Free Paper Gingerbread House Printable for Kids

Free Build a Gingerbread House Printable Craft

This fun and free build a gingerbread house printable craft is the perfect holiday activity for kids of all ages. Head on down the post for directions and a free printable gingerbread house template.

To make this gingerbread craft you will need simple materials found around the house. You will need the free PDF printable, coloring materials,  glue, scissors, and optional embellishments like glitter glue, glitter, sequins, beads, and more.

This kid’s gingerbread craft uses cutting skills and gluing skills while allowing children to be creative and build their gingerbread house however they choose. Using all or some of the decorative pieces, the gingerbread houses all turn out different.

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Free Printable Gingerbread House Craft Template

Tips for Making a Paper Gingerbread House

  • If making this gingerbread house with younger children you may want to help them cut out the pieces. There are a lot of smaller pieces and they may be more difficult for them to cut out. Let them color the pieces first, then cut for them, and then they can glue them down where desired.
  • Older children can start by coloring the pieces, cutting them out, and then gluing them together to create their gingerbread house.
  • If you desire more decorations you can always print off the second page twice. Then you will have more candy pieces to choose from.
  • To make the Gingerbread house more durable you can always print it on cardstock, mount it to cardboard, or laminate it once completed.

Paper Gingerbread House Template

Materials for Build a Gingerbread House Craft

  • Free Build a Gingerbread House Printable Template
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Coloring Materials (markers, crayons, colored pencils work great)
  • Additional Decorations (glitter glue, glitter, sequins, etc…)

Directions to make a Paper Gingerbread House

1. Print out the free build a gingerbread house printable PDF with decorative pieces found below on white cardstock. Color in the house and all of the desired pieces.

Gingerbread House Printable Colored Pieces

Cut out the house and each of the different decorative pieces on the black lines.

Cut out gingerbread house decorations

Glue the colored house on a piece of construction paper. Add on the decorative gingerbread pieces wherever you desire. Use lots of few of them as needed. Options include gumdrops, circles, candy canes, windows, a door, Christmas trees, and candy pieces.

Gingerbread House Gluing

If desired, add on any additional embellishments. This may include cotton balls for snow, glitter glue, sequins, foam stickers, and more.

Free Gingerbread House Printable PDF

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