3D Ice Cream Cone Craft for Kids

Easy 3D Ice Cream Cone Craft for Kids

Are you looking for the perfect summer craft to create and use for pretend play? Then look no further! This adorable 3D ice cream cone craft is so fun and simple for anyone to make.

To make these fun ice cream themed crafts you will need a few simple materials that you can most likely find around the house. You will need construction paper, fine tipped markers or colored pencils, a glue stick, a ruler, and scissors.

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3D Ice Cream Cone Craft for Preschool and Kindergarten

Ice Cream Cone Craft Tips for Success

*When creating these fun ice cream cone crafts with younger children you may need to help them prep the pieces first. You will need to prep a tan or light brown square with grid lines for the cone, paper strips in whichever color of choice for the ice cream, and a red circle for the cherry.

You can also choose to draw the lines on the paper and have your little ones cut out the pieces for extra practice cutting.

*To save some time you may want to prep the cone paper ahead of time. Just use a ruler and a pen or fine tipped black marker to draw horizontal and vertical lines all over the paper.

*You can either cut out super small and thin pieces of construction paper and glue them on for sprinkles or you can use fine tipped markers in different colors to draw on the sprinkles. Make sure to add the sprinkles to the paper strips before you glue the paper strips to the cone piece.

*For cones that are sturdier and last longer for play you can make this project with cardstock instead. We made our cones with normal construction paper and they worked great but only lasted about a day before they were squished by the kids.

Ice Cream Cone Craft Pretend Play

Construction Paper 3D Ice Cream Cone Craft for Kids


  • Construction paper in different colors (or cardstock for extra durability)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Fine tipped markers or colored pencils
  • Ruler


  1. Cut the top off of a piece of light brown or tan construction paper to turn it into a square. Add grid lines about an inch apart all the way up the paper (horizontal). Flip the paper 90 degrees and make grid lines going the other way (vertical) all the way up the square again. This should make your cone base.
  2. Roll your cone shape up and glue the side down so it does not come apart. Then if necessary cut the top so it is even all around to look like a cone.
  3. Cut paper strips roughly 1/2in – 1in thick in a color of choice. This will be your ice cream color. You will need 4-8 strips depending on the thickness of your cone and the thickness of your strips. We made thinner cones with 4 strips of paper.

3D Ice Cream Cone Craft Directions

  1. Using your fine tipped colored markers draw small lines to look like sprinkles all over one side of your paper strips.
  2. Add glue to the top inch and bottom inch of the sprinkle side of a paper strip.
  3. Push one of the glued ends of the paper strip to the inside of the ice cream cone. Arch your paper over and push the other glued end to the other side of the ice cream cone.
  4. Continue this process with the rest of the strips putting each one next to the last one you glued and gluing it directly across to the other side. Do this until all of the space around the cone is filled up.
  5. Cut out a small red circle from construction paper, add glue, and stick it to the top of the ice cream cone.
  6. Once completed you are ready to play with them!

Construction Paper 3D Ice Cream Craft for Kids

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