73 Outstanding Show and Tell Letter O Item Ideas

Nov 18, 2023

If you’re looking for an outstanding list of show and tell letter o items for school then you are in the correct place. Scroll down for a list of 73 outstanding letter o show and tell ideas that has ideas for toys, games, books, food, animals, household items and more that all start with the letter o.

*If you’re looking for a list of show and tell items that has all of the different letters of the alphabet listed be sure to also check out this alphabetical show and tell ideas list.

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Show and Tell Letter O Item Ideas

Show and Tell Sharing Tips for Schools

*When choosing a show and tell item for school be sure your child is able to carry it in and out of the school by themselves. Bonus goes to if it can fit in their backpack for easy transportation.

*Be sure to send an item that is school and grade level or age appropriate. If you are unsure if it is appropriate for school be sure to check with your child’s teacher ahead of time.

*Your child can prep what they want to say about their item at home. Some common ideas for sharing include why they like their item, where they got it, why it is special, and how you use it. They can prep by sharing it with a parent, grandparent, sibling, or even stuffed animal.

*Do not send an item to school for show and tell that is valuable or a family heirloom. Items at school with kids can get beat up or lost. If it is a precious item you could always send in a photo of it to share instead.

Show and Tell Letter O Items

Show and Tell Letter O Item List

    • Octopus (photo, stuffed animal, toy, book)
    • Oreos
    • Olaf – Frozen movie (toy, stuffed animal, doll, movie)
    • Outer space toy, book
    • Overalls
    • Orange Juice
    • “Olivia” the pig books
    • Oatmeal cookies
    • Ostrich (photo, stuffed animal, toy, book)
    • Oil pastels
    • Oranges
    • Orange (anything that is orange)
    • Orangutan (photo, stuffed animal, toy, book)
    • Onesie (baby outfits, pajamas)
    • Oats (snack made with oats to share)
    • Owl (photo, stuffed animal, toy, book)
    • Otter (photo, stuffed animal, toy, book)
    • Origami
    •  Optimus Prime – Transformers (toy, book, movie)
    • Outfit
    • Octonauts (Kwazii or Peso tonies, stuffed animal, show)
    • Oklahoma (sports team gear, book, photo, postcard)
    • Oregon (sports team gear, book, photo, postcard)
    • Ohio (sports team gear, book, photo, postcard)
    • Omelet
    • Oboe
    • Oven mitt
    • Orange Crayon
    • Olive Crayon
    • Orchard (photo of a family trip)
    • Onion (real or from play kitchen)
    • October (calendar page, photo)
    • Over the Hedge movie
    • Onward movie
    • Owlette – PJ Masks (Tonie, stuffed animal, book, toy)
    • Orchid
    • Olives
    • Olive (any olive colored item)
    • Octagon (puzzle piece, anything that is the shape)
    • Oyster (shell)
    • Officer (police officer costume)
    • Operation game
    • Old Maid game
    • Oak (leaf, wooden toy)
    • Oar
    • Office supplies
    • Oatmeal
    • Oat Milk
    • Orchid
    • Orzo (pasta)
    • “Owen” book
    • Ocean animal (toy, book, stuffed animal, craft)
    • Ox (toy, stuffed animal, photo, book)
    • Oyster crackers
    • Oval (puzzle piece, anything that is the shape)
    • Olympics (medal, photo, video)
    • Oscar the Grouch (stuffed animal, photo, toy)
    • Otoscope (from Dr. kit)
    • Ok to wake clock
    • Opi nail polish
    • Oral B toothbrush
    • Outdoor toy (or photo of playing outdoors)
    • Oh the Places You Go book
    • Osmo toy and app
    • Oball (baby toy)
    • Omg dolls
    • Our Generation Doll
    • Organic item
    • Obstacle Course play set (or photo)
    • Old Macdonald Farm (toy, book)
    • Ocelot (toy, stuffed animal, book, photo)
    • Oikos yogurt
    • Orange sherbet (ice cream for the class)

    If you are questioning whether or not you should bring in an item for show and tell letter o you can always contact your child’s teacher and ask. Teachers are super helpful and can assist you with any questions or extra help your child may need with their item.

    Food items are great ideas to bring in but something to check with your child’s teacher on first if you plan to bring enough for the class. There may be allergies or a designated time needed for this.

    If your child wants to bring in a special item like a family heirloom or a breakable item a photo works great too. A photo of a family member with a name that stars with the letter O works great as well.

    Some common names that start with the letter O are Oliver, Otto, Olive, Olivia, Owen, Oakley, Oscar, and Omar. Some people also call their grandparents Opa and Oma.

    If you can think of any other letter O show and tell ideas be sure to share them below. 



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