How to Make Cloud Dough - Cloud Dough Recipe

How to Make Cloud Dough – Cloud Dough Recipe

This tutorial will show you how to make cloud dough for sensory play. This cloud dough recipe uses simple ingredients to make the softest, fluffiest, cloud play-doh for little ones to play with.

This cloud dough is a great activity for kids of any age beginning as early as age 1. You are never too old to play with play-doh!

This activity uses only two to three simple ingredients and can smell amazing depending on the type of conditioner or lotion you choose to use. It can be made in any color and can be played with using various tools and items or simply goes great as a play item on its own.

For other fun sensory play tutorials be sure to also check out this fun bubble foam or these fun fizzy play trays. Both are great activities for a rainy day.

Cloud Dough Recipe

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What are some ways to play with cloud dough?

Cloud dough is a super fun activity and can be played on its own. Check out some of the other fun ideas below for ways you can play with cloud dough.

  • Purchase a fun pack of play-doh tools or cookie cutters and roll out and form fun shapes in the cloud dough.
  • Create a play-doh scene using cloud dough as a base. IE uses green cloud dough as grass, red, yellow, and orange for leaves, and brown for tree trunks to create an outdoor scene.
  • Create animals, insects, etc…to follow up learning or units on these animals or insects.
  • Roll out cloud dough and use letter stamps or magnets to make letters in the cloud dough and write words.
  • Have children roll cloud dough into lines and put it on top of play-doh tracing cards to practice letters, numbers, and shape formations.

3 Ingredient Cloud Dough

What is the best way to make cloud dough?

The best way to make cloud dough is by mixing conditioner with corn starch. This will give you the fluffiest and softest cloud dough possible.

However, there are many other ways you can make cloud dough if you do not have some of these items on hand. You can substitute the conditioner with baby lotion. You can also substitute the corn starch with flour.

How to make cloud dough without conditioner?

Cloud dough can be made without conditioner by substituting the corn starch with an equal amount of flour. It may not come out as soft and fluffy but it will still be a great dough for sensory play.

How to Make Cloud Dough without Cornstarch?

You can make cloud dough without cornstarch. You can substitute the cornstarch with flour to make your cloud dough. The dough will still come out soft and fluffy but not quite as much as if you were to use corn starch.

How do you make cloud dough less sticky?

If your dough is sticky you will need to add additional cornstarch. Add cornstarch by the tablespoon until you’ve reached the desired texture. If you accidentally add too much cornstarch and your dough becomes too crumbly you can add more conditioner to get your desired texture again.

What is the difference between cloud dough and moon dough?

There is no difference between cloud dough and moon dough. It is a soft and fluffy moldable dough that can be made in many colors. People call it moon dough and cloud dough interchangeably.

How to Make Cloud Dough Close Up

How To Make Cloud Dough – Cloud Dough Recipe


  • 3/4 cups conditioner (use a scented conditioner if you prefer a scent)
  • 1 1/2 corn starch
  • Food coloring (optional)
  • Glitter (optional)


  1. Add 3/4 cups conditioner, 1 1/2 cups corn starch, and 30-40 drops of food coloring to a bowl. If using glitter add this at this time as well.
  2. Begin by stirring with a spoon until the mix gets too tough to continue.
  3. Switch over to using hands and roll, squish, and knead between hands until the dough starts to form.
  4. Add more cornstarch if the dough is too sticky or more conditioner if the dough is too dry.
  5. The dough should be soft and not stick to hands when squished and rolled out. It may be a bit crumblier than normal play-doh.
  6. When finished playing store the dough in an airtight container. If the dough is slightly dried out when using it after storing, add a small amount more of conditioner or lotion and it will soften right back up.

How to Make Cloud Dough

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