5 Best Outdoor Swings for Babies and Toddlers

Mar 27, 2023

It is officially the start of Spring and we couldn’t be more excited for the warm weather. When spring and summer hit we are constantly outside and as a result, we are always looking for ways to keep our little ones entertained and happy.

With a baby, 2-year-old and 4 year old, we’ve gone through our fair share of outdoor equipment, swings, and toys. Many of these swings we’ve used (or currently use) in our own homes, and want to share our favorites.

Having three little ones who have loved to swing from a young age we found it essential to get swings that can be used early in our babies’ lifetimes, as well as swings that can grow with our children. Scroll down and read to check out our votes for the five best outdoor swings for babies and toddlers.

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Best Outdoor Swings for Babies and Toddlers

Image Credit: Gabriel Tover

1. Little Tikes Snug and Secure Swing

Our number one choice for the best swing for babies is the Little Tikes Snug & Secure Swing. We have this one currently on our swing set and all three of our babies have loved this one from the start.

This swing comes in two different colors and has a high back and a t-bar across the front. It has two shoulder buckles for toddlers who may try to climb out without them. It is budget-friendly and super simple to hang up on an existing swing set or even on a tree branch or stand-alone swing base.

It is a plastic swing and can easily be wiped down if it gets wet or dirty. It has rope cords so it won’t pinch little one’s fingers and a weight limit of 50 lbs. This swing is our favorite as it can be used with children 9 months until they hit the weight limit and it can be used as a baby or toddler swing.

This swing works perfectly in our crazy lifestyle and makes things easier while pushing the big siblings on the big kids swings.


      • Safety System
      • Plastic can be wiped down
      • Rope instead of chains
      • Can grow with your little ones
      • High back for younger babies


      • Buckles on T bar can be a little difficult to open
      • Lower weight limit for older preschoolers (50 lbs)

2. Gorilla Playsets Plastic Infant Swing

This plastic infant swing is a good choice if you’re looking for a plastic swing for your infant at a low-budget price. It is budget-friendly, plastic, with ropes. It comes in different colors than the Little Tikes option and has both a t-bar and a lap buckle

According to the manufacturer, the weight limit of this swing is 35 lbs and the age is 7 months and up (see our note below on this).

This one we used at a friend’s house whenever we would visit. While we liked this one we found that it often slid forward on the ropes and we had to keep sitting our little one up more. This in our opinion would be better for an older infant or toddler because of this.

While it was made out of plastic it also didn’t seem quite as durable as the Little Tikes swing. It is comparable in price(if not a little less expensive) and works great in a tree or hanging on a playset. All around it is a good second option but still not our favorite plastic outdoor swing for babies.


        • Durable plastic (easy to clean)
        • Front t bar
        • Low budget
        • Multiple color choices
        • Adjustable seat belt and shoulder straps


        • Lower weight limit (35 lbs)
        • Seat slides forward on the rope at times (angle tough for younger babies)
        • T bar slides up and down, making putting baby in more difficult.

3. High Back Full Bucket Swing

We love a good high-back full bucket swing like this one. These are the types of swings little ones typically may find at the playground. This one, in particular, we’ve used a few times at a friend’s house and have loved for our older infants and toddlers.

It is made of polyethylene and is super durable. It is easy to wipe down if it gets dirty and has plastic-covered chains as well. It is a little pricier than the first two options but it is made to last.

The high back helps support little ones and it is a great option for infants 6 months and up according to the manufacturer. Use your best judgment if you think your little one has good enough head control for this swing as it doesn’t go as high as the other options.


          • Very durable polyethylene
          • Higher back
          • No weight or age limit
          • Plastic coated chains


          • No seat buckle or over the shoulders straps
          • Possible to pinch fingers in the metal pieces connecting the swing
          • Back doesn’t go as high as baby’s head
          • One color option

 4. Swurfer Coconut Toddler Swing

This is a very comfortable plastic swing option for toddlers and older babies. It is made of plastic so can be kept on the swing set and wiped down when it gets dirty. It is a very modern style and comes in many different colors.

The Swurfer coconut swing has a more laid-back position for little ones and has a 3-point harness system. It has steel braided ropes for safety and durability. The weight limit of this particular swing is 50 pounds and it can be hung from any tree, swing set, or swing base as needed. Little ones should be 9 months and up for use of this swing according to the manufacturer.

This swing runs a little pricier than some of the other plastic swings listed, but the modern style looks great and many people love the laid-back position. While we haven’t tried this swing out ourselves it has hundreds of five-star ratings on Amazon and is an awesome option for those looking for a plastic baby swing.


          • Strong plastic
          • Comes in many colors
          • Modern style
          • 3 point harness system
          • Steel braided rope hanging system
          • 1 year satisfaction guarantee


          • Harness system can get mold on the straps
          • Swing lays back further which some older children may not like
          • 50 pound weight limit

5. Sportspower My First Toddler Swing

This foldable swing includes poles and a hanging system as well. It is a great option for those who don’t have a tree or swing set to hang a swing from. The polls are alloy-covered steel and it can be set up indoors or outdoors.

The swing itself is made with canvas and plastic. It uses a rope system to hang and swing. This is the perfect swing for children ages 9 months up to three years old (although we’ve heard closer to two years as it hangs closer to the ground so little ones with long feet may drag them on the floor). It has a safety harness and comes in one color.

While we’ve never used this swing we have friends who have it and love it. It works great for their family outside. It has thousands of positive reviews and is a great option.

This swing does cost a bit more as you are paying for not only the swing but the side poles as well.


          • Hanging system and pole included
          • Safety harness
          • Swing system can be folded up and stored for later use
          • Durable alloy steel base


          • Swing lays closer to the ground so older children may outgrow quickly
          • Younger children may slide forward a bit in the swing
          • 50 lb weight limit
          • Set up not included

Bonus: Monkey and Mouse Canvas Swing

This swing is definitely worth mentioning, however, because it isn’t a full-time outdoor swing we just added it as a bonus . This canvas swing includes padding, looks very modern, has a lap belt, and is a super great and fun swing for infants and toddlers.

However, it markets as a temporary outdoor swing. You should not leave it outside as it will start to mold after a while if left outside. It is super comfortable, easy to set up, and machine washable.

This swing goes great in a sunroom or covered patio. We have a similar one hanging in our gazebo and love it.  It is weight-tested up to 110 lbs and babies will love the little wooden balls on the side of the hanging ropes. It is a great option if you’re willing to bring it inside after use or put it in a screen porch or sunroom.

At What Age Can a Baby Use a Swing?

Babies can use a swing when they gain good head control. This is usually around 6 months old. Many of the above swings have listed age recommendations and most are 6 or 9 months. It may also depend on the harness system as many of these will help babies stay put in the swing and prevent them from sliding around.

The younger the baby, we’d recommend pushing slower. As babies and toddlers get older you begin to push a little higher or faster per the baby’s request.

*Always supervise a baby when they are in a swing. This will help keep baby safe and prevent accidents from happening. 

Bucket Swing for Baby at Beach

Image Credit: Jordis Small

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