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Name Snowmen Craft for Kids

Jan 17, 2021

This name snowmen craft for kids is great because it is a simple and easy activity that you probably have all the materials for laying around the house. It is an academic activity and helps your little one spell their name and work on their letters. If you are looking to do this activity for older kids it is still a fun activity for them and you can take it a step further by changing up the words on the snowmen to be sight words and challenge words for them to spell. 

We like to do activities that center around a weekly theme in our house and this one goes great with a snow or snowman theme. Seeing as we just got a foot of snow in the past week we thought this would be a great week to do all things snowy. Be sure to check out these other fun snowy day activities as well!

Name Snowmen Finished Craft

For this activity we gathered white paper, a marker/pen, scissors, and glue. Because I can’t freehand a decent circle for the life of me I also grabbed a cup to trace circles onto the paper with. I began by tracing four medium circles on top of the first piece of paper. Then I stacked the traced piece of paper on top of two more pieces of paper and cut out each circle keeping the stack intact. This gave me a total of 12 snowmen. One for my mini and one for her friend.

I wrote all of the letters of my daughter’s name onto different circles. Then I spread the letters all around. My mini found the first letter in her name. Next she put glue on the bottom of the first letter and then found the second letter and stuck it on.  Her favorite part of all of the projects is the glueing and I really have to direct her where it goes or she will glue everything. We proceeded with this process until all of the letters were glued together. This is a great activity for helping to learn the letters in your mini’s names as well as the order that they are put in. 

Name Snowmen Craft Letters

After the snowman was all put together we cut out and glued on a hat. She used the marker to draw eyes and a smile and her snowman was complete. She was so proud and had tons of fun with her snowman and did a great job putting all of the snowballs together and in order. Plus it was much warmer than going out in the foot of snow outside and making one there!

Name Snowmen Process

Name Snowmen Craft for Kids

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  • White Paper
  • Marker/Pen/Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Construction Paper (optional)


1. Begin by preparing the number of paper circles that your little has in their name. Write one letter of your child’s name (or have your child write the letters if possible) on each of the circles until you’ve written all of the letters.

2. Spread out the letters and have your child find the first letter in their name. Then have them put glue on the very bottom. Have them find and stick on the next letter in their name. Continue this process until all of the letters in their name are glued together in order. 

3. Use a marker to draw eyes and a mouth on the top circle. Then cut or draw on any additional details if desired (construction paper hat, buttons, arms, scarf, etc…). 

There you have a name snowman. Super easy and great way for reinforcing the order and spelling of their names. My minis loved this activity and they are currently hanging up on our fridge!

Name Snowmen  Craft Finished


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