Run run as fast as you can you can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man Craft

Gingerbread Man Glyph Craft for Kids

This gingerbread man glyph craft for kids is a great craft for Christmas, a gingerbread man unit of study, or just for something to do in the Winter months. It is a great craft for children of all ages and can be personalized for each child.

It includes a free card and poster template to attach to the finished project or can be made into a great bulletin board for the classroom.

It is a fun activity to make these and then guess whose Gingerbread man is whose based on the details of each character.

This Gingerbread man craft also goes with lots of Gingerbread man-themed books and makes a great literacy connection. Some of our favorites are the Classic “Gingerbread Man,” and “The Gingerbread Girl.”

Glyph crafts are a favorite of ours. For another adorable glyph craft be sure to check out these cute pumpkin glyph crafts.

The Gingerbread Man Craft Pin

Gingerbread Man Glyph Craft Tips for Success

*For this project, you will need to first print out a gingerbread man template onto cardstock to use as a tracer. We like to use this one here. Then you can cut it out and use it as a tracer on a brown piece of paper for the Gingerbread man’s body.

*If someone has no brothers or sisters then they do not put any lines on the arms or legs.

*Allow children to cut out their own hats. A top hat, Santa hat, or baseball cap shapes all look great once completed.

*For the details that don’t specify a color children can choose the color that they use to draw them. This will help to individualize each craft a bit more and allows for more creativity.

*Included below is a glyph template that tells more about the Gingerbread glyph. This is great to glue on the project afterward. This is especially helpful if you are completing it with a classroom of students. Then students will be able to share with their parents more easily.

Gingerbrad Man Glyph Craft

Gingerbread Man Glyph Craft for Kids


  • Gingerbread man template
  • Construction paper in different colors
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Glyph template

Gingerbread Man Glyph Craft for Kids

  1. Use a gingerbread man template to trace the gingerbread man onto a brown piece of paper.
  2. Cut out your gingerbread man.
  3. Use the glyph directions to add details to your gingerbread man.
  4. Add the same color eyes that you have.
  5. Add an orange nose if you are a girl and a green nose if you are a boy.
  6. Add the same number of dots that you have letters of your name in the shape of a mouth to create the smile.
  7. Add your favorite color bowtie.
  8. Add the same number of buttons as you are years old.
  9. Add one stripe on both legs for each sister you have.
  10. Add one stripe on both arms for each brother you have.
  11. Draw and cut out a hat based on your favorite animal listed. If you like turtles best use green, bunnies best use blue, cats best use purple, and dogs best use red. Glue hat on top of the head.

Gingerbread Man Glyph Craft for Kids

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