Construction Paper Paper Plate Pig Craft

Cute Paper Plate Pig Craft for Preschool and Kindergarten

This adorable paper plate pig craft for preschool and kindergarten is the perfect farm themed craft for kids. Using a paper plate and construction paper, make a fun pig craft complete with a cute and curly tail.

For this craft you will need a standard sized paper plate, pink and black construction paper, a scissors, a glue stick, and a pen or marker. The best part is that the majority of these materials can be found around the home.

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Paper Plate Pig Craft For Preschool

Paper Plate Pig Craft Tips for Success

*If completing this craft with younger children you can prep the materials that you will need ahead of time. To prep items you will need lots of pink paper squares for the body, a large pink oval for the nose, two small pink rectangles for the legs, two pink hearts for the ears, two black hearts for the insides of the ears, and two small white circles for the eyes. You will also need a small pink circle to cut for the tail.

*Older children who are capable of cutting and following directions can prep the pieces with instructions instead of using already prepped pieces.

*To prep the pink squares that will fill in the pig’s paper plate body you should first cut strips of pink tissue paper or construction paper. Then cut those strips into 1″ squares. Tissue paper will work best and stick to the edges of the plate better than paper but construction paper will work as well.

*You can choose to draw the blacks of the eyes on with a marker or use black construction paper circles for them.

To make the tail swirly you will cut a spiral shape inside of the large pink circle. The skinnier you cut it the easier it will stretch and the longer it will be. You will need to pull it hard enough to stretch it out but not hard enough that it rips to complete the tail. Younger children may need help with this part so that they don’t rip the tail when done.

Tissue Paper Pig Craft for Kids

Tissue Paper Paper Plate Pig Craft for Kids


  • Paper Plate
  • Pink Tissue Paper and/or Pink Construction Paper
  • Glue Stick
  • Black Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Black Pen/Marker


  1. Cut your pink tissue paper into strips. Cut these strips into roughly 1″ squares. Glue them all over the back side of the paper plate filling in all of the white space.
  2. Cut out two pink paper hearts and two smaller black hearts. Glue the black hearts to the insides of the pink hearts and and glue this to the back of the paper plate to make the ears.
  3. Cut out two small pink rectangles and glue them to the bottom of the back of the plate for the pig’s legs.
  4. Cut out a large pink oval for the pig’s nose and glue it to the middle of the plate.
Paper Squares for Paper Plate Pig and Tail Steps
  1. Cut out two small white circles and glue them above the nose for the pig’s eyes.
  2. Draw on the black insides of the eyes, two nostrils, and a smile.
  3. Cut out a large pink circle from construction paper. Cut a swirl shape into the circle and slowly stretch the paper until it stays uncurled a bit (don’t stretch too far or it will rip). Glue one end to the back of the pig for the tail and to complete your project

Paper Plate Pig Craft for Preschool and Kindergarten

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