Tin Foil Tie Dye Conversation Heart Craft and Free Template

Tin Foil Tie Dye Conversation Heart Craft and Free Template

This fun and easy tin foil tie-dye conversation heart craft uses markers, tin foil, water, and the free conversation heart template included below to make super cool tie dye hearts.

Each version of this craft comes out completely different and is so fun and simple to make. It needs basic materials that can be found around the house and they look perfect strung together once completed for a fun heart banner.

For other fun heart themed Valentine’s Day crafts be sure to also check out this hot air balloon craft for kids. It includes a free heart air balloon template.

Tin Foil Tie Dye Conversation Hearts Craft and Free Template

Tin Foil Tie-Dye Tips for Success

Tin foil tie dye is super easy once you get the hang of it and if you have the right materials.

Any kind of tin-foil should work for this craft. Just use the kind you have at home. We’ve done this project with both normal and heavy duty tin-foil

*You will need to use a spray bottle on the spray feature and not the stream feature. The stream/squirt feature comes out too close together. The spray feature should help to cover the tin-foil more evenly when spraying with water.

*When spraying with water you should make sure not to let the water pool in puddles. If you do this your paper will end up soaked and could rip when you go to put it on the tin-foil or take it off.

Tin Foil Tie Dye Conversation Heart Craft and Free Template

Tie-Dye Tinfoil Conversation Hearts Craft


  • Tin-foil
  • Washable Markers
  • Free Conversation Heart Template
  • Spray Bottle
  • Water

Directions to make Tie-Dye Conversation Hearts

1. Print out the free Tie Dye Heart template. White cardstock works best but white paper would work as well.

2. Fill a spray bottle with water.

3. Pull out a piece of tin-foil just slightly longer than the conversation heart template paper.

4. Color all over the tin-foil with washable markers. The more spread out you make the colors, the more colorful your tie-dye art will look. Add in patches of one color next to patches of other colors.

Tin Foil Coloring

Spray your tin-foil all over with water. You will use roughly 4-5 sprays of water for one sheet of tin-foil. The marker should begin to slightly blend together but water should not create puddles on the tin-foil.

Spraying the Tin Foil

6. Flip your conversation heart paper onto the wet tin-foil face down and push down slightly. Press on all the corners.

7. Slowly pull your slightly wet paper off of the tin-foil. The marker should now make your conversation heart paper look tie-dye colored.

Conversation Heart Tie Dying

Let your paper dry and cut out all of the hearts. Write a conversation heart saying on top of the larger hearts if desired or turn them into Valentines. You can also hole punch the smaller conversation hearts and string them from a piece of string or yarn to create a fun Valentine’s themed banner decoration.

Tin Foil Tie Dye Conversation Heart Craft

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