Duck Craft for Kids

Apr 14, 2022

This duck craft for kids can also turn into a bunny rabbit. It is the perfect spring or Easter themed craft. It is a craft that can be done by preschoolers all the way up to grade school age.

This duck rabbit craft also goes great with the book “Duck Rabbit” by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. You can read the story and then create the craft with students for a great literacy connection.

For this duck activity, you will need a white piece of cardstock with the optional duck/rabbit template, yellow and orange paint, crayons, a yellow feather, and an optional cotton ball.

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Bubble Painting Tips for Success

For this project, you will need to use acrylic yellow and orange paints. You will need to paint the two separate layers and let them dry before working on the rabbit side so this craft may need to be worked on a few separate times.

Included below is an optional template for the duck and bunny crafts. You can choose to use this or freehand your own. Cardstock works best for this as the paint may make normal printer paper curl up.

Be sure to paint the duck template before you cut out it out. This will help to prevent the edges from curling up as well as make it easier to ensure you get the whole thing filled without making a mess on the surface behind the template.

Rabbit and Duck Craft for Kids

Duck Craft for Kids

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  • White cardstock
  • Duck/rabbit template
  • Yellow and orange paint
  • Crayons
  • Yellow feather
  • Cotton ball (optional)

    Duck Rabbit Craft for Kids

    1. Print or draw a duck/rabbit template onto a piece of white cardstock.
    2. Paint the front side full of yellow acrylic paint and set it aside to dry.
    3. Once dry paint the beak part orange.
    4. With a white crayon draw a small white circle near the beak (for the outside of the eye).
    5. Draw a smaller black circle on top of the white of the eye.
    6. Using liquid glue, glue a yellow feather onto the top of the duck near the middle where a wing would be and let dry.
    7. Flip over and begin working on the bunny.
    8. Using a pink crayon fill in the inside of the ear area pink.
    9. Draw a black circle for the eye. Fill in part of the black circle with another black circle for the inside of the eye.
    10. Where the bunny’s nose is add a black circle and three lines coming off of it for whiskers.
    11. Draw on three black lines to each foot area for the claws.
    12. If desired use liquid glue to add a cotton ball to where the bunny’s tail would be.
      Duck Rabbit Craft for Kids


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