St.Patrick's Day Pot of Gold Craft

St. Patrick’s Day Pot of Gold Craft for Kids

This St. Patrick’s Day pot of gold craft is the perfect craft to celebrate a fun holiday. Create a fun paper rainbow made of ripped paper or paper strips, and add a pot of gold on one end and a cloud on the other.

For this craft, you will need scissors, a glue stick, construction paper, and optional gold glossy paper. You may also want to use a rainbow template like the one found here. This is optional as you can also choose to freehand your rainbow.

This is a great fine motor craft for preschool and kindergarteners if you have children rip the paper strips to size. You can also have them practice cutting skills and cut the paper strips into small squares. It is a great color recognition or color practice craft and can help little ones learn the colors of the rainbow and their order.

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St. Patrick's Day Pot of Gold Craft for Kids

For this craft, you can prepare the colored pieces ahead of time for little ones or have them help prepare them. To do this, cut construction paper into strips. Then either give students the strips and have them rip them into smaller pieces or allow them to cut them with scissors into square-shaped pieces.

*We chose to create a cloud that is a heart shape since my girls love hearts. You can also choose to do a more typical cloud shape (or make it really fun and have a non-traditional cloud shape like a flower, circle, etc…)

*For the gold coins you can either cut out individual circles and glue them to the top of the pot of gold or you can cut out a shape that is bumpy on the top and a smooth line on the bottom as shown. We used yellow paper but if you want to plan ahead you can also use coins from dollar tree or shiny gold paper.

Pot of Gold Craft for Kindergarten

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Colors of the Rainbow Activities for Kids

St. Patrick’s Day Pot of Gold Craft for Kids


  • Construction paper in rainbow colors
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Rainbow template (optional)
  • Gold shiny paper (optional)


  1. Prepare the paper in different colors of the rainbow by cutting 1″ or smaller strips.
  2. Cut paper strips into squares.
  3. Apply a layer of glue to the first rainbow stripe.
  4. Starting with the red, lay your colored square pieces overlapping on the glue to cover the first rainbow strip.
  5. Continue the process by applying glue and the next layer of overlapping paper strips in orange. Then continue down the rainbow with yellow, green, blue, and purple.
  6. Once your rainbow is no longer sticky, cut it out.
  7. Cut out a large white heart and glue it to one side of the rainbow for the cloud.
  8. Cut out a large black pot shape and glue it to the left side of the rainbow for the pot of gold.
  9. Cut out yellow coins or optional gold shiny coins and glue them coming out of the pot.

St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Pot of Gold Craft for Preschool

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