-themed items. Dollar Tree has a great selection of fun items that can be added to your spring sensory bins on a budget.

For other fun literacy-based sensory bins be sure also to check out this leprechaun sensory tray or this fun Hungry Caterpillar Sensory bin and activities. 

Spring Letter Recognition Sensory Bin Pin

Spring Themed letter recognition sensory bin

To start the activity off you can always start by reading a spring themed storybook. Some of our favorites that would match great with the bin include “Too Many Carrots”or “A Rabbit’s Tale.” After reading the story you can have children play with the carrot and bunny sensory bin or do the letter search and find.

To begin this spring themed letter activity print out both the carrots sheet and the recording sheet. You can choose whether to print off lowercase, uppercase, or a mix of the two. Cut out the carrots (You can leave white space around them when cutting out so it is not as time consuming or you can cut around the carrots). To make the carrots more durable I’d suggest printing on cardstock or even laminating for future years.

*One way to play with the spring letter matching PDF is to hide the carrots in places around the room. Once they find the carrots they can take them to their recording sheet and set them on top or they can carry their recording sheet with them and color in the matching bunny letter when they find a letter.

*Another way to use the free Easter letter recognition printable would be to cut up the carrots and pop them into plastic eggs. Have little ones open the eggs and put the carrot on the matching letter on the recording sheet. You could take it a step further and hide the eggs around the room and then have them find, open, and match them.

Easter Letter Match PDF


*Another way to use the spring letter sheets is to turn it into an Easter sensory bin. Do this by adding a sensory base to the bin, adding the carrots and other spring items, and having children find and mark off the matching letters.

 Some of our favorite ideas for spring sensory bases include pastel-colored rice, erasers from the target dollar spot,  cute bunny, chick, and carrot styrofoam pieces from the dollar tree, plastic eggs, and more. Dyed noodles and Easter grass would also go great in a spring sensory bin. You can then hide the carrots underneath the sensory base for an extra challenge or put them on top. 

For examples of fun spring sensory bins check out these fun ones. Some of them would be great to add the letters to as well.

Easter Sensory Bin

Letter Recognition Spring Sensory Bin and Activity



  • Bin/tub
  • Scoops/bowls
  • Free bunny and carrot letter printable
  • Recording sheet
  • Crayon
  • Optional Spring or Easter items
  • Sensory base
    • Dyed rice
    • Dyed pasta
    • Split peas
    • Beans

Spring Letter Recognition Sensory Activity:

  1. Begin by filling your tray up with a sensory base of choice. You can use pastel colors, light pink, green, purple, or blue, to make your tray spring themed.
  2. Add in miscellaneous spring-themed items like Easter grass, spring or Easter erasers, bunny or chick-themed styrofoam pieces, and more.
  3. Add in Easter eggs of all sizes to use as scoops, hide letters, and more.
  4. Print out the carrots and cut them out (either on the lines or just a square shape around them). Add the carrots under rice, on top of rice, in Easter eggs, and all around the sensory bin.
  5. Print out the corresponding letter sheet of choice (depending on if you want to work on lowercase or uppercase).
  6. Allow children to dig through the bin and find letters, They can match them to their sheets by setting them on top or coloring the matching letter on their sheets.
  7. Allow them to scoop, explore, play, color sort Easter items, and more. The possibilities are endless!
Spring Letter Recognition Sensory Bin


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