Fun and Colorful Build a Flower Activity

Fun and Colorful Build a Flower Activity for Kids

This fun and colorful construction paper build a flower activity for kids includes directions to craft and create beautiful flower scenes using colorful construction paper. Children get the chance to craft and be creative and make their own unique flower scenes.

To make this easy spring or summer flower craft you will need construction paper in all different bright colors, scissors, a glue stick, and a large white piece of background paper. You may also want to use accessories like jewels, foam flowers, sparkles, glitter glue, sequins, and more to embellish your flowers.

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Build a Flower Garden Activity

Build a Flower Craft Tips for Success

*This build a flower activity makes the perfect invitation to play for children. Just make and set out the pieces children will need. It makes a great activity that children can do and come back to hours or days later. This craftivity can be played with over and over again. The best part is that every flower garden turns out different and beautiful.

*Prep and cut out all sorts of flower pieces ahead of time for this activity. You can prep whole flowers in different colors, petals in different colors, insides of flowers, small flowers and big flowers, circles, and more. You should also prep lots of green paper strips as well as green leaf shapes to complete the flower gardens.

*When setting out your materials you can choose to put them out in an organizer that allows children to see all of the different options. You can also set them all out in one bin or container and children can pick through them. Both ways work great.

*Once children have completed putting their flower gardens together they can also choose to embellish their complete project. Some great embellishment ideas include glitter glue, sequins, jewels/gems, pipe cleaners, and more.

Construction Paper Flower Garden Craft for Preschool

Invitation to Build a Flower Activity for Kids


  • Construction paper in all different colors
  • Scissors
  • Glue (either bottle or stick both work great)
  • Misc embellishment items
    • Foam flowers
    • Jewels/gems
    • Confetti/sequins
    • Glitter
    • Glitter glue


1. Cut out and prep all of the miscellaneous flower pieces. Items to prep include long green paper strips for stems, lots of green leaves in different sizes, smaller and larger circles in different colors, smaller and larger flower shapes in different colors, different color petals, ovals in different colors, and more.

2. Lay out white pieces of paper and all of the cut-out and prepped pieces in an organizer or some sort. Allow children to come and go as they please making flower gardens however they desire.

3. Children can lay down paper strips for stems, add leaves, and add different flower tops all over the paper strip stems.

*Optional: Add a bowl of embellishment options for children like glitter glue, jewels, gems, sequins, foam flowers, and more. After children have created their flower gardens they can add on any extra items as desired.

Invitation to Build a Flower Craft

Additional Spring Flower Crafts for Kids

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