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3 Fun Spring Sensory Bins for Toddlers and Preschoolers

We have been loving creating fun and engaging spring sensory bins lately at our house. Sensory bins for toddlers and preschoolers are an awesome way for little ones to work on new skills and learn new concepts all while having fun playing. They’re great for counting, measuring, scooping, pouring, sorting, matching with books, and simply learning through play.

As a previous Kindergarten teacher, I am a firm believer in play-based learning and all that comes with it. There are so many benefits to it and little ones love it. They don’t realize they are learning and it is great in so many ways. Read on for three easy ways to create different spring sensory bins so your littles can play and learn this spring.

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Easter Count and Sort Spring Sensory Bin

To make this spring themed sensory bin all you will need are some dried beans, dried split peas, multi-colored bunny/chick themed erasers (Thank you Target Dollar spot!), plastic Easter eggs, and a tray or bin. We also found a bunny figure around our house to add in for fun.

Begin by getting your tray ready. We like to use a small tray at our house for our sensory tray as you need less material to fill it and it tends to make a bit less of a mess to clean up.

I found the perfect tray in the Target dollar spot that has a large section and four small circles. It works perfectly for our sensory tray because it has a big area for the set-up and the smaller circles can be used for sorting.

Begin by filling half of your tray with white beans and the other half of your tray with split peas. Take your multi-colored erasers and spread them all around in the bean/pea mix. You can bury them in or just lay them on top.

Then fill another small area with Easter grass and easter egg pieces. Make sure to have one easter egg piece for each color eraser that you have. Put your bunny figure (if you have one) in the corner and let your little one play.

There are an unlimited amount of activity ideas to go with the bunny sensory tray that you can come up with but some of our favorites include:

  • Read the book Bunny Duck or any bunny themed book
  • Sort erasers into easter eggs by color
  • Sort erasers into easter eggs by animal
  • Once sorted count the easter eggs by color/animal
  • Scoop and pour beans/peas/erasers with the Easter eggs
  • Pretend the Easter bunny has hidden chicks/bunnies and you need to find them
  • Bury things in the beans/peas like erasers, hands, feet, etc…

This sensory tray was super easy to set up overall and very inexpensive. This is a great one to recreate at other times with different themed erasers as well.

Spring Sensory Tray for Toddlers Easter Sort

Planting Seeds Sensory Tray

This garden sensory tray is also super easy to throw together and the bonus is that you probably have most everything you need at home already. You will need a tray/bin, dirt/soil, rocks, toothpicks/paper (for signs), mini shovel, cup/spray bottle with water, and seeds/beans. I used some of the split peas/beans from my previous sensory bin. 

Begin by filling the tray with dirt/soil. Line tray with rocks in the corners. Have your child decide what kinds of foods they wants to plant in their garden and write the names on the signs. Put the signs in the dirt.

Draw small lines in the dirt to give your child an optional idea of planting in rows. Get seeds ready for your child in an easily accessible place. We used the four slots on the side of our tray for these. 

Once your tray is ready begin by reading a book on planting/farming. We love this super simple book “Planting Seeds” by Kathryn Clay. Read the book and talk about how planting works. Then give your child the tray/bin and have them go enjoy. Some ways to enjoy this sensory tray:

  • Dig holes with the shovel (or hands)
  • “Plant” seeds in the holes/bury them in the dirt
  • Use a spray bottle/cup of water to water the seeds
  • Make decorations in the dirt with the seeds
  • Make hills with dirt

This sensory tray can be especially helpful if/when you are into planting yourself. My children love to help me “plant” but often times end up pulling out a lot of the plants and digging big holes where I am trying to plant. This way your children have their own garden to play with and plant.

Spring Sensory Tray for Toddlers Garden Tray

Nest building Activity Tray

This activity is a great one for a beautiful spring day. We created this on the first day of spring. The items you will need are various sticks, straw, grass, leaves, a tray of some sort, a “bird,” and eggs (we used marshmallow peeps and jelly beans for these items). 

Begin by reading a book on birds and their nests. Talk about what a nest can be made out of and have your little brainstorm what they might find. Then go on a scavenger hunt outside and collect items for your tray.

Line up items all around the outside of the tray. Remind them what a nest looks like (IE shape, size, etc…) and then have them go crazy building the nests.

Once the nests are built you can have your little ones add their bird and eggs to the nest and play. Then they can also explore more. My children loved the scavenger hunt and were so proud of their result. Here are some ideas for ways to use the nest-building sensory tray:

  • Go on a scavenger hunt to find items
  •  Create a bird’s nest with various sticks, grass, straw, hay
  • Play pretend with the bird, nest, and eggs.
  • Use sticks they found to make a “tree” for the nest to go in.
  • Make a different structure/shape with their materials when finished. 
  • Talk about other animals that may use similar materials to make their homes and have little’s make those as well. 

Spring Sensory Bin for Toddlers Nest Activity

If you’re also looking for some fun crafts to go along with the spring and/or Easter theme be sure to check out my Easter egg craft for kids as well!

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  1. I love all three of these sensory trays. I’m always looking for ideas on how to teach my child. We plan to homeschool and although she is only one I’m preparing and planning.
    Super easy and fun! I can’t wait.

  2. I could not love this any more. Such an amazing way to reuse Easter eggs by planting seeds. My son will love this.

  3. Sensory bins for the win! These are awesome ideas! I’ve never thought of planting seeds and having kids work on sorting and fine motor skills. Love it!

  4. I LOVE the idea of sensory bins! My favorite is the planting one- we had a flower bed at our last home, and would LOVE to give the kids an opportunity to have their own little garden. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much Cori! We have a garden at our house and my little girl loves to help out in it. Kids love to play outside and do what the adults are doing for sure!

    2. Thanks so much Cori! We have a garden at our house and my little girl loves to help out in it. Kids love to play outside and do what the adults are doing for sure!

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