Penguin Craft and Snack for Kids

Jan 26, 2021

These penguin craft and snack activities are the perfect way to learn about penguins while having fun. They are the perfect penguin activities for preschool, kindergarten, grade school age and more.

Our weekly theme this week was penguins. Everything we did and learned about was focused on penguins. We read penguin books, did penguin dances, ate penguin snacks, and did penguin crafts.

My mini liked to pretend she was a penguin and waddle all around the house. We even gave her a balloon to put between her legs to make her waddling more realistic. We had penguin races this way all around the basement.

We had tons of fun and did lots of learning! Now we can’t wait to go to the zoo and check out the penguin area and watch them waddle in real life. Read on for two fun penguin themed activities perfect for learning all about penguins.

Penguin Craft

This is a super easy craft that can be most likely be made with items that you already have in the house. All you will need is some colored construction paper, scissors, glue, a pen/marker, and optional googly eyes. 

Begin by drawing a large oval on black construction paper for the penguin’s body and cut it out. Then draw a smaller oval on white construction paper for the penguin’s belly and cut this out as well. Glue the white oval near the bottom of the black oval.

Draw a small triangle nose and two small oval circles for the feet on orange construction paper and cut them out. Glue the two ovals onto the bottom of the black oval. Glue the orange triangle nose right above the white oval.

Stick or glue the two google eyes towards the top of the penguin’s black body. If you do not have googly eyes available you can also draw on eyes with a marker. 

My mini loves to practice her cutting skills with me. We do this by either both holding one scissors together, or with me holding the piece of paper for her and her holding the scissors. While it takes some time and patience and maybe even a few tries (on both Mama and mini’s parts) it is great to get those little’s holding pencils, scissors, glue sticks, etc…as early as they are interested in it.

My mini also does all of the gluing when we do projects. I will usually direct her where to put the glue and she will hold the glue stick and put the glue on. Then she will stick the other piece to where she previously put the glue. My mini is Ms. Independent so she always wants to do everything that she can!

Penguin Craft


  • Black, White, and Orange Construction Paper
  • Googly Eyes
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick


  1. Draw and cut out a large black oval for the body.
  2. Draw and cut out a smaller white oval for the stomach. 
  3. Glue the smaller white oval near the bottom of the black oval.
  4. Cut out a small orange triangle for the nose and two small orange ovals for the feet. 
  5. Glue the small orange ovals on the bottom of the penguin and glue the small orange triangle right above the white oval.
  6. Glue or stick the googly eyes onto the top of the penguin where the head is OR draw the penguin’s eyes on with a white crayon.

And there you have a super simple penguin craft. This was a great follow-up activity for us after learning about penguins all week. My mini was SO excited to have it hang on the refridgerator and show Daddy!


Healthy Penguin Snack

All you will need for this super easy penguin snack is applesauce, blueberries, and a piece of clementine or mandarin orange. The bonus is that this snack is a super healthy option and a great way to get your mini to eat fruit for their snack instead of junk…This is a hard feat in our house!

Penguin Craft and Snack Ingredients

Fill a bowl with a choice amount of applesauce. Then put blueberries in a circle around the outside of the bowl. Near the top put extra blueberries in a triangle shape to create the penguin’s head. Add two blueberries in the middle of the applesauce for eyes. Cut a mandarin slice into thirds and put two near the bottom for flippers and one of the thirds under the eyes for his beak. 

My mini loved to help me put the blueberries and mandarins in their spot to create her penguin snack. These turned out so cute and were so easy and delicious!

Penguin Snack Finished

For more fun food art be sure to also check out Len’s blog at happily thriving after. I absolutely love her animal toasts as well as a lot of her other fun-shaped snacks!



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