Brown Bear Brown Bear Sensory Bin

Sep 11, 2023

This Brown Bear Brown Bear sensory bin is the perfect sensory bin and literacy activity to go along with the classic kid’s book written by Eric Carle. It is perfect for practicing color recognition as well as sequencing and retelling a story.

To make this Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See themed sensory bin you will need a bin, rainbow-dyed rice, colored bowls, the free animal template, pipe cleaners, pom poms, and any other color themed items.

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Brown Bear Brown Bear Sensory Bin

Brown Bear Brown Bear Sensory Bin Set-Up Tips

To kick off the Brown Bear Brown Bear color learning you should start by reading the book together. Focus on the colors and the animals that they see on each page.

Once finished reading the story sequence it together using the photos. Talk about which animal comes first and what he sees next. Page through the book if needed to help.

Then put together your sensory bin. Add rainbow rice to the bin and sprinkle the different miscellaneous rainbow-colored items on top. Then add in the photos.

When setting up the sensory bin be sure to laminate the photos or print them on cardstock to help with durability. This will help your pieces last longer.

Add in various bowls, cups, and tongs to practice fine motor skills as well as scooping, dumping, and pouring skills.

If desired to make it harder for older children, hide the pieces under the rice and have them find them before sorting or retelling the story with them.

This Eric Carle sensory bin is perfect for kids ages 2 and up. I wouldn’t recommend using sensory rice with your little ones until they don’t put everything in their mouths. It is the perfect Brown Bear Brown Bear activity for preschoolers, Kindergartners, and older toddlers.


Brown Bear Brown Bear Sensory Bin Activity

Eric Carle Brown Bear Brown Bear Sensory Bin


  • Plastic bin/tub
  • Rainbow rice for sensory play
  • PDF Template found below
  •  Misc rainbow themed items (ideas below)
    • Pipe cleaners
    • Pom Poms
    • Sequins
    • Rainbow dyed pasta
  • Scoops
  • Spoons
  • Cups
  • Tongs


  1. Begin by filling the tray with rainbow-dyed rice (for a tutorial head over to littlebinsforlittlehands).
  2. Print and cut out the free Brown Bear Brown Bear PDF images on cardstock. Laminate or cover with clear packing tape if desired for extra durability.
  3. Add the animals to the top of the bin and settle them down in the rice.
  4. Make curly pipe cleaners by cutting the pipe cleaners in half and spinning them around your finger or a pencil. Add multiples of each color to the bin.
  5. Add in pom poms, sequins, letters, and other various rainbow-colored items.
  6. Add in scoops, tongs, bowls, and more.
  7. Allow little ones to play, explore, sequence, and retell the book and whatever else desired.
Free Template Brown Bear Sensory Bin


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