Nugget Couch VS. Sam's Club Couch

Nugget Couch VS. Sam’s Club Couch: Play Couch Reviews

Are you trying to decide between buying a Nugget play couch or a Sam’s Club Explorer Play Couch? This honest Nugget couch vs Sam’s Club Couch review will share all the similarities and differences between each play couch as well as our favorite pick for the best play couch.

As a Mom of 3 under 5 we have purchased and owned both play couch options for over a year now. Below is our list of comparisons between the two play couches to help you decide which one is right for your family.

Both of our play couches are some of our most used items in the winter and I would highly recommend purchasing either (or both) play couches if you have young children. Play couches are great for use as crash mats, fort building pieces, an extra bed, cozy movie night spots, obstacle course pieces, and more.

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Nugget Couch Vs. Sam’s Club Couch Dupe

Both the Nugget Play Couch and Sam’s Club dupes are great purchases. We own both and are very happy with both of them. Overall, the Nugget Play couch is the best quality play couch while the Sam’s Club play couch is the best alternative play couch to buy on a budget.

They are very similar in styles, have the same number and shapes of pieces, go great when used together, have lots of color options, and more.

When we purchased our Nugget play couch it was our first experience with a play couch. We loved all of the fun pieces, the soft microfiber material, and the fact that you could configure it many different ways. My kids loved it so much and it quickly became the most used (and fought over) thing in our house.

After owning our Nugget play couch for a year we decided we wanted another one to minimize the fighting over it as well as to allow many more configurations and ways to play with it. We splurged the first time on the Nugget and found that we were not able to splurge again. So this time we went with the Explorer Couch from Sam’s Club.

When we brought this one home we were pleasantly surprised with how similar they were. If you didn’t know to look for the differences you’d probably think they were the same couch.

Sam's Club Vs. Nugget Play Couches

The Sam’s Club triangles are just a little bit pointier than the Nugget, the material is soft and washable (but not microsuede like the Nugget), they both come with 4 similar sized and shaped pieces and have soft foam cushions. The Member’s Mark play couch version foam has a bit more give to it so it may not be quite as sturdy for building (although it is super close) and it also comes with a pocket which is not on the Nugget couch cover.

Overall we love our Nugget couch and would purchase one again if we had the extra money to spend. It is stylish and makes a great living room or playroom couch while being the perfect play piece for kids. However, the price of the Sam’s Club couch is so great and they are super comparable which makes it an awesome second choice for those who are looking to save a little bit of money like we were.

Side by Side Nugget vs. Sam's Club

Nugget Couch Features

  • 4 total couch pieces:
    • A wider foldable rectangular base
    • A thinner foldable rectangle cushion
    • 2 triangular prism pieces
  • Soft foam cushions
  • Machine washable microsuede covers that zip on and off (also comes in corduroy and double-brushed)
  • Many different color options
  • Options to purchase an ottoman (the Chunk) to go with it
  • Online purchase only – can be shipped quickly if in stock

Member’s Mark Explorer Sofa Features

  • 4 total couch pieces:
    • A wider foldable rectangular base
    • A thinner foldable rectangle cushion
    • 2 triangular prism pieces
  • Soft foam cushions
  • Machine washable covers that zip on and off (on the original sofas)
  • Many different color options
  • Includes a side pocket on the large rectangular piece
  • Can be purchased online and in store for quick delivery

Sam's Club Features VS. Nugget Features

Nugget Couch VS.
Sam’s Club Couch
Nugget CouchSam’s Club Couch
Dimensions66″ x 33″66″ x 33″
CushionsOne large base rectangle
One thinner building rectangle
Two triangular prism cushions
*Sturdy foam for best building capabilities
One large base rectangle
One thinner building rectangle
Two triangular prism cushions
*Slightly softer foam for maximum comfort
CoverMachine washable
Easy zip on/off
Machine washable
Easy zip on/off
Includes a pocket for small storage
Colors16 fun options9 fun options
How to PurchaseOnline onlyOnline or In-store
ExtrasNugget “Chunk” ottoman
available for extra purchase

Overall both of these couches are awesome play couch options for kids. Purchase the Nugget for a stylish couch that is perfect for jumping, playing on, building forts, creating a cozy relaxing spot, building an obstacle course, and more. Purchase the Sam’s Club play couch for an awesome budget friendly alternative that is very similar.

We love both of our play couches and would recommend them to anyone looking for something to keep their little ones busy and active indoors (especially during the long cold Winters).

If you’re looking to purchase a Nugget couch you can head over to their home page and choose the best option for you. If you’re looking to purchase a Sam’s Club explorer couch you can check them out in their store or purchase one here.

Nugget Couch VS. Sam’s Club Explorer Couch

For some super fun ways to build with your Nugget and Sam’s Club play couches be sure to check out this tutorial on Nugget Play Couch Configuration Ideas. It includes building ideas for both one and two play couches.

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