15 Awesome Bug Activities for Toddlers

15 Awesome Bug Activities for Toddlers

Do you have little ones at home that are crazy for bugs and insects? If so this list of 15 fun and easy bug activities for toddlers and preschoolers is the perfect place to find projects and ideas for your little bug lovers.

Whether you are doing a unit of learning on bugs, learning about the parts of an insect, or looking for a fun spring craft or theme, this is a great place to start looking for ideas. It includes a list of 15 different bug crafts for kids, as well as some different bug activity ideas as well.

While many of these insect crafts are tried and tested with toddlers and preschoolers, most are great with kids of all ages.

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15 Fun Bug Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

You will need simple materials for most of these insect crafts and activities that can be found around the house. Some common required materials are construction paper, free PDF templates (included if you click through and follow the links to many posts), paint, coloring utensils, and more. Choose one or choose many of the projects but I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Handprint Ladybug Craft image

1. Handprint Ladybug Craft

These handprint ladybugs are super simple and use your little one’s handprint to create a fun insect themed craft. You can find the free template and directions for this adorable paper craft on the simple everyday mom website.


2. Simple Spider Craft

This super simple spider craft from livinglifeandlearning uses construction paper to create a fun spider body and allows toddlers and preschoolers the chance to customize their spiders and make them look how they’d like. I love the creativity that this craft allows for while make a fun spider themed craft.

Plastic Spoon Bugs

3. Plastic Spoon Bugs

These adorable bugs are made using plastic spoons, felt pieces, and paint. They make the perfect craft for imaginative play after they dry and can be made in many different colors and styles. Head over to Crafts by Amanda for more details and directions.

Bug Painted Pots

4. Bug Painted Pots

These clay pots are painted like bugs and make the most adorable centerpieces for a front porch or decorations for the house. They can be made into bees and ladybugs and use waterproof paint for this fun easy craft. Younger ones may need some assistance with the painting portion of this project but the end is very worth the effort! Check out the Country Chic Cottage for the directions.

Lady Bug Toilet Paper Tube

5. Ladybug Toilet Paper Tube Craft

These adorable little ladybugs from easy-crafts-for-kids.com are made using recycled toilet paper tube rolls and markers.  Color, add on googly eyes and antennae and you have a fun and interactive craft for toddlers and preschoolers to create and play with.

Bug Printable Activity Pack

6. Preschool Dot Marker Activity Pages

These bug-themed dot marker pages are perfect bug activities for preschoolers. The pages have different activities that teach number recognition skills, letter recognition skills, fine motor skills, and more. You will need dot markers for these activities which are a favorite in our house. For the printable templates for these dot marker pages head over to crystalandcomp.com.

Paper Plate Ladybug Craft

7. Paper Plate Lady Bug Craft

These paper plate ladybugs are so cute and perfect for toddlers and preschoolers to make. Little ones can paint the plates, cut out and add spots and other details, and then even add ladybug facts as a bonus. The best part is they have wings that actually open and close when completed. Check out craftsandprintables.com for more details.

Potato Stamp Butterflies

8. Potato Stamp Butterflies

Which little ones don’t love a good painting project? These beautiful butterflies at littleladoo.com are made with potato stamps and acrylic paint. Children will love stamping their paper full of these painted butterflies. They can be made in any color or multiple colors and are so fun to make!

Symmetry Butterfly Craft

9. Symmetry Butterfly Craft

These symmetry butterflies are the perfect craft for teaching about symmetry while making a fun interactive craft. Draw and cut out a butterfly template, add acrylic paint, close and press together, and then open to reveal a beautiful painted butterfly.

Bug Activity Pages

10. Bug Activity Pages

These bug activity pages from activelittles.com are perfect bug activities for preschool and kindergarten ages. They work great as part of a busy binder or on their own and teach skills like colors, shapes, letters, numbers, and more.

Cupcake Tin Bug Prints

11. Cupcake Tin Bug Prints

These cupcake tin bug prints are absolutely adorable and a blast to make. Paint the bottom of a muffin pant and use the stamped images to create fun paint bugs. Find details for this unique bug activity over at ureadyteddy.com.

Butterfly Snack for Kids

12. Pretzel Bug Snack

This fun bug-themed snack idea for kids from bitzngiggles uses pretzels, fruit roll-up pieces, and melted chocolate to make a pretzel butterfly snack. A great activity to finish up a fun learning unit on bugs.

Free Bee Craft for Kids

13. Paper Bumblebee Craft

This easy paper bee craft is super simple and the perfect bumblebee craft for little ones. Print out the free template found at simplyfullofdelight.com and color/cut out this fun bee craft. Attach the moveable wings with a brass fastener and your bee craft is complete.

Play-doh Pipe Cleaner

14. Play-doh and Pipe Cleaner Spiders

This adorable spider craft is made using a chunk of play-doh, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and more. They can be made in different sizes and colors and are the perfect activity for tactile learning and sensory play for toddlers and preschoolers. They’re great for talking about the number of legs a spider has and can be made into different bugs as well. Head over to busybloomingjoy for the full directions and more information.

Bug Sensory Bin

15. Easy Bug Sensory Bin

For this super simple bug themed sensory bin simply add a sensory base like beans, colored rice, colored pasta, chickpeas, salt, or anything else into a bucket or bin. Add in plastic bugs, scoops, and spoons, and allow little ones to play and explore.

For the majority of these activities, you use materials found around the house. But there are also many different bug and insect toys, figurines, and more that you can find online and in stores. Our favorites are shown above.

We especially love the stretchy color changing bugs that we showed used in the sensory bin. We use them for pretend play all the time. If you have other fun bug activity ideas be sure to share them in the comments below!

How Can I Teach my Children About Bugs?

Children learn best through hands-on experiences, play, and reading books. Read many different children’s books on bugs. Check out your local library, Amazon, local book stores, and more to find some great ones.

Also, take children outside and allow them to look for bugs. This will teach them about bug habitats, what bugs look like, and different kinds of bugs. They can use a magnifying glass to observe bugs more closely.

Use playdoh and other sensory materials to create bugs focusing on the different parts of a bug or insect. Create a fun bug craft and allow children to talk about the different parts of the bugs in their crafts. There are so many fun ways to teach children about bugs and insects. Try some of the ones listed above!

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