Paper Plate Frog Craft

Fun Paper Plate Frog Craft for preschool

This super fun paper plate frog craft is the perfect frog themed craft for preschoolers, kindergartners, grade school ages, and more. Using a paper plate and construction paper make the most adorable frog craft that opens and closes its mouth.

This frog craft goes perfectly with Jonathan London’s Froggy books. The frog craft matches the frogs in the books and would make a great literacy extension after reading the books.

For this fun paper plate frog craft you will need a paper plate, green (and optional red) paints, red, black, white, and green construction paper, scissors, and a glue stick.

Head on down for directions to make this cute frog craft for kids.

Paper Plate Frog Craft for Kids

Paper Plate Frog Craft Tips for Success

*When making this frog craft you should first paint the back side of a paper plate green. You can then flip it over and paint the inside either green or red. The photos show green but red looks great too as that is often the color of the inside of a mouth.

*Allow your paper plate to dry completely before adding the construction paper details to eliminate any extra mess.

*For younger children you can cut out the construction paper pieces and have them ready for them to glue together. For older children, they can cut the pieces of paper out on their own and then glue them on. You could also choose to draw the pieces on a piece of paper and then have children cut out on the lines.

*You can draw on the eyes with a black marker, make eyes from construction paper like shown or use googly eyes. All the options look great.

*This fun frog craft goes perfectly with the Froggy books written by Jonathan London. Read one or two and have children observe the frogs in the story. Make the craft together and children can use their finished craft to reenact the stories and pretend play with. They make a great addition to a literacy center and the perfect literacy extension.

Froggy Books Craft for Kids

Paper Plate Frog Craft for Kids


  • White Paper Plate
  • Green & Red Paint
  • Green, Red, White, and Black Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Pencil/Pen


  1. Paint the back side of a white paper plate with green paint. Cover up all of the white space.
  2. Paint the inside of a paper plate either green or red, making sure to cover up all of the white space again.
  3. Let dry completely and fold your paper plate in half so the green is on the outside.
  4. Cut out your frog’s feet by cutting out long and skinny oval shapes. Glue four of these together in the middle as shown in the below photo.
Froggy Feet Craft
  1. Glue two of the feet shapes to the front of each side of the frog and two of the feet shapes to the back of the folded frog shape.
  2. Glue or draw on two eye shapes on the top of the frog.
  3. Cut out a long red paper strip and glue it to the inside of the frog on the bottom part of the plate. Using a pencil curl the tongue around it and let go. The tongue will now have a fun curl to it and your frog craft is complete.
Froggy Tongue Roll

This adorable frog craft makes the perfect spring themed craft or a great craft for learning about the lifecycle of animals. For additional spring themed crafts be sure to also check out some of our favorites below:

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Froggy Book Themed Craft for Kids

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