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Name Recognition School Bus Craft for Kids

This simple school bus craft for kids is the perfect name recognition craft for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and more. It is an excellent back to school craft or perfect to make during a unit on transportation.

For this craft, you will need a few simple materials that can be found around the house. You will need scissors, a glue stick, construction paper, and a marker or crayon.

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Tips for Success

*If you desire a name recognition craft you can write the letters of your child’s name out on the rectangle windows ahead of time and have them put in the correct order. You can also choose to leave the name off of the school bus windows for a decorative school bus craft instead.

*If your child can write their name on their own you can also have them write the letters themselves before putting them in order and gluing them down.

*You may need to make options for smaller and larger school bus windows to ensure that longer names will fit on the school bus. Longer names will need more windows so they will need to be made smaller.

*When cutting out pieces for this activity you should first cut out the shapes and then simply round the corners off. This will be the easiest way to do it.

Back to School Craft for Kids

Name Recognition School Bus Craft for Kids

1. Using a landscape piece of yellow paper cut a medium-sized rectangle out of the top right corner to create your bus base.

2. Cut around each corner of your bus shape to make it rounded.

3. Cut out two 1″ round circles from black paper and glue them to the bottom of the school bus base for the wheels.

4. Cut out black rectangles with rounded corners for the windows. For smaller names, you will need wider rectangles. For larger names, you will need to make your rectangles thinner.

5. Write the letters of your name/your child’s name on each rectangle and glue them onto the top of the bus in the correct order.

6. Cut a very small rectangle for the back brake light of the bus from red construction paper and glue it onto the bottom of the back of the bus.

7. Cut out a small red circle and glue it to the front of the bus for the front headlight.

8. Using a ruler draw two long black lines in the middle of the bus.

9. Cut out an octagon shape from red construction paper. Write the word stop on the front of it and glue it to the middle of the school bus.

Name Recognition School Bus Craft for Kids

This craft works great when doing a back to school unit or a unit on transportation. It is also great for name practice. For another fun name practice activity be sure to check out these name snowmen. 

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