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Pool Noodle Towers Building Words Game

This pool noodle towers building words game is the perfect activity for a warm summer day. It uses cut-up pool noodles with letters written on them and shaving cream to challenge children to make word towers.

Younger children can join in this fun outdoor sensory activity too. They can work on building the tallest tower that they can even if they don’t know their letters and sounds yet.

To make these pool noodle towers you will need two to three pool noodles in different colors, a knife for cutting them up, a permanent marker, and a can of shaving cream. You can also use optional food coloring to add another fun option to the activity.

For other fun outdoor sensory activities be sure to check out these taste-safe sensory bins or this bubble foam activity. Sensory play is the best!

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Building Words Game Pool Noodle Towers Ideas 

There are a few different ways to play these building words games with younger and older children. See some of the ideas below:

1. Building Words – Using a permanent marker write different letters on the individual pool noodle pieces. Have little ones create sight words or beginning words by stacking shaving cream and then a letter. Then have them add more shaving cream and letters until the word is finished.

They can also spell things like names to practice name recognition, colors, number words, etc… You could also have them pick a flashcard and practice making the same word as shown on the flashcard.

2. Alphabet practice – Using a permanent marker write all of the letters of the alphabet on the different pool noodle pieces. Have little ones practice singing the alphabet and putting the letters in the correct alphabetical order with shaving cream and letters alternating.

3. Pool noodle towers – Alternate shaving cream with pieces of pool noodles to create the tallest tower possible. Challenge siblings or little ones to see who can create the tower with the most pieces. You could also use shaving cream and pool noodles to have little ones create structures or castles as well.

Pool Noodle Towers

Building Words Pool Noodle Activity for Kids


  • Bin or Tray
  • Pool Noodles (in various colors)
  • Knife
  • Permanent Marker
  • Shaving Cream
  • Optional Food Coloring


  1. Have an adult use a knife to cut the pool noodles up into about 2″ long pieces.
  2. Using a permanent marker, write the letters of the alphabet onto the pool noodle pieces. You may need to make multiple pieces of certain letters (like the vowels) to make some words. 
  3. If desired, mix the shaving cream with food coloring in multiple colors. Add a paintbrush to each color of shaving cream.
  4. Allow little ones to start with shaving cream on the tray or water table. Then add a pool noodle with your first letter. Add more shaving cream to the top of this and then add another letter. Do this until the word you are trying to make is completed or until your tower gets so tall it falls down.
  5. See the above notes for more fun ideas to use with shaving cream and pool noodles.

Pool Noodle Towers Pin

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