Paper Bag Puppet Cat Craft for Kids

Paper Bag Cat Craft for Preschool and Kindergarten

This paper bag puppet cat craft for preschool, kindergarten, toddlers, and more is a super simple craft to make and uses materials found around the home. It is a great craft to make when doing a unit on pets, a great animal craft, or a fun Halloween craft for kids.

For this craft, you will need a few common materials. You will need a brown paper lunch bag, a glue stick, a pen or pencil, scissors, construction paper in different shapes and sizes, and optional pipe cleaners.

These cat paper bag puppet crafts make a great Halloween craft for kids if you choose to make a black cat. You can also make a multi-colored or orange cat and have the little ones learn about cats or take care of pets. They can be made into puppets for play after creation and are so cute.

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Puppet Paper Bag Cat Craft for Kids

Tips for Success

*To help little ones with this project you can prep the pieces that you will need ahead of time. You will need large rectangles for the body, a large oval for the head, triangle ears, circle eyes, a triangle nose, whiskers that can be made from paper or pipe cleaners, and a long wavy line for a tail.

*To make these cats into a fun black cat Halloween craft for kids you will just need to prep the materials in certain colors. You will need a black body, tail, ears, and head piece, as well as green or yellow eyes.

*Once the cat puppets are all glued together and dry, little ones can stick their hands in the bags and use them for pretend play and put on a puppet show.

*Little ones can decorate the cat’s body with additional decorations if desired like spots, or stripes. These can be drawn on or cut out and glued on. The bodies can also be left black for a simpler project.

*If you desire to use pipe cleaners for the cat’s whiskers you will need to glue them on with liquid glue instead of a glue stick. This will ensure that they stick well. You will need to spin the three pipe cleaner pieces together before gluing them down to make sure that they stay together and on the project.

Paper Bag Cat Craft for Preschool

Cat Craft for Preschool and Kindergarten


  • Brown Paper Lunch Bags
  • Construction Paper
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Marker, crayon, or pen
  • Optional pipe cleaners


1. Cut out and prep large white circles for eyes, small black circles for eyes, large black or orange triangles for the ears, small pink triangles for the insides of the ears, a small pink triangle for a nose, a long wavy black or orange line for the tail, a large orange or black rectangle for the body,  a large black or orange oval the size of the bottom of the bag for the head, white or black whiskers, and any other details desired.

2. Allow children to find their pieces and put their puppet cat craft together.

3. Glue the rectangle and oval onto the bag to create the cat’s body and head.

4. Glue the small pink triangles to the larger triangles and glue the larger triangles to the back of the cat’s head for the ears.

5. Glue the black circles to the white or yellow larger circles to create the eyes. Glue the finished eyes to the top of the cat’s head.

6. Glue the pink cat’s nose under the eyes.

7. Draw on the mouth with a white or black crayon.

8. Glue the pipe cleaners (with liquid glue) or the small lines on each side of the cat’s nose for the whiskers.

9. Flip the puppet over and glue the tail coming off of the backside.

10. Let dry and play!

Black Cat Craft for Kids Pin

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