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Bubble Painting Craft for Kids

This tutorial will show you how to paint with bubbles. This is an activity that is great for kids of any age starting as early as age 2. You are never too old to do bubble painting!

This activity uses a few simple ingredients and can be completed in two different ways depending on the age of your children and how you want to try bubble painting for the day. It is the perfect outdoor activity or can be set up indoors on a tarp or in the bathtub to help prevent messes.

When you complete the bubble painting pictures you can turn them into the base of other projects or they look beautiful if done on their own. They make great backgrounds for cards or can be turned into hearts, flowers, etc…

If you’re looking for other fun activities that involve bubbles or would be great for a bubble theme be sure to also check out this fun tutorial on how to make bubble foam.

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Bubble Painting Tips for Success

For this project, you will need to use either food coloring or acrylic paint to color the bubble solution. It can be done in either way successfully.

If blowing bubbles with a straw, you may want to use food coloring as it is non-toxic if accidentally ingested. You may also want to stick with this way of bubble painting with children who are old enough to understand how to blow out of a straw instead of sucking into it.

If blowing bubbles with a bubble wand you can choose to use acrylic paint to mix in with the bubble solution instead. This will be messier but will create pictures with more vibrant colors. Keep in mind that depending on the paint used this may stain clothes if it gets on them.

How to Bubble Paint Craft For Kids

Bubble Painting Craft for Kids


  • Small containers or mixing bowls
  • Bubble solution
  • Food coloring
  • Straw(s)


  • Small containers or mixing bowls
  • Bubble solution
  • Acrylic paint and/or food coloring
  • Bubble blower

Bubble Painting With A Straw:

  1. Add a small amount of bubble solution to a small container (2-3 tbsp should be plenty depending on the size of the container used).
  2. Add 3-5 drops of food coloring to the bubble solution and stir it to mix them together.
  3. Add a straw to the container and blow into the straw in the bubble solution until the bubbles have reached over the top of the container and are towering above it.
  4. Gently place your white paper on top of the towering bubbles in the container. Pick your paper back up.
  5. Repeat the process putting a different spot on the paper on top of the container each time.
  6. You can also repeat the process with another container of bubble solution mixed with a different color of food coloring. You can do this as many times as you’d like to fill up your paper with different colored bubbles.

Bubble Painting With A Bubble Blower:

  1. Fill a container with 2-3 tbsp bubble solution. Add 3-5 drops of food coloring (or a few drops of acrylic paint) and mix together.
  2. Dip the bubble blower into the bubble/color solution and cover the top.
  3. Blow colored bubbles directly onto the white paper.
  4. Repeat the process with different colors of bubble solution until the paper is as full as desired.

Bubble Art Painting Craft

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