Build a Scarecrow Printable Craft

Build A Scarecrow Printable

This fun build-a-scarecrow printable is the perfect Fall activity for kids. Head down for directions on how to make these simple and easy scarecrows as well as a free scarecrow template.

To make this fall craft you will need only paper, coloring materials, glue, and scissors. You can color in the scarecrow and then put the pieces together.

This scarecrow craft doubles as a shape-recognition craft for preschool and kindergarten. It focuses on the shapes circle, square, triangle, oval, and rectangle. Talk about the shapes, point them out as you color, and then glue together the scarecrows.

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Build a Scarecrow Template Craft for Kids

Materials for Build a Scarecrow Printable Craft

  • Free Build a Scarecrow Printable Template
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Coloring Materials (markers, crayons colored pencils work great)

Directions to make a Paper Scarecrow

1. Print out the free build a scarecrow printable PDF found below on white cardstock and color in each of the different pieces. If learning about shapes in the process talk about the different shapes shown.

Colored Scarecrow Template PDF

Cut out each of the different scarecrow pieces on the black lines.

Scarecrow Pieces Cut Out

Attach the scarecrow’s body to its head. Attach the legs and arms to the back of the body. Glue some of the pieces of the straw down on top of the head to look like hair and then glue the hat on top with the straw sticking out. Glue the additional pieces of yellow straw to the backs of the bottoms of the arms and legs.

Finished Scarecrow

If desired, finish your scarecrow by laminating it and adding a popsicle stick to the bottom. You can post it outside in a spot that doesn’t receive a lot of moisture and it can be like a mini scarecrow if desired. You could also put it in a potted plant for a fun Fall themed decoration.

Free Scarecrow Craft Printable for Kids

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