5 Best Push Cars for Toddlers and Babies

Feb 21, 2024

With the start of spring comes more time for outdoor activities and lots more walks. These 5 best push cars for toddlers are the perfect thing to take on your walks with young children.

A push car for toddlers is the perfect item to use to occupy toddlers, to take them on a walk, to help teach them to ride on a bike, or to push around the front yard. Push cars can sometimes double as strollers and kids love the look of them.

With 1, 3, and 5-year-olds, we’ve gone through many different outdoor ride-on toys, cars, and push cars. Many of the push cars in the list below we have purchased and used at our own home and want to share our favorites.

Because outdoor time is an essential in our home we spend a lot of time riding bikes and going for walks. A good push car is essential in our minds for this so we’ve found and compiled all of the best ones. Scroll down and check out our votes for the best push cars for babies and toddlers.

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Best Push Cars for Toddlers

5 Best Push Cars for Toddlers and Babies

1. Step 2 Push Around Buggy Push Car

Our number one choice for the best push car for toddlers and babies Is the Step 2 Push Around Buggy GT Car for Kids. We have an older version of this push car and our one and three year olds love it.

This car comes in three different colors and has a seat area where babies and toddlers sit. It has a buckle to keep younger children safe and a horn and pretend steering wheel for them to play with while riding.

This Step 2 Push car is marketed for 1.5-3 year olds but we’ve put our babies in it as young as 9 months or when they can sit up and stay steady on their own while buckled. My smaller 5 year old will still occasionally sit on it but no longer wants to ride in it as she would rather ride her own bike.

It has a small hood that opens and can put small items in it like a snack or drink but will not hold many larger items such as a diaper bag. It works as a stroller alternative but may not move quite as fast as a typical stroller and the handle does not fold up.

We do use our version of the Buggy GT car to walk up to school and pick up the older children from school and it works great for this. This Step 2 Push Around Buggy works great for my busy 1 year old who tries to stand up in his traditional stroller and is the perfect push car to help make our lives a little easier.

Step 2 Buggy Push Car


      • Durable
      • Plastic can be wiped down easily
      • Steering wheel and horn help keep kids entertained
      • Great for 1-4 year olds
      • Seat belt to hold children in
      • Easy push handle at a good height for adults
      • Small storage space for drinks, snacks, and other small items
      • 3 fun colors


      • Handle doesn’t fold up which makes it harder to fit in smaller cars
      • No adult cup holder
      • Lower weight limit for older or larger preschoolers (50 lbs)
      • No spot to hold a diaper bag
      • May not push quite as fast as a regular stroller without making a lot of noise

2. Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Push Car

This fun cozy coupe push car for toddlers is budget-friendly, widely available in many places, durable plastic, and has a foot insert that can go in and out which makes it great for toddlers to play with independently or for caregivers to push a toddler around in.

The cozy coupoes come in tons of different styles and colors. The traditional red and yellow cozy coups have been around for years. They also have police style, dinosaur, pink, and more. It includes a fake key to turn, a steering wheel, a horn and cup holders in the back.

We’ve had our cozy coupe since my oldest was little and it has been and still is one of the most used outdoor push toys for our kids. My 1 to 4 year olds all love it and all want turns playing in it.

While this is an awesome push car choice for short distances and around the home, it goes pretty slowly when being pushed so isn’t good as a stroller or for longer walks. The handle is also at a height where it would be difficult to push for longer periods of time without being uncomfortable.

Overall, my kids love taking turns pushing each other around in this one. We’ve pushed our children as young as 9 months and sitting up in it (although the manufactured recommended age is 18 months – be sure to make sure your child is able to sit supported and steady on their own first). We’ve also taken out the black foot insert and the older kids have raced it around the home. We love our cozy coup and would highly recommend one to anyone necessary.

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Push Car


        • Black foot insert can be used in or taken out of car
        • Plastic key, horn, and steering wheel to keep kids busy
        • Durable plastic can be wiped down
        • Available in many stores and online
        • Comes in tons of colors and designs
        • Budget Friendly
        • Recommended age 18 months – 5 years
        • High seat back and door that opens and closes helps to get kids in easily – locking door to keep them from falling out


        • No seat belt
        • Handle at a height that may make it uncomfortable to push for long distances
        • 360-turn wheels make it go slower than a typical stroller without wheels spinning
        • No space for diaper bag or larger items

3. 3 in 1 Little Tikes Push Car Vehicle Stroller

This push car is one of the most versatile push cars in the list. It can be 3 different versions of a push car for toddlers. You can make it be a ride-one car for toddlers to play on, a stroller car with sides that keep toddlers in, and a walking car as well.

It comes in two different colors, is affordable, made of plastic so easy to clean, and has lots of fun features for toddlers to play with.

This fun push car includes lots of noise and music buttons, a steering wheel, a removable and easy to push handle for adults, seat storage, a removable footrest and guard rails, and more.

The best part about this car as opposed to some of the other ones is that the handle can be removed easily which makes it easy to transport if you are looking for a stroller alternative for toddlers who love cars and may sit longer than in their stroller.

While there are some awesome benefits to this push car we found the plastic to be pretty flimsy and not quite as durable as some of the other options. However, because the age range of push cars is typically shorter you hopefully shouldn’t have many issues with it lasting.


          • Removable handle makes it easy to transport
          • Guardrails and footrests that help keep younger children on  but can also be removed to use as a ride-on car
          • Buttons and steering wheel to keep toddlers entertained
          • Pushes smootly enough to be used as a stroller
          • Handle perfect for adults to push
          • Perfect for ages 1-3 years old


          • No adjustable seat buckle (but guardrails keep children in place)
          • Plastic is less durable
          • Not as many colors and designs
          • Storage space cannot be accessed while toddler is sitting on it.
          • No cup holders for drinks and snacks
          • Weight limit of 40 lbs doesn’t go as high as other push cars

4. Fiat 500 Push Car

This toddler push car is so realistic that toddlers will love driving it in style. It looks just like a real car and even includes realistic headlights and tail lights. It also includes a comfy seat and doors that open and close to keep toddlers safe inside while pushing it. 

One of the best features of this car is that it can go from being a push car to a fun ride on car for toddlers to use independently as they get older. It also includes an adjustable handle which makes it comfortable for adults to push easily.

This Fiat 500 push car includes an adjustable food bed so it can be ridden without, a horn and steering wheel, and fun musical buttons for keeping kids busy. It also includes a soft seat with a seatbelt to help hold toddlers inside of it.

It is recommended for 2-6 year olds but younger children can also ride in it if your child is able to sit up independently and you feel they can do it safely. 

While there is no cup holders or storage options you could always purchase a generic clip on one from amazon if you plan on using this car for longer distance walks with toddlers or babies. This may help give it a little storage for a few things.

The wheels are made of plastic and it can get loud and bumpy while pushing so it may not go quite as fast as some of the other options but it is an awesome push car choice for toddler entertainment.


          • Realistic looking car
          • Adjustable handle makes it easy to push
          • Steering wheel, music buttons,  and horn for entertainment
          • Moveable footbed so it can be a push car or a ride-on car
          • Seat belt and doors keep little ones safe inside
          • Soft and comfy seat for baby/toddler
          • Great for ages 1 to 6


          • Wheels are a plastic that makes it loud and bumpy when pushing
          • No storage capabilities so nowhere to put snacks, cups, diaper bag, etc…
          • Slightly higher in price than other options
          • Only comes in two colors
          • Footbed sliding is very easy to do – could slide up while babies are in it so have to watch it close

5. Step 2 Side by Side Push SUV Car for Toddlers

This push car is one of our favorite options for multiple children. It is perfect for children 5 and under and has a weight limit of 50 lbs per child or less. This double push car makes an awesome double stroller alternative for children who don’t like to stay put or are not fans of sitting in their stroller.

This fun push SUV includes two seats for two children. Each seat includes it’s own seatbelt and steering wheel with horn so both children can drive and ride at the same time.

It includes a handlebar for adults, a shade canopy for sunny days, and lots of mesh storage pockets in the back for snacks and drinks. The handle bar is removable and while it doesn’t fold up, it does fit in most standard sized trunks for transportation.

It icludes wheels that turn all around (similar to the cozy coupe wheels) which do make it go slightly slower but is still a great option for a walk to the park or around the neighborhood. It comes in one color (blue) and style.

*While it is for two children it can get a little tight if you have children that are on the larger or older size of the height and weight suggestions.  Especially if children are in winter gear or large and bulky coats while riding.


          • Fits 2 young children side by side
          • Comfortable handle for adults to push
          • Two seperate steering wheels with horns, seatbelts, amnd seats
          • Lots of storage under seats and back mesh pockets
          • Canopy to block sun
          • Removable handlebar to help transport easier
          • Perfect for ages 1-5 and children 50 lb and under


          • Space can get tight if children are closer to the height/weight requirement
          • Wheels are made of plastic and swivel which can slow it down a bit
          • Leg space is a little squished
          • Set-up takes a while

Bonus: Radio Flyer Pedal and Push Trike

This push trike is definitely worth mentioning as an option, however, because it isn’t a car style we added it as a bonus. This 4 in 1 pedal and push trike is an awesome option to use as a push car. It has a lot of the same fun features of the push cars above but is a bike style.

This Radio Flyer Pedal and Push Bike we’ve used many times at a neighbor’s house and my kids all love it. It is amazing because it can be used as a stroller alternative and kids will love riding on it but still be pushed by an adult.

Younger kids can sit and rest their feet on the foot rests and older ones can pedal along. Children can be strapped in for safety and parents can push comfortably with the adjustable handle bar. There is a storage basket in the back for a few things and it can be converted to a toddler bike without the handle if needed.

Some of the awesome features on this push bike include a sun shade canopy for sunny days, a tray that can be used for snacks and other things, a seat belt, foot bed, an adjustable handle bar, and lots of storage room.

We have the toddler bike version of this push trike and my kids all love it. It is still well-loved and used by even my 5 year old. I would highly recommend this as an option instead of a push car if you’re looking for something that can go fast, be entertaining, and double as a stroller if needed.

How Old Should a Baby Be to Use a Push Car?

Babies and toddlers can use a push car when they are able to support themselves sitting up and have good head and body control. Most push cars are suggested for 1 and up. 

Use your best judgment when putting your baby in a push car. Each push car has different features such as seatbelts and guard rails to help older babies and toddlers support themselves. Seats in push cars are also at different angles for babies and toddlers. Some support children at an earlier age than others. 

We started our babies in a push car around 9 months. We used both the cozy coupe and the Step 2 buggy push cars around this age. We made sure our babies were buckled in, able to sit up well and had strong head and body control. At this young of an age we made sure to push super slowly and not do long distances. As they got older we slowly extended the speed and length they were in the cars for. 

Best Push Cars for Babies and Toddlers

If you’re looking for more kid’s product recommendations and review lists be sure to also check out our recommendations for the 5 best outdoor swings for babies and toddlers.



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