Construction Paper Sports Crafts for Kids

4 Easy Construction Paper Sports Crafts for Kids

These construction paper sports crafts for kids are simple and easy crafts for a unit of learning on sports, to make before or after a big sports game, in addition to a trip to a sporting stadium nearby, or just for a little ball lover.

The tutorial includes directions to make a baseball craft, soccer ball craft, football craft, and basketball crafts. These sports crafts are great for kids of all ages and take only about five to ten minutes a piece depending on which one you choose to make.

These sports crafts for preschool, kindergarten, toddlers, and more are super simple crafts made using only construction paper, scissors, a glue stick, and a pen or marker.

All of these crafts are made using a circular base just like many of my other collections of circular crafts. Be sure to check out similar circular base crafts like these zoo animal crafts or ocean animal crafts for kids.

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Tips for Success

*Depending on the age of the children that you will be making this project with you may need to prep some of the pieces ahead of time. For the very little ones you can trace and cut out all of the pieces and they can glue them together.

*For children that are slightly older you can trace the pieces while they cut and glue. For grade school age children you can simply have them draw, trace, and cut out all the pieces.

*It will take about 5 minutes to make one of these crafts depending on which ball you choose to make. It will take around 20 minutes to make all four of them.

*The soccer ball is very hard to line up the hexagons so that makes it the most difficult one of the balls to make. You may need to help your little ones draw the lines by guiding them where to draw them and where to glue the hexagons down.

4 Different Sports Crafts - Basketball, Baseball, Football, Soccer Ball

Construction Paper Sports Crafts for Kids


  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Crayons or markers
  • Optional bowl for tracing large circles

Basketball Craft Directions

 1. Using a bowl or cup, trace out a large circle onto orange construction paper and cut it out.

2. Cut out two slightly curved thin lines from black construction paper. Glue them down intersecting in the middle of the ball shape.  Cut the ends off so they are the same length as the ball.

3. Cut out two thin letter u shapes from black construction paper. Glue them onto each side of the ball shape. Cut off any ends that are longer than the ball shape so they are even with the edges of the circle.

Basketball Craft

Soccer Ball Craft Directions

 1. Using a bowl or cup, trace a large circle onto white construction paper. 

2. Draw and cut out 3 to 4 black hexagon shapes. You can use pattern blocks if you have them as tracers or freehand the shapes.

3. Glue the hexagon shapes on so that there is space in between them. Try to make it so that the spaces in between are shaped like hexagons as well.

4. Using a black pen, connect the corners of the black construction paper hexagons and make white hexagons as well. 

5. You may need to cut edges off of the hexagons or add extra lines in places near the edges so that they line up with the balls. 

Soccer Ball Craft

Baseball Craft Directions

 1. Trace a bowl or cup shape onto a piece of white construction paper to make a large white circular base.

2. Cut two letter u shapes out of red construction paper. The u shapes should be about 1/2 inch thick.

3. Cut fringes all around the outside of the letter u shape. 

4. Glue the bottom of the u shapes facing outward from each other onto opposite sides of the circle. Cut off any edges that are hanging off of the ball shape.

5. Fluff up the fringe a little to make the thread on the baseball.

Baseball Craft

Football Craft Directions

 1. Trace a bowl or cup shape onto the middle of a brown piece of construction paper.

2. Draw rounded triangles coming off of the ball shape on each side to make the base of the football. Cut around the outside of the whole traced shape. Do not cut the insides where the lines interest or you won’t have a football shape.

3. Cut out a longer white thin strip of construction paper and glue it to the center of the ball.

4. Cut out much smaller white strips of paper and glue them all down the long white line to create the thread of the football.

5. Cut out two thicker strips of paper and glue them to each end of the football. Cut off the ends so that they are even with the edges of the football.

Football Craft

For another fun sports related craft be sure to also check out this super awesome paper plate football snack holder. Create a football shaped snack holder that is perfect for using while watching the big game.

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